Your Two Cents: Did the Diva Search Help or Hurt?

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This week, we’re asking this: This week marks the anniversary of both Ashley Massaro and Layla‘s Diva Search victories, so we want to know: do you think the Diva Search helped or hurt the Divas division by shaping it into what it is today? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

Our Two Cents

Batting for Team DD this week, it’s Cryssi giving us her personal opinion on this week’s topic:

Cryssi: I think people who slam the Diva Search and say it hurt the division are unfair. In my opinion it was designed for one purpose and that was to find more people like Trish Stratus. Trish was one of a kind, a model who was able to perform at a high level for wrestling. She was everything and if she could do it why couldn’t other models? I think the powers that be got so obsessed with finding more girls like Trish who could model and do the basics, they got lost on what was really important. I think it was absolutely designed with good intentions but ultimately ended up doing more harm than good.

Your Two Cents

Ant John | Overall I’d say it hurt it. For every Michelle McCool there were 10 Joy Giovannis. The majority they hired had little to no interest in wrestling. They came in, stood there, stuck their arse out, pouted, gave a little slap then left. And to me it felt like a slap in the face to the women that yeah may have started as models but sure as hell worked hard to remove such a monicker (Victoria and Trish). It was such a drastic change from the quality we had and then to get these bimbos shortly after. Every blonde woman they’ve brought in I’ve seen as a way to replicate Trish’s success but it will never succeed. As the old saying goes: often imitated, never duplicated.
@carter_payne | With Divas like Michelle McCool, Eve Torres and Layla I find it difficult to accuse the Diva Search of ‘hurting’ the division. It’s true not all products of the Diva Search were aspiring wrestlers and never grew into much in the ring but a fair few have walked away with a genuine love for the business such as Maria Kanellis, Christy Hemme, Lena Yada and Brooke Tessmacher who is growing into a gifted wrestler in her own right. The Diva Search has brought us matches, feuds and segments we would never see otherwise and brought us real wrestlers we never even knew existed.
@FearlessRiOT | A lot of people would say that the Diva Search has hurt the Divas Division because it basically glorifies the idea of teaching models to wrestle with mediocre results as compared to hiring actual wrestlers from Indy promotions. But if we really think about it, some of the most memorable Divas of the last few years came to us courtesy of the Diva Search (Michelle, Maria, Maryse, Eve, Layla, Candice Michelle). And those girls have even given us some good matches and entertaining segments over the years. So while most fans despise the idea of the Diva Search, I think it has also given us some positives, and for that, I definitely CAN’T knock the impact the Diva Search has had on the Divas Division.
Jack White | Helped definitely. It only really helped if the girls had the passion though. I remember the girl who was the runner-up to Eve definitely just being in it for the fame, where as, as we all know, Eve has demonstrated passion, the will to learn martial arts and/or keep them up and is a brilliant character and competitor. Tbh, I’d like to see it back. Whether we admired the work put in by Candice, Michelle, Maryse, Eve or Layla or whether we laugh on a regular basis about the likes of Ashley or Joy, we’re glad to have had them!
Josue Guzman | Looking back, I thought the idea of bringing in new women for WWE’s Divas Division was a spectacular idea! The Diva Search was just that: an opportunity for new women to come in, weekly challenges to see if they have what it takes and the chance for the fans to decide who they think deserves a WWE contract.

However the format in which the Diva Search was done is what ultimately hurt the division. When you bring in “models” versus “wrestlers-in-training” (so to speak), it sets the tone that this is more of a beauty contest than an actual sport competition. With the weekly challenges that include ice cream eating, hot dog eating, pillow fights, lingerie/swimsuit wearing contest etc, it makes it harder to take any of these future female wrestlers seriously! With those two things being said, fans will usually not have enough to vote on which in results, more often than not, the votes going to the girl who they think is the “hottest”.

Not that isn’t to say we haven’t seen successful stories. We’ve seen women such as Michelle McCool, Brooke Tessmacher, Eve Torres, Candice Michelle and Layla all hold gold since their humble beginnings. But for the most part the WWE has made the Diva Search contest a joke and that is how the Divas’ Division remains today: a joke!

Mary-Helen Clark | I think it did a little of both. It made some fans wary of model/wrestlers and it became a sort of stigma, but we did obtain some pretty great athletes in Layla, Candice, and some great characters in Maryse. Of course, it also led to Michelle, who’s stranglehold on the Women’s and Diva’s title contributed to a lack of storyline and plot development for anyone not named Michelle McCool that the division is still reeling from.
Ozzy Valentine | There was some good and some bad that came out of it. We got engaging characters such as Candice Michelle, Ashley Massaro and Christy Hemme. We also got some fantastic wrestlers like Michelle McCool, Layla and Eve. In the long run however, the Diva Search hurt the women’s division and lowered it to a state of depression. There are no more women out there who are their own character. Sure they’ve shared the “Diva” title for years now, but even so, women like Chyna, Lita, Trish, Luna Vachon, Jackie Moore, Ivory, Jazz, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Molly Holly all were unique. They transcended what a “Diva” is thought to be. All were special and brought something different to the women’s division. Nowadays the WWE has taken the Diva Search mentality seemingly classifying them as a bunch of hot women with nothing more to them than boobs and a “bucket full of perkiness” as a current diva once put it.
Shane Pye | It definitely hurt it. I don’t even see how it can even be open to debate. The term “Diva” itself is symbolic of what is problematic about the state of wrestling right now. We want to see female wrestlers, not “divas”, and we want to see wrestlers and not “sports entertainers.” WWE had forgotten its roots, and it shows in the vastly weaken product they serve up week after week. The wrestling aspect should always come first, and, if you can’t wrestle well, then you shouldn’t even be in the WWE. With the way things are now, I don’t even know why any young women out there would even consider going into wrestling since success definitely isn’t based on talent.

And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? Did the Diva Search help or hurt? Tell us in the comments…

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  • shaky209

    I think that one of two of them got lucky.But over all the Diva’s search didn’t really yield the results that it really wanted. Yes Trish or maybe Eve got lucky but who’d to say that they wouldn’t in the long run have wound up in WWE any ways with the determination that they already had.It was a great idea in the begining.But over all it didn’t work. I just don’t think you can beat the experience that the Indy’s teach like Beth ,Natalya and a few others that also went thru the long road of getting that good old in ring experience.Althought I think of term of Diva is still a great name for the women.But I say this It ain’t how you got there it’s that you got to their and then the rest is up to you .That’s what the ones that got it by Diva search and couldn’t own or create their own character.That’s one thing I think those that due the independent that have it over the rest.Least that’s my view.!

  • Chryst Voegele

    it help… WWE always want thier Divas look pretty,beauty or charm.

    Sable Trish & etc. in pre-Diva-search era are beautiful and WWE treat Divas Division in the right way.

    Aren’t current Divas have ability ? No, they have but true criminal and hurt this Division is WWE who treat Divas with 30secs – 2 Minute Match ,end with roll-up & weak storyline.

  • OJ Von Erich

    “Overall I’d say it hurt it. For every Michelle McCool there were 10 Joy Giovannis”

    Whaaaaaaaat? :O

    Joy Giovanni was EPIC!!!

    • KillerBee

      Hahaha she was amazing! She had the potential to win the Women’s Championship!

      • Future-Knockout/Diva

        Potential? How many matches did she wrestle?

  • AfroJack

    Overall I think it hurt. Yes, it provided comic relief & tbh I was very entertained by it, plus the music that sponsored the DS was great haha.

    But as someone said, for every McCool we got a few Joy’s. We had so many amazing Divas who went on to improve greatly from no skill at all, and most of those enjoyed championship success (McCool, Layla, Maryse, Eve, Tiffany, Candice, Brooke, Velvet, Savannah, Bella Twins, Christy)

    But then again, there were girls who were there who had no desire to wrestle, they just were there for TV exposure and to collect a cheque. I mean, when WWE sent out the memo to modelling agencies they told them that the women didn’t need to have any interest in wrestling or a desire to wrestle.

    Of course we’ve had a few hired flops (Rosa, Kristal, Rebecca, Joy, Amy, Lauren, Rochelle, Ashley, Lena Yada)

  • Jhonmarco

    “Overall I’d say it hurt it. For every Michelle McCool there were 10 Joy Giovannis”

    This sums up my feelings for it TBH.

  • WWEAJLee

    how many of the The Diva Search girls are left?not many eve tessmacher layla are realy the only 3 left out of all them. the rest is history or has beens.would i like to see another Diva Search the answer is NO.we need more litas and aj”s somebody who dont care how big there boobs and ass is.

    • Ryan

      Haha dude I want to say very few diva search girls had big boobs or big asses… Candice, Joy, Ashley.. Most of them were mega scrawny including Ashley lol…

      Mickie James Melina Candice, these girls had the perfect bodies!! Curves in the right places. And they loved to show it off
      WWE likes its skinny chicks nowadays

      • art

        Rosa @wweajlee…

  • MiPiMafia

    It depends on how you look at it. The diva search deffiently gave a new dynamic to the division in terms of more beautiful women coming into the company but on the flip side, they were just their for the money and the TV time. Contestants like Michelle, Maria, Layla, Candice, Christy, Lena, Brooke, Eve and Maryse may not have had the passion for it in the beginning, but they certainly grew to love the business and wanted to learn how to wrestle and they made a mark on the division in their own way (Well not so much Lena but you know). Their were some women that took part in the contest actually knew how to wrestle and thought it was the easiest way of getting into the top mainstreet company such as Velvet Sky.

    I personally felt that it hurt the divison because at the time when the first 2004 diva search was beginning, you were getting great matches on TV, considered at the ‘Golden Era’ but as soon at the diva search came in, the 2 sides of the specturm ‘Model vs wrestlers’ had to come together and mesh together to create a new era of a division which saw divas like victoria, jazz, molly, ivory, lita and trish mesh with christy, maria and candice and to be honest, on paper, that sounds awful but look what they did with Christy vs Trish, it was a good feud with a real reason to get behind Christy as the challenger going into Wrestlemania.

    With Triple H now beginning to take control and having more of a role, many sources have said that he is intereste in hiring women that are wrestlers and not the ‘Model’ type anymore however, many reports have also stated that Triple H is not really a fan of womens wrestling so if we all want the division to get back on track, expect the opposite of that (Well, it’s reports so believe what you want) Looking at the women that WWE has hired recently, they are all wrestlers who have took on the independent scene such as Bugga Nova, Tenille and a possible Sara Del Rey.

    Do I think the Diva Search should be brought back? NO! Simple reason is because if Triple H is interested in hiring women wrestlers, then the Diva Search is the last thing the company wants if they are going in the direction that Triple H is repotly wanted.

    • charleshp

      Hunter probably isn’t a fan but Stephanie is and who knows how that will impact the division going forward.

  • numero47

    Tough Enough and NXT were other ways WWE tried to bring in new talent and there have seen a few successful stories coming from there.

  • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

    My personal opinion:I don’t think the diva search hurt the divas divsion.I think WWE hurt their own divas division by not giving a crap about it and not investing any time into it at all.

    For the most part,a lot of the diva search contestants were able to find success within the WWE.Michelle McCool became a talented in-ring competitor.She won both the women’s and divas championship,and became the first ever woman to have held both titles.Christy Hemme was so over with the crowd.She may not have won a title,but the fans loved the girl.and during her rookie days as a diva,she wasn’t bad at all in the ring.She was one of those divas that not only wanted to be a pretty face,but also wanted to wrestle.Candice Michelle was over with the fans as well.Over the years,she improved her craft in the ring,and as a result,became women’s champion.Maria was another fan favorite.Sure,she wasn’t the best in the ring,but the fans loved her.And she’s still a part of the wrestling business and is even training to become a better wrestler since WWE didn’t give her the chance to.Ashley may not have been the best in the ring either,but you can blame WWE for that as well because she was only trained on a match-to-match basis.The fans were still in love with her though,and she’s been working on making a comeback to wrestling.Kristal Marshall had a great run on Smackdown.She was pretty decent in the ring,and she made a great heel as well.Layla was a part of one of the most successful tag teams,LayCool.She was the last reigning women’s champion.She’s improved drastically in the ring.Rosa Mendes may not be the best in the ring,but she makes on heck of a manager/valet.Maryse was a great in-ring competitor.She won the divas championship twice,and is the longest reigning divas champion thus far.Eve is a great in-ring competitior,a former two time divas champion,and makes one heck of a heel character.Tiffany may not have been in the WWE long,but she was a great general manager of ECW,and when she did start wrestling on TV,she was great and impressed the heck out of all of us.

    Alot of great talent has came from the diva search,despite their backgrounds as models,dancers,etc. They all fell in love with the business and wanted to be a part of it for a reason.Like I said earlier,I think WWE has hurt their own divas division.They can hire and train all the models they want in the world.No matter who they hire for the division,they still don’t care about the divas and they still don’t invest their time into it.But we have been seeing a glimmer of hope lately : ) I just hope they’ll continue to run with it and get the divas division back on top.

    • WWFoverWWE

      “I don’t think the diva search hurt the divas divsion.I think WWE hurt their own divas division by not giving a crap about it and not investing any time into it at all”

      This sums it up perfectly.

  • mikie91

    It clearly hurt the division no question about it. The division used to be exciting and the women were given the chance to shine and fans were finally coming around to women’s wrestling. The division brought women’s wrestling 2 steps foward and then the Diva Search brought it 50 steps back. Although some great women came out of the Diva Search, think of all the great Indy women who could’ve came into the WWE. Girls like Taylor Wilde, Angelina Love, Tracy Taylor, etc all probably would’ve debuted had it not been for the diva search and the WWE’s new ridiculous standards.

  • mpezza

    At the end of the day, WWE were determined to take their division in a more T&A direction, so no, it didn’t hurt it. They would have just hired (more) random models and given them no exposure. At the least the diva search gave them SOME experience in front of crowds and on the mic. And some good wrestlers have come out of it, and some good personalities too.

  • norisclouds

    It hurt the division. It was the direct cause of great female wrestlers like Molly Holly deciding to quit, and the demotion of such talents as Victoria to elevate new women who for the most part had no business in the wrestling ring. It also changed the fan’s perception of the quality of the female talent and destroyed some of the believable aspects of the division by blurring too many lines between kayfabe and reality. Too much time spent promoting women from the DS who could make money via Playboy cover deals diminished the value of the women’s title and the place women played on the card into Wrestlemania. It was a bad decision all-around, and too few of the women were ever successful enough to excuse the long term damage it did, as in preparation for DS winners coming in, WWE fired the majority of their talented female workers like Jazz, Gail Kim, Nidia, etc.

    • Jake

      Molly stated that wasn’t the reason she quit the company. She was actually fine with the Diva Search.

    • perceval

      Molly left due to a health scare. That IS true about Gail, Jazz, Ivory, & Jacqueline, though.

      And, again, regarding the whole “Models vs Wrestlers” thing, there’s a difference between fitness models (Trish, Victoria) and swimsuit/lingerie/figure models (Maryse, Kelly). They’re not one and the same. So, the always used statement, “Trish & Victoria went from models to great wrestlers, so there’s no reason lingerie models can’t” isn’t really accurate. Trish & Victoria already had the strength & conditioning when they walked in the door.

  • Ryan

    The purpose of the diva searh were not exactly to find the next wrestling sensation… If u believe that, then u are ridiculous. The diva searh hurt the division bad!!! Golden Era cut down and Diva Search era came in.. However a few exceptions rose from there. Michelle McCool, Maria, Candice Michelle, Eve Torres, Layla Ashley and many others. What helped recover it was the PG era. No more playboy and no more eye candy making the girls more focused o wrestling even if it was for just 2 mins. Kelly didn’t get hired for her brains or athleticism, let’s be real. Yes she wasn’t fro the diva search but she was just some 18 yo model…
    And she eventually improved. So that’s cool..
    Remmeber Carmela, Joy, Amy, Rochelle, and Lauren…useless chicks who I’m sure didn’t train…
    Meanwhile Michelle was getting in the ring before all of them, Maria was getting crushed by Kurt Angle, Umaga and many others lol..oh and Ashley was getting in the ring as well from day 1.

    Face it diva search had a few stand outs. But it wasn’t designed to find the next Trish Stratus. The love trish had for the biz and the passion and toughness and will will never be matched again. Although Michelle and Candice can be those close enough! The rest of the diva search girls well at least the first batch in 2004 were a bunch of classless useless slags..f*cken skanks bro

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Idk, because you got the ones that actually tried Michelle, Layla, Eve.
    Then the ones that just wanted the job for looks (won’t name names)
    But I guess it hurt cuz there are better ways to get in like training and going through TE and now NXT..

  • arwrestling

    I think people need to remember the Diva Search was never intended to find the next star wrestler of the division. They wanted to find the next wrestling stars. There’s a difference.

    From hiring models and actresses, the quality of promos is up, the quality of backstage segments is up, and essentially you are able to find some of the best potential managers / valets hybrids out there. They were not as physical as She4ri Martel or Bobby Heenan, but were a thousand times more vocal than Miss Elizabeth.

    The women that came from the Diva Search and ended up in the ring were there because they wanted to be. Here are the Diva Search participants that were involved in wrestling after the search… I think they all added a lot to the business and the product.

    Amy Weber – Never came in to wrestle. She was an actress, trained and accomplished since the 1990s. What she added to JBL’s Cabinet was amazing, and she was truely one of the best parts of that faction.

    Candice Michelle – Didn’t make it to the finals but was interested in coming in to WWE. She went on her own to train on her days off. She trained with Arn Anderson to learn to wrestle and to elevate her quality of work because she wanted to be more than a valet.

    Christy Hemme – She wanted to wrestle from the get go. She trained in OVW and even after leaving WWE she went out on the indies to train with people such as April Hunter. She travelled over the world and found her niche in TNA.

    Joy Giovanni – She never came in to wrestle but added a lot as a backstage skit worker. Nothing wrong with that. She also acted as Big Show’s manager, if only to contrast against Amy Weber.

    Maria Kanellis – Came in as a fan and wanted to get in the ring. She trained at OVW to get better, and found herself working the indies after WWE, including her stint in ROH.

    Michelle McCool – Speaks for herself but came in to learn to wrestle.

    Ashley Massaro – Came in wanting to wrestle from the get-go, as she comes from a wrestling family.

    Kristal Marshall – Came in to wrestle and trained at DSW. She was good in the ring.

    Layla El – Came in to wrestle from the get go.

    Milena Roucka aka Rosa Mendes – She came in wanting to learn to wrestle and trained at OVW, DSW and FCW. Added so much as a manager aswell though.

    Rebecca DiPietro – Never came in to wrestle in the first place. Was decent as interviewer for ECW.

    Maryse Ouellet – Came in as a fan wanting to wrestle. Trained at OVW, DSW and FCW before debuting as a wrestler.

    Amy Zidian – Did not come in to learn to wrestle, but was a good valet for Jimmy Wang Yang. She did end up training after WWE and worked the indies for a while.

    Eve Torres – Came in as a fan wanting to wrestle and trained to do so.

    Lena Yada – Was an actress, who ended up wanting to wrestle, though she did add a lot backstage. Ended up training and working the indies after WWE.

    Taryn Terrell – Came in as a fan with the intention of wrestling. Was decent in the ring and a good character outside of it.

    Angela Fong – Came in as a fan and wanted to wrestle from the get go.

    Brie & Nikki Bella – Came in as fans with the intention of becoming wrestlers. They added a lot to the product.

    I think every woman that received a contract from WWE in the ended worked there because they wanted to be there. In the end it is important to remember that not everyone in wrestling needs to be a wrestler. Eric Bischoff isn’t expected to do so, nor is Paul Heyman, or Jim Ross, or Michael Cole, etc. And so I don’t think it is fair to say that every woman WWE hires needs to be a top notch wrestler, otherwise they have no business being there. Every girl mentionned never once did so to stand there and look pretty; the girls that wanted that did not get offered contracts in the end.

    PS: Sorry for the long post……

    • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

      I agree with this.When you really do think about it,each diva search contestant/winner truly did bring something to the table,whether they were there for a long time or only had a short run.

  • candice7000

    I think it helped. When you look at Michelle, Maryse, Maria, Eve, Layla, Candice, Brooke Tessmacher, Kristal, Tiffany, Christy Hemme and the Bella Twins you see that the stories of these girls was a success. The girls I named became extremely popular and very good in the ring. The crowd took to them nicely and they created some great memories for us. As for the other who are not named they did hurt the division but not enough to where it’s bad. And you can say Rosa did some good too. If you exclude her botches like I do she is a pretty decent diva. Her mic skills and acting are good. She has put on a couple of good matches and she is popular with fans believe it or not. So it helped. Do I think we should ever have another Diva search?? No!!!! I don’t think we will get them same progress as the past.

  • LadyGoDiva

    In some ways I think it both helped and hurt the divas division.On one side you got Michelle McCool,Eve,Layla,Candice Michelle,and countless other ladies that came from the Diva Search kinda helped the divas division.

    But on the other hand you have some of these Diva Search contestants who use WWE to help further their career and some look like they aren’t serious about wrestling or even that good in the ring even though they try their best and all.

  • melon2617

    Yay! My comment was used, although I forgot Eve Torres, sorry Eve!

    I think there was good and bad with the Diva Search, but with some tweaking, it could be a good thing.

  • flash1086

    Yes, some divas like McCool, Eve, Layla and Candice became decent in the ring but even them are only appreciated by diva fans only. The general WWE Universe still look at them as a laughing stock. They only divas that they respect are AJ, Nattie and Beth. And before them it was Mickie, Melina and Beth. And all of them came from the INDYS promotion.

    Not only DS lowered the quality but it has also DESTROYED his reputation. It started to become a bunch of cheerleaders in a pillow fight.

    Its shouldnt even be a debate honestly cause we all the anwser to that.

    • arwrestling

      That’s not true though… Since the Diva Search, the days of pillow fights, lingerie matches and bra and panties matches are gone. Actually, three quarters of those matches involved Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, Stacy Keibler, Trish Stratus, Terri Runnels, Lita, Miss Jackie, Sable, etc…

      In 1998 Sable & Jacqueline feuded mainly in bikini contests. Jacqueline went bare breasted on TV and Sable went topless too.
      In 1999 Sable & Debra feuded mainly in Evening Gown styles matches and bikini contests. Ivory as champ defended in Mud Matches, Pudding Matches, Evening Gown Pool Matches, Bra & Panties matches etc.
      In 2000 you saw many bikini contests, bra and panties matches, Trish stripping and barking, the Right To Nudity campain from The Kat, Stink Face Matches, Stripping Matches at WrestleMania between Terri Runnels & The Kat.
      In 2001 Trish Stratus & Terri feuded over a boob job. A FROCKIN BOOB JOB!

      In the years that Trish was on top she wrestled mainly in fluff matches against people like Molly Holly, Terri, Lita, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, etc. This is what many of us call the Golden Era. But to say the division is nothing but cheerleaders in pillowfights now is absurd. When was the last time we saw these types of matches? They happen once every couple of years lately, and since the days of Trish, Stacy, Victoria, Lita & Ivory the fluff has been on a steady decline…

      We need to stop looking at the past eras through rose tinted glasses. Yes is was fun and entertaining, but there was also as much negative. Todays division is really no worse wrestling wise, the only thing it doesn’t have is full storylines and roles for the girls. As far as wrestling content, it is miles better.

      Try and find Divas matches from the early to mid 2000s that are much longer than what we have now. Most of Trish’s matches, and matches from back then are around 1:30-3:00 minutes maximum. Look it up opn Youtube, the loinger ones are on PPV, just like todays standards.

      • wl75

        That’s more because of the move to PG programming than anything though…

        • arwrestling

          Regardless of the reasoning, you cannot say that WWE is more fluff than not now than it was before nor can you say the Diva Search is the reason they are not taken seriously as wrestlers. Facts speak for themselves, and the fact is the division was MUCH more based on sex and eye candy BEFORE the Diva Search came along. After that, the focus was shifted to wrestling.

          That’s where the problem lies. They went from little wrestling with big storylines to all wrestling with no storylines. There’s nothing to care about as the matches feel useless and all feel like throw away matches. The problem in the division has nothing to do with the quality of wrestlers in the Divas Division, as I’d argue the WWE has NEVER had as many talented women working for them as they do today, it’s the fact that there is a HUGE lack of characters to care about and latch onto. Face or heel. The women who are gaining traction and popularity have actual characters. Eve Torres, AJ, Vickie Guerrero, Stephanie McMahon. That’s it. Everyone else is generic smiling face, generic strong heel, generic bitch, generic valet, generic generic generic!

      • flash1086

        You have no idea what your talking about. Yes, they were more gimmick matches (including table matches, street fights, leather strap and cage match)and back than the quality of wrestling was MUCH higher without comparaison. Every match on raw would be the equivalent of a PPV match of today. And they were MUCH more talented women back than. Only AJ, Beth and Nattie would be able to compete with Trish, Lita, Ivory, Jacqueline, Molly Holly, Victoria, Jazz ,Luna and Gail Kim. The crop of women that compared was TNA in 2008 who had Gail, Awesome Kong, ODB, etc.. And that is coming from people like Gail Kim ,Victoria ,Jim Ross and more who all said the same thing.

      • flash1086

        And the reason why storylines gets drop so quickly these days is because no divas today are popular like Trish, Lita or Sable. Fans were able to care about storylines back then because they were popular. The DOD vs Kelly/Eve was a flop because none of them has the ability to get strong crowd reactions. At this point, Mud Matches, Pudding Matches, Evening Gown Pool Matches, Bra & Panties would be the best thing for the current divas to get crowd reactions because only AJ could get crowd reaction with her charisma.

  • Spike7000

    No it has not helped at all though it had brought a few girls who became legit such as Michelle McCool, Naomi Night, Angela Fong and few prospects such as Layla, Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox, Eve Torres, and Brooke Tessmacher while Christy Hemme is the ring announcer in TNA and Maria is re-inventing herself in Ring of Honor and the Independent Circuit.

    The Diva Search and Model days overall failed because you can’t teach a model on how to wrestle I mean sure it can be true but the question is does the person or people care to learn ? or is the person a fan of pro wrestling? Almost all girls who came from this “era” didn’t really care about professional wrestling because they all either wanted to be a actress etc.

    I do understand what the WWE tried to do but there will never be another Trish Stratus or Lita because they were unique in their own way. You can’t compare Stratus to any female model that comes along ok sure the whole not coming in with any experience but the thing with Stratus she took it upon herself to learn.

  • wl75

    I think it was a wash- you had a lot of great talent come out of it (and some are still doing it so many years later), but you also had a lot of people that weren’t there for the “right” reasons.

  • OJ Von Erich

    Speaking of the diva search, who can forget that brilliantly viscous ‘Diss The Diva’ where EVERYONE turned on Carmella! :O

    Which brings me to me next point, has anyone seen or heard Amy Webers new music video/song? ‘Let It Rain’
    It’s actually really quite a good summer driving song!!! =D

    • Ryan

      When Maria was eliminated she flicked off Carmella haha.. All of them were classless whores but I did like the diva search hehe was fun

  • foxlive

    Maria kanellis, Michelle mccool and maryse will be forever the best diva shearch’s :)

  • lucky1now

    I honestly feel that if the diva search mixed things up such as getting women of different shapes different sizes people who had passion allow the women from the indies to join
    The end result could have been different
    The contest can allow the fans to vote on who they wanted either the next jazz or the next stacy
    Not force us to watch these girly girls

  • Rtylor

    Don’t think it was the Diva search itself but how the winners were used afterwards. Christy Hemme, Eve, Kristal Marshall, Layla are some of the one I remember winning The Search.