SmackDown Redux (June 29th, 2012): CrayJ Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine, But Has the Last Laugh

After coming out on top of the Divas Summertime Beach Battle Royal, AJ (who I have decided to nickname CrayJ from now on) has earned herself a non-title match against Layla on Smackdown this week. Can AJ topple the Divas Champ and work her way into title contention or will she crash and burn? Check out the match below:

AJ skips her way down to the ring first and we are treated to a recap of her Battle Royal win and her Daniel Bryan-esque celebration. AJ giggles coyly, obviously pleased with her win on Monday night. Next out is Layla, and it seems she has dropped her signature LayCool theme for the perkier, babyface-friend theme of former Diva, Tiffany… and I am not impressed…

Anyhoo… Layla does her usual song and dance, the official signals for the bell and out Divas match is underway.

The Divas kicks things off by feeling each other out with a exchange of chain wrestling that ends in a stalemate between the two. Layla gets the upper hand on the rookie with a kick to the gut, followed by a side headlock. AJ tries to fight her way out, but get leveled with a shoulder block from the champ. Layla takes a few seconds to taunt AJ, before getting a quick near fall with a lucha-style cradle pin.

The champion keeps the pressure on AJ with a armbar, but AJ fights her way with a few stiff forearm shots to the face of Layla. AJ whips Layla off of the ropes and grounds her with a drop toe hold, followed by dropkick to the face. Layla retreats to the corner, but AJ charges with a huge splash for a two count.

AJ pulls the champion to her feet, but Layla breaks away and takes AJ down with a spin kick/springboard crossbody combination for a near fall of her own. Before AJ can gather any momentum, Layla comes flying off the ropes and lands a nasty looking faceplant and goes for a pin, but AJ manages to kick out at two.

AJ tries to fight off the champ with a series of strikes, but Layla retaliates with a kick to the gut, before getting blasted in the face with a spin kick, courtesy of AJ. AJ smells blood in the water and is looking to finish off Layla, but is interrupted by Daniel Bryan and his hobo beard. Daniel skips around yelling “YES! YES! YES!”, much to the chagrin of his jilted ex.

While AJ is distracted by her former lover and his unkempt facial hair, Layla sneaks up on her and snatches the victory from between her fingers with a Ranhei.

Post-match, an enraged AJ attacks Layla from behind, sending the Divas champ running for cover. Daniel confronts AJ, which leads to a “YES!” duel between the two:

Unfortunately, this fantastic exchange is cut short by the Interim General Manager, Vickie Guerrero, who has some bad news for Daniel Bryan:

After finding out that AJ will serve as the special guest referee in his title match against CM Punk at the Money in the Bank PPV, Daniel Bryan makes a trip to the Divas Locker Room to get on AJ’s good side, but runs into Kaitlyn instead:

Daniel manages to find AJ backstage and offers her some help… of the psychological sort, and AJ responds with a simple “…Yes…Yes… Yes… YES! YES! YES!” and skips her cray cray ass down the hallway, leaving D-Bry to contemplate what lies in store for him at Money in the Bank:


What a week for the Divas! While I have been less than impressed with Layla since her return, I thought she put on a really good match with AJ. It got more time than the non-PPV Diva matches usually get and showed off some of technical skills both ladies possess. I can totally see these two clashing in the near future with the title on the line.

As for the DB/AJ storyline, I feel like we are getting closer and closer to the payoff of this storyline and I’m pretty excited. AJ has completely stolen the spotlight from everyone else that’s involved in this program, without overwhelming the fans with her presence, which can be a very tricky thing to do.

Personally, I have no idea where this will lead to, but I’m excited to find out. This is first time in a long time that a storyline driven by a Diva has had me this enthralled. I just hope that the end of this story is as enjoyable as the journey we took to get there.

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  • jen07201

    I wish there would be more between Daniel Bryan and Kaitlyn.

    • Matthew

      This – I’d love them to trow Kaitlyn into the mix!

      • jen07201

        Totally! I wish Daniel Bryan would go after Kaitlyn like he told AJ a few months back.

        • Raekon

          waiting for ages now for AJ and Kaitlyn to start a feud cause I loved their matches down in FCW. :)

          Found it also hilarious how Kaitlyn was rather mocking Daniels inteligence by telling him the obvious that everyone knows before she shrugged it off like “what? you asked for it didn’t you?” before she closed the door on his nose. :p

  • mykel1990

    Well, I think Layla had been fab since she’s come back. I liked their match, it was pretty good and it was cool seeing two of the smaller divas work it out. I loved the ranhei and the post match attack. Smackdown was super solid.

    • hbgoo1975

      Isn’t it obvious that AJ will screw Punk at Money In The Bank?

  • sunsetsplit

    I was confused when I first heard Tiffany’s theme play I think Laycool them suits Layla better. As for the match it was pretty good.

  • ilovelita

    I thought Tiffany left a long time ago.

    • swax1


  • Matthew

    Great match – it’s nice to see the Divas actually get time to show their talent – Layla really impressed me in the match, I just love that move she does into a roll up off the ropes.

    • DjayDay

      I know, you would think they would usuall give the champion more time, but funny how she gets time when she works with AJ. I smell a push?

  • GlamSlamFan

    I don’t like that theme for Layla… IDK why, I just don’t. Maybe because it was Tiffany’s? I always wanted her to get a new theme, because that was basically Michelle McCool’s theme, but I thought they would make one that fits her just a little better.

    Anyway: So long ‘Not Enough For Me’! Maybe we will hear you again if Michelle ever makes an appearance??

    • perceval

      The new theme’s lyrics don’t fit her character. It’s just Generic Diva Theme #12. The great Diva themes have represented the character…

      Time to Rock and Roll: “No one thought I’d make it, but now I’m on top and I’m going to rub it in your face about how awesome I am! Even the laugh that is my cue is taunting you before I even say or do anything!”

      LoveFuryPassionEnergy: “I’ve got all this badass passion and emotion, and I’m about to unleash it on you. BLEEP the rulez!”

      All The Things She Said: “I’ve got a past with this woman, and it’s driving me crazy.”

      Not The Lady To Mess With: “See the title.”

      International Woman: “I’ve worked all my life for this opportunity, and I’m taking it.”

      Legs: “I’m rather noted for my legs.”

      Kharma’s Theme: “HAHAHAHAHA! I’m scary!”

      Holla: “I’m hot! I party! I yell, a lot! Come on!”

      Layla’s theme just doesn’t have that. What does being boy crazy have to do with her character?

      • GlamSlamFan

        You have just described it perfectly!

        • melon2617

          ITA! Why not give her back her old theme?

        • sunsetsplit

          Maybe they gave her a new theme cause Mccool might wanna come back but i could be wrong.

      • Raekon

        Her first them “Nasty Girl” was perfect but unfortunately doesn’t fit her character anymore.

        I agree with you guys that she desperately needs a new theme cause this one is horrible.

  • Litaker61

    This week has been all about AJ and I’ve loved it, credit where credits due she got a chance and ran with it. Layla’s title run has been forgetable and I thought it couldn’t get much worse than Beths (Over 200 day reign and there wasn’t anything memorable other than the match with Eve at Vengence and that horrible “cry” angle). I dont understand the lack of push she’s proven in the past she is more than capable with a mic yet the WWE have allowed her to become yet another generic face diva.

  • ilovelita

    Also, great to see a Divas match open SmackDown!

  • Bhentoooot

    AJ! but dont you think she’s kinda weak in the ring i mean she falls in some moves she’s doing. and Layla’s facecrasher is still not acceptable. Good week for AJ. her interuption to the match will cost a diva match. so sad :(

  • AfroJack

    a good match and glad it got somewhat decent time!

    The fact that Layla changed themes shows hope for a McCool return. No?

    • theprincedann

      I thought that. I’d love Michelle to come back!

  • Jhonmarco

    Another lovely night, mostly highlighted by AJ. Her match with Layla was good and actually given time. I really can’t wait for MITB and AJ (hopefully) turning heel & reuniting with Bryan to be the top couple once again.

  • javiousmckenzie

    Im not feeling Layla at all she has some quick flashy moves but they look awkward being used on AJ who is so small its like really *miz voice* from Layla them to her character she is better suited as a heel to be honest i would love her to turn heel and be the bitchy character she was before without Michelle hell let Kharma be her bodyguard and let Naomi feud with Layla

    • MattyM

      I think her moves are awkward anyway cause like that rope jump thing has the other girl waiting for like 3 seconds for lay to jump on her

      • lelloo7

        This ^
        I hate this spring board !!
        the other girls stand there and wait for her and they look like such idiots doing it :/
        She has good moves but has to work on making them look better

  • art

    Aj’s spin kick is the worst can she actually hit it right……nice technical moves from both which is good to see…nice move by lay to finish aj….
    is anyone going to believe aj could “beat” down anyone…
    shes so skinny she’d have no power on her hits…..sad that laylas title reign means nothing to anyone…..why couldnt layla get nasty girl instrumental???..
    Does kaitlyn have a cold??..

    • Mr_Adone

      I ask myself the same thing. She doesnt botch it, its just like she always slips and falls when she does it. Maybe if she had more height.

      • art

        I think its her footing…plus aj would be easy to knock over as well…

        • redsandman99

          I think its probably both her footing and her height. Like spin kicks are generally done by taller people. Stacy used to do them and I think I remember seeing Alicia do them before…can’t remember for sure there. But yeah, I think to even like connect it she’s got to overreach and then that screws with her balance and stuff.

    • Raekon

      Or she oversells it by showcasing that “she isn’t strong” but still can “kick butt”?

      That’s what I’m getting from it. Check her other bumps, she is partially rolling twice on the floor after a slap. x_x

      She always tends to oversell at times so depending on the move is her selling either very good or questionable due to this.

      • art

        if aj is over selling shes doing it terribly…that spinkick always looks terrible..
        i think its not ajs height but weight i dont think with the momentum of the person she cant stay up…

        • lelloo7

          she really oversell a LOT … you can see her doing a move and than falling O.o
          Like you’re doing the move and it looks like ur getting hurt more than the other girl

        • art

          @lelloo7 i know im like who did that spinkick hurt more you or layla…

        • French.One

          It’s her balance when she hits someone, she’s thwrowing herself instead of just putting the weight of her body in the move.
          Same goes for her forearms where she often fells.

  • Lanoom

    Tiffany’s theme is up (down?) there with some of the worst entrance themes in wrestling history.

    They just HAD to bring it back.

  • WWFoverWWE

    The match was disappointing. Layla can’t seem to entertain the crowd and I expect better from AJ and her ring skills.

    And OMG, that “YES” chanting is getting on my last nerve.

    • Jhonmarco

      Really? I thought this match was more than solid.

      • lelloo7

        The match was ok but you expect more out of these 2.. imo it was all technical which is good but gets boring for doing it more than twice O.o
        and AJ beating layla up after the much was just sad…

    • Piledriver’ Tavios

      Lmfao, i was thinking the same thing. The “yes” does get annoying.

  • WWFoverWWE

    And also, Layla’s new theme was the biggest facepalm I’ve had all year. So instead of giving your champion a new theme like she deserves, they give her a recycled Tiffany theme? The worst part is that the theme doesn’t even fit her.

    • lelloo7

      I honestly think it’s disrespectful to Tiffany… it’s like yeah ur out, we’re given away ur stuff to say we replaced you in a kind of ways..
      It’s not the first time they do this.. and it’s awful -.- even lay-cool’s theme song was recycled …

      • redsandman99

        Unless you’re like Trish and Lita, I don’t think the WWE cares how disrespectful to recycle your theme.

  • sanchezdiego96

    Haha, CrayJ. I see what you did there. Great match and promos this week! I think it’s funny that you say fans arent overwhelmed with AJ because the majority of the responses I see on Twitter, Youtube, and other wrestling websites are people wanting MORE AJ. Its so awesome. I think AJ should be given a push for the divas title when this whole Punk/Bryan ends. Or maybe even during. It’ll be something fresh. Lay and AJ seem to have good chemistry so I’m ready for something new!

  • sanchezdiego96

    Oh and on the topic of Layla’s new music, its terrible. Its barely worked with Tiffany because it fit her personality. Give her something that can excite the crowd and fits her personality.

    • lelloo7

      the theme is PERFECT for Tiffany..
      It represented her personality and it does NOTHING to layla’s

  • javiousmckenzie

    And just to be honest i love AJ but her crazy gimmick is not as good as Mickie Victoria or Daffneys she dont give me crazy she give me quirky like goofy Harley Quinn Mickie was controversial Victoria was psychotic and Daffney was a lunatic AJ needs to do more than skip around the ring and make her eyes look like the miz girl

  • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

    Aj makes being crazy look sexy ; )lol

    I felt the Aj vs. Layla match was pretty solid and decent.Hopefully we’ll see these two work together again soon because they had pretty good chemistry in the ring.

    I am so anxious to see what’s going to happen at MITB now that Aj is special referee.Things at this point can honestly go anyway.She can either get back together with DB,or FINALLY get her revenge on DB and make sure CM Punk wins yet again.

  • Mr_Adone

    1) I had to lol at the fact that steven said fans arent overwhelmed with aj. All I see when I get on twitter is hate towars the girl. And I have to say that its rightfully so. I am all about giving the wwe divas a chance and all but its just to much with aj. She was all over Raw in damn near every segment.
    2) What in the hell is up with that damn theme song of layla’s? EPIC FUCKING FAIL on the E’s part.
    3) Match was ok. Layla shouldnt try some of the moves she has on aj, seeing as to how it doesnt look right with her doing them to someone so small like aj. But other than that I liked it.
    4) Like someone said b4, this whole aj crazy thing… im not buying it. Just because she makes ugly faces, her face reactions on smackdown were fugly, cries then laughs, skips around the ring, and tilts her head doesnt make her crazy. Now mickie james was crazy. That bitch, in a good way, had me wanting to take revenge for trish. Victoria had me feeling the same way. Aj just makes me wanna punch her in the face cause im annoyed with her.
    Anywho hopefully Money in The Bank is the end of this cause I hate aj and im ready for kharma to come back, if she does, and start beating bitches up

    • Jhonmarco

      LOL AJ makes you want to punch her in the face? That doesn’t sound kinda odd at all.
      Funny, on my twitter all I see is praise for her. Even anti-diva fans are in love with her.

      • FrankNFurter

        Many of us enjoy the AJ overload, because we were fans of hers prior to her “big break”. I believe it is the booking, because rather than AJ seeming genuinely psychotic, it may look like she’s attention seeking with all the match interruptions or what have you.

        Which is probably what turns others off about her character & how much she is used throughout WWE programming.

      • perceval

        Everywhere I visit loves AJ. I would say that maybe she’s just an IWC favorite… except she’s getting the chants in the arenas, too.

    • light_it_upAJ

      You know, there are plenty of ways to be “crazy.” Mickie was an obsessive stalker; Victoria was psychotic; AJ is more on the lines of out of touch with reality, emotional breakdown crazy. Kayfabe-wise, she was not only blamed for D-Bry’s loss, but her ex, who she said was her first love, told her he wished she’d never been born. Her character enjoys the attention from Punk and Kane, because she didn’t get it from Bryan, at least not in a positive way. But part of it is that she tends to get delusional. CM Punk says he digs crazy chicks, and she takes it to heart, thinking he is interested in a relationship with her.

      As far as Twitter goes, you must belong to a Twitter I’ve never seen, because the Twitter I know of is usually filled with praise toward AJ. And obviously fans have taken a liking to her since on SD her “Yes!” chant started to get more response than D-Bry, and even as he chanted “No!”, they were still chanting “Yes!” in favor of AJ.

      I get it, you aren’t a fan, which is perfectly acceptable, but you are definitely in the vast minority.

      • gl83

        @Light_it_UpAJ Actually, I think of AJ as more of a “ticking timebomb”, “loose cannon” type of crazy. Because with Mickie and Victoria, you knew right away what their motives were and what can set them off. With AJ, anything could set her off into a psychotic state and her actions leave you wondering what zany antics is she going to do next.

        BTW, is it me or did AJ really look crazy during that backstage segment with Daniel Bryan. Bryan was buttering her up, trying to get into her good graces and AJ’s facial expression remained the same. It was like she wasn’t all there.

        • light_it_upAJ

          Good point. She does play up the flared temper aspect quite a bit. And yes I noticed the same thing as you in that segment. Honestly, she really does deserve the praise she has gotten from Good Ol’ JR.

      • Mr_Adone

        Probably because NO one and I do mean NO one I follow likes her. nothing wrong with liking her. Im not knocking that. But for me, she just doesnt do it

        • Jhonmarco

          Well that’s fine. I’m glad you didn’t take my comment the wrong way.

        • lelloo7

          LOL we must follow the same people @MR_ADONE
          and i agree with you.. I am not a fan of aj’s nor a hater.. i LOVE seeing a diva in a big storyline !!
          but it should’ve been like Eve’s give her the spotlight for about 2-3 months and it’s another diva’s time to shine… I LOVED Eve’s storyline cz it was short but handy… now, AJ is in about everything just to make her look crazy.. but we get it.. she’s crazy !

        • Jhonmarco

          Lelloo7, are you serious? I mean Eve’s storyline was fun at first, but then her little segments started getting boring quickly. If she comes back with some more pep in her step or something, I’m all for it. LOL AJ’s storyline has just begun to become more focused on her since about April or May. The other months she was always with Bryan and while in a storyline, didn’t have much mic time for herself.

    • French.One

      @Adone, don’t misunderstand what AJ is doing with what the writers are making her do. I don’t like her storyline very much, but for once a diva is doing something, so I’m ok with it.

  • MNM4ever

    I love how they’re really using Aj a lot for the storyline but the matches still could be longer :L and hopefully other divas such as layla become more involved. But im starting to love AJ!

  • melon2617

    Good match! I really enjoyed it, Layla just keeps on impressing me.

    I love how Kaitlyn finally emerged! I’m hoping you’ll see her reach out to AJ more in the coming weeks and maybe help AJ reclaim her sanity a little bit. Personally, I would love to see AJ turn on DB, kick him in the nards and be on her own, as this insane, I like it when men look @ me is fun, but in the end, we should see a stronger, badass AJ.

    • light_it_upAJ

      I thought the match was quite good myself. AJ and Layla work well together, especially given the fact that I don’t think they’ve had a lot of matches together, if any, before SD. I would definitely like to see a series of face vs face matches between them, minus distractions.

      I also agree about Kaitlyn. I would love to see the “ChickBusters” get back together, especially since, outside of kayfabe, they are BFFs.

      As far as the storyline goes, I would also prefer that AJ doesn’t get back into the abusive relationship. I want her to have her revenge on D-Bry,

  • redsandman99

    Good match. It’s been so long since the divas have kicked off a show. It was nice to see and I would love to see Layla and AJ square off at a ppv with a lot more time given to them.

    The “Yes!” off was the hilight of the show IMO and I can’t wait to see how AJ as special ref goes.

  • Ryan

    I thought the match was actually really GREAT!! =D
    Layla rocks n so does AJ! In fact one of the best matches ive seen from the divas in a Loooooooong time. The whole YES! YES! YES! thing was awesome as usual! YES! YES! YES!
    And love that pin by Layla! Only seen very few wrestlers do this…so far all have been girls and 2 bros doing it
    Taylor Wilde, Ivory, Eve Torres, Candice Michelle, and now Layla!

    Love how Kiss Ass Vickie Guerrero is to the Board of Directors lmfao…Love Vickie
    And Daniel Bryan owning AJ once again was awesome but hey cant help love AJ too hehe she rocks
    Daniel AJ n Vickie gotta be the most entertaining peeps in WWE aside from CM Punk
    Also Layla looking like a true champion here giving the Divas Championship some legit shine to it. Love her ring style even if everyone else calls her boring and bad…I love Layla =D