Three Additional Joshi Talent Added to CHIKARA King of Trios Tournament

CHIKARA has officially announced that Joshi talent, Dash Chisako, Meiko Satomura and Sendai Sachiko have been added to their sixth annual King of Trios event, representing “Team Sendai Girls”.

The CHIKARA King of Trios event is a three night tournament where competitors team up in a variety of six person tag team matches until one trio remains, thus declaring them the winner of the tournament. Previously announced Joshi wise already is that of Manami Toyota, who teams with Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw, as well as Commando Bolshoi, Tsubasa Kuragaki, and Kaori Yoneyama who comprise “Team JWP”.

The 2012 King of Trios will be held from September 14th-16th at the Palmer Center in Easton, Pennsylvania. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here.

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  • xxQOXxx

    Am i the only one noticing that Diva-Dirt are posting things 2/3 days after they happen? I used to get news here first.

    • Bobby

      If that’s in regard to the independent stuff, sorry =X Trying to get more indy content on DD, but I’m not insanely knowledgeable with things on the indies so sometimes I come across stuff a few days later and would still rather post about it then than not post about it at all.

      • xxQOXxx

        No, i dont mean Indie stuff. I mean news in general.

        The Kharma twitter confirmation, Velvet Sky rumours.

        I mean, Velvet’s Photo gallery has be removed and she’s been announced for a PWS iPPV event and that hasn’t been reported here yet.

        It’s just something I’ve noticed over the last few weeks.

        • Bobby

          I can only speak for myself, but regarding the Kharma situation, I didn’t even know she tweeted anything until it was reported since she tweeted it directly to a fan that I don’t follow. With Velvet, I was going to post something when her profile was removed… but then it was put back up. I know about the iPPV thing, but Taeler Hendrix is also scheduled for SHINE so I was still confused regarding the talents contracts etc. Was waiting for official word from her regarding her status, which we actually just got as I was typing this!

          Also take into account the site has been having server issues as of late. It took me 30+ minutes the other day to post something that would normally take maybe 4 or 5. Plus we have separate lives and sometimes no one is around to post things asap. Just a combo of events really. Things may not go up right away, but they will go up as soon as we see them =)

      • Mikas

        You dont need to be knowledgable about the indies/japan/mexico, the problem is that DD ignores news submits about indies too often. I myself regularly send info about indies/japan with the contact button at the bottom of the screen but i think the only time the news was used when it was about an ex-diva appearing in some indy. I think there also used to be some guy who send the youtube links to the AAA shows every week for the Luchadoras, but i have yet to see any AAA/CMLL report, even the epic cagematch with Sarita and 7 top Luchadoras didnt even make it to DD. Most indy/puro fans have left this site and are now submitting the info ‘elsewhere’.

        It’s something that can easily be fixed by taking news submits more seriously. A simply email saying “we recieved your submit but we dont think the info your supplied is suitable for Diva-dirt” is much better than just ignoring the submit. After being ignored a few times people will stop supply any information, and as a result the info that does make it to the site is usually 2-3 days old.

        • Bobby

          I have nothing to do with the email address so I can’t speak on that since I truthfully have no idea =X Just started delving into some independent stuff to the best I could as of late because I felt it was getting kind of swept under the rug as well and I wanted to help fix that. I’m just now branching out to various American Indies at the moment, but If you would be up for it, I would definitely post any stories you have to send in or anything like that regarding independents whatsoever.

          If you have a twitter account, that might be the easiest way to coerce, or at least to exchange email addresses so you have an accessible method of sending things directly to me that won’t go unnoticed. Apologies for the problems though for sure, but I definitely want to help the site out by picking things up Indy wise as much as I can. Any help offered would be great and very appreciative, thank you!

        • Mikas

          @Bobby: i dont really do social media stuff like twitter/facebook, but i am active on youtube under the name ‘Isole75′ where you can reach me. Its also the channel where i occasionally post joshi-related videos.

  • shonshu

    Dash Chisako is still very cute.