Anarchy Championship Wrestling’s American Joshi “Queen of Queens” Tournament Results

Today, Anarchy Championship Wrestling is holding their fourth annual American Joshi “Queen of Queens” tournament, taking place at Hooligan’s Bar & Grill in Live Oak, Texas.

Eight talented women will all compete for the right to be called the “Queen of Queens”.

Previous winners include Daizee Haze (2009), Portia Perez (2010) and Rachel Summerlyn (2011).

Results from the show are coming to you thanks to Dave Muscarella and ACW:

* Anarchy Televised Match: James Claxton and Miss Maulie def. Ricky Romida and Angelina Rush
* Anarchy Televised Match: JT Lamotta def. Bolt Brady
* Anarchy Televised Match: Jaykus Plisken def. JC Bravo

Main Show
* QoQ Quarter-Final Match: Athena def. Su Yung via a leg submission hold.
* QoQ Quarter-Final Match: Christina Von Eerie def. Veda Scott. Described as a fun, back and forth match. Scott heeled it up during, talking a lot of trash to her opponent and trying to “interview” Von Eerie before the match.
* QoQ Quarter-Final Match: Rachel Summerlyn def. Jazz. Post-match, Lady Poison attacked Summerlyn, then kissed her. Jessicka Havok made the save, which started the next contest.
* QoQ Quarter-Final Match: Jessicka Havok def. Lady Poison with a roll-up after she was distracted by Rachel Summerlyn, who had stayed at ringside. Post-match, Summerlyn and Lady Poison brawled, and had to be pulled apart.
* Matthew Palmer def. Rodney Mack to retain his World Hardcore Championship.
* Khris Wolfe and Darin Childs def. The Lost Boys, Electric Company and Mojo Bravado to retain their Tag Team Championships.
* A challenge was sent to Cheerleader Melissa from Rachel Summerlyn for River City Wrestling’s August 4 show.
* QoQ Semi-Final Match: Athena def. Christina Von Eerie with the O-Face to advance to the final round.
* QoQ Semi-Final Match: Jessicka Havok def. Rachel Summerlyn with the Air Raid Crash to advance to the final round.
* American Joshi Championship Match: Angel Blue def. Portia Perez to retain the American Joshi Championship
* QoQ Finals: Athena def. Jessicka Havok with an O-Face onto a chair to become the 2012 ACW Queen of Queens

  • cyndi r

    Jessicka Havock a face? that’s kinda weird i never expect to face out at any promotion not complaining haha nice to change of pace just like its a nice change a pace to see Lufisto heel out but i assumed she has before i have only just started watching her

  • hittheropes

    Can’t wait to get this DVD. My two girls in the finals.

  • 2kute4tv

    Question why won’t wwe or tna sign Athena

    • Jhonmarco

      I ask myself that question everyday of my life.

  • Bdawg0701

    I was at that show, and ACW tares it down, as always! Queen of Queens has always been my favorite show from Anarchy, not because it’s all women’s show, but because it showcases what ACW’s goal from the start of the promotion – to SAVE PRO-WRESTLING! And they do it every single show the perform. The don’t half-ass it like some promotions, they go all out with everything they got. And that’s why ACW is one of the best promotions out there in the world right now.

    And QoQ’s proves its point once again. It’s no secret that the American Joshi’s are the one of the biggest draw the promotion has, because they don’t see them as women wrestlers, the see them as WRESTLERS, equal to the males. And for that, the QoQ’s is the best selling shows ACW always put out every year, and this years continues the trend.

    Top to bottom, every match delivered in the tournament. The show stealer (and MOTY candidate) was Jazz vs Rachel Summerlyn, and all they did was WRESTLE! It was an old-school, technical clinic from beginning to end. Crowd was on fire for this one. They went hold for hold, and Jazz in person look F’n ripped! Jazz said she didn’t had a match like that in YEARS, and for Rachel to pull the “Bitch” right out of Jazz, that was very honorable for Rachel to do that, and that’s another career maker for Ms. Summerlyn.

    Athena vs. Jessicka Havok came in second because it was an absolute brawl! Havok fits right at home for ACW, and I hope she comes back for more Joshi action. And Athena winning the QoQ’s was icing on the cake, for me (after giving Havok some brutal kicks, and doing the O-Face on placed chairs, she earns Holy S&#$ moment of the night). Been behind this girl since I first seen her at my first ACW show 2 year s ago, and I stated that this girls will be going places. And my God, she has. Congrats to Athena!