Details on Daffney’s Lawsuit Against TNA Stemming from Injuries in the Ring

Details have surfaced on former TNA star Daffney‘s — real name Shannon Spruill — lawsuit against TNA stemming from injuries sustained during her time as a TNA Knockout.

Daffney announced that she had filed a workers’ compensation claim against the company last year following her departure from the company.

The suit is largely to do with injuries sustained during the Bound for Glory 2009 pay per view when Daffney was chokeslammed through a barbed wire table.

According to documents obtained by PWInsider, the lawsuit alleges that Daffney’s medical bills stemming from the injuries exceeded $26,000, but TNA only offered up $600 initially. The bill was eventually settled by TNA over a year later, but for a lower amount.

It’s claimed then-Head of Talent Relations Terry Taylor told Daffney that TNA would pay the remainder of the bill following the initial $600 payment, but they failed to do so, resulting in Daffney receiving demands for payment.

The lawsuit further suggests that at one point TNA sent Daffney a letter stating that they would not pay the balance of the medical bill, citing her as an independent contractor. This, despite Taylor’s claim that TNA would pay the bill.

It is also alleged that Daffney is in possession of correspondence forwarded to her by Terry Taylor, in which a lawyer for TNA’s parent company in Texas advised TNA officials to stall payment in order to settle for a lower amount. As mentioned, the company did eventually settle the bill with medical providers for $8,000. However, it’s claimed that the balance was settled over a year later, resulting in Daffney continuing to be burdened by demands for payment in the interim.

Also noteworthy is reference to a further injury Daffney sustained in 2010 when she was injured during a tryout match with Rosie Lottalove. The company foot a $9,556 bill for medical treatment. Interestingly, it’s reported that TNA initially claimed they had not paid any of Daffney’s medical bills, despite records of payments for the 2009 and 2010 injuries. That claim was later withdrawn.

Going forward there are two court dates of note; the TNA attorney in Texas, who had advised officials to stall payment for medical bills, has been called as a witness by Daffney’s side. He is due to provide a deposition on July 5th. Meanwhile, a hearing on June 29th will determine whether TNA President Dixie Carter will be deposed in the case, also. Daffney’s side has asked for her to be deposed, but TNA claims that Carter doesn’t have knowledge of Daffney’s injuries or knowledge of the details of talent contracts.

As a result of her various injuries, Daffney stopped wrestling. Her last match was on a December 2010 episode of Impact.

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  • Rhawk

    Whether you like TNA or not, you have to admit that what they have done was very shifty when promising Shannon (Daffney) that they’d pay the rest of the bill but never did, and then saying she’d have to pay it all herself later on.

    No matter what happens, I hope Daffney gets the money thats entitled to her, its truly unfair and dirty the way that TNA treated her during this whole situation and some much needed justice is needed her, especially with TNA themselves sueing WWE. If anything, giving TNA Daffney the money she’s entitled to will make them look stronger for admitting they were in the wrong.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i think this is pathetic, pathetic, pathetic, and this is why i dont like TNA, they dont respect the superstars that go out there perform everynight for them and put on a great show, Daffney put her body on the line for that company and all she got was $30000 dollars in bills, she probably, didnt even make that much while working for TNA , i find it very sad, very sad

    But it looks as though, TNA will be spending alot of time in court lol, with them sueing WWE, and also them filing a lawesuit on Scott Steiner, and With Daffney rightfully sueing then.

    • Jordan

      Now that’s an over-exaggeration if I’ve ever seen one. You say that “they dont respect the superstars that go out there perform everynight for them and put on a great show” yet they covered Petey Williams when he broke his orbital bone in 2008 (just as an example) and I seem to recall Velvet Sky has defended them [TNA] when Twitter users, including Paul London, were claiming TNA were not taking care of Chris Sabin’s MCL and ACL injuries last year. Now I’m not saying that TNA is great by any means, because I know personally for a fact they’ve shorted a few wrestlers paychecks at tapings that has stirred up some drama but you’ve got to be a little more rational in posts than that. I honestly don’t know what to make of the situation with Daffney though… It’s a shame for her definitely because they had her wrestling someone who wasn’t even contracted for one of those matches.

    • kurtanglekobebryant

      That’s a bias unfair assessment. You are obvious ignorant to the long list of wwe’s past & current mistreatment of talent/divas especially, sexual harrassment suits, deaths & mistakes wwe has made through the years which far exceeds this.

      TNA is only a 10 year old company and 5 years in the mainstream. They have learned from their mistakes from pre-2010. They have grown and have kept they treat their roster well like family. Gail Kim couldn’t wait to get back to TNA.

      Daffney’s case: This was on Terry Taylor and he was fired in 2011 along with Russo partly due to these inconsistencies with the talent relations. .

    • Crazy_J

      I don’t see what is biased in this statement? It sounds like a statement thats pretty accurate to me.. some people find the truth unbelievable and thats fine, but don’t say it’s biased.

  • B1G_FaN

    I always thought WWE should hire her. She’s a good wrestler with a unique look and could easily main event a Diva’s Feud.

    • Jordan

      Well, Daffney was employed under a development contract at OVW while they were partnered with WWE at one point in her career but they let her go.

      • kurtanglekobebryant

        wwe doesn’t look for any new divass near the age of 30 let alone over the age of 30 unless they are a celebrity from hollywood. They only care about looks not anyone with skill in PGentertainment.

        • B1G_FaN

          Kharma is over 30. She turns 35 in September and will probably be the face of the Divas Division for the forseeable future.

        • norisclouds

          @B1G_FAN it’s already been established that Kharma was a RARE EXCEPTION that WWE signed. They’ve said numerous times they will not sign new talent over 30. Kharma was only signed after the insistence of JR and Stone Cold.

        • EVEROCKS

          I can understand why WWE wouldn’t prefer to hire anyone over 30. They don’t want to have talent that will randomly retire because their bodies our wore out do to age. They want long term talent, so would i. But, WWE pretty much needed Kharma.

  • perceval

    How many lawsuits is TNA involved with, right now? Daffney’s suing them. They’re suing WWE. They’re suing Steiner for saying bad things about their boss, Hulk Hogan…

    • Marshy

      There will be many major corporations and minor companies will go bankrupt if their ex-employee talks bad about their companies. Besides everybody at one time or another have talk bad about their former place of employment or their Boss and they don’t get sued.

  • DarknessRuler

    Pay Up TNA! You’re Knockouts are you’re biggest asset and you turn your back on one of them.

  • jim462

    As far as Daffney’s lawsuit goes TNA did drag it out paying her medical bills but they did pay them. as far as being harassed about herdebt thats life. Most ppl unless they are rich at times get behind on there debts and you have to work on paying it and dealing with these places you have a debt with. To me TNA did what they said they would

  • WWFoverWWE

    At least Daffney got an action figure out of TNA (an amazing one at that) and got to put on great matches on TV giving her more exposure and fans in the process.

    Her TNA run was definitely worth it.

    • DaffanaticEmma

      Are you for real? They could’ve given her the moon and it wouldn’t have been “worth it” because can you imagine what it’s like for a professional wrestler to sustain the injuries she did and then not be able to do what they love anymore?! She was direspected by a joke of a company for too long, and no action figure or amount of matches can make up for the negative experiences she had in TNA.

      • WWFoverWWE

        I’m pretty sure Daffney still wrestles, her injuries were back in 2010.

        Besides those injuries, she had a good run in TNA. She had great matches and created great moments, got her own action figure, and was able to expand her fanbase. If daffney was never in TNA, her name would’ve been for the most part forgotten.

        While those injuries she sustained were horrible, she overall benefited from her in TNA. Just like every wrestling career, there’s good parts and bad parts.

        • mojodoom

          There’s more to life than a few min of fame and an action figure to one’s likeness. The injuries, mental anguish, ruined credit, it all carries more weight in the real world than any of the superficial stuff you mentioned.

        • WWFoverWWE

          That “superficial” stuff you called is why these ladies get into wrestling, for their love and passion of it. If they can’t handle the injuries and mental pain, then they shouldn’t have gotten into wrestling in the first place.

          Injuries happen all the time in wrestling, it’s part of the description. If you can’t accept that aspect, then you need to go find some office to work at and stay safe there.

  • Jhonmarco

    Totally sympathizing with Daffney here.

  • art

    they have to pay for her injury regardless she was working under contract for them at the time…wwe pays for injuries that happen in the ring…..

  • Mikey

    So, Dixie doesn’t know the contracts? *cornette face* SHE’S THE PRESIDENT OF THE #!@^&*% COMPANY! sorry for yelling

  • Mikas

    They dont have enough money to pay her medical bills, yet they have plenty to give Scott Steiner $2000/show ($2500/ppv). And look how that ended for them.

    • AfroJack

      and they paid JWoww and Angelina P $15,000 each for that 2 minute…. appearance I guess you could call it.

  • norisclouds

    TNA is screwed. They got caught lying and will have to pay her the worker’s comp…independent contractor doesn’t matter, since she had another job while she was working for them.

  • Crazy_J

    I like TNA but idc they need to pay ALL of the bill regardless of if they paid some of it or not. Daffney would NOT have been injured if she wasn’t in a TNA ring at the time. Is it TNA’s fault she was injured? No. Is it Daffney’s fault she was injured? No. TNA should pay, case closed. I hope if I get injured on any job that they will drug test me first, pass that.. and then they pay for it.

  • Jakey

    Thanks for the update! I’ve been somewhat obsessed with this case ever since seeing the table bump on a random late-night YouTube binge (it was in an “extreme diva moments” montage or something like that). She deserves every penny. TNA talked her into doing the bump when she didn’t want to do it, and there was no pay-off for it, financial or otherwise (Spike TV couldn’t air it, and looking at live threads of the PPV, fans didn’t care for it either).