In Pictures: SummerSlam, Divas, Red Carpet… Need We Say More?

SummerSlam is here, and as has become annual tradition, we get to fawn over the Divas in their most stylish at the SummerSlam red carpet kick-off party! (It’s a personal highlight of the year for me, anyway.)

This year, the likes of Eve, Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox, Natalya, Divas Champ Layla, Lilian Garcia, Kaitlyn, AJ Lee and even WrestleMania celebrity, Maria Menounos, hit the red carpet in Los Angeles.

The Divas, and WWE Superstars, rubbed shoulders with the likes of Piers Morgan, Kellan Lutz, Olympic gold medalist (and he who makes Melanie and Cryssi swoon), Ryan Lochte, and many more celebrities (as well as plenty of “celebrities”, if you catch my drift).

Let’s take a min to talk fash, shall we? Our best dressed clearly goes to Kelly Kelly, looking dramatic and sexy in a black dress with sheer cleavage. The  hair adds more drama to the already hot look. Kaitlyn and Lilian also impressed us; Lilian looked bright and colorful — perfect for summer! And an honorable mention must go to AJ, who even on a red carpet, stays true to herself in sneakers. We’re sure this would make Anna Wintour scream bloody murder but, hey, AJ could probably take her!

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  • divafan

    i hope there’s a divas match on summerslam this sunday

    • divaknockout0913

      Me too. Sadly though it will just be some thrown together match like at the last ppv, if we even get one at all.

  • Bhentoooot

    Alicia is soooo pretty!

  • Aksana

    Kaitlyn and Lillian look absolutely flawless.

  • TorrieWilsonFan03

    maria menounos needs to just go away


      Why is she even on here?!?! She is NOT a Diva…

  • Shannel

    Best : Layla, Alicia and Natalya.
    Layla: Not fan of the hair but dress and shoes were amazing.
    Natalya: Purse was okay but i have a feeling that her style is not changing.
    Alicia: Could of had more cream/peach shown on her dress to match her shoes.

    Worst : Lilian, Kaitlyn and AJ.
    Lilian: Dress was horrible and shoes were not flattering.
    Kaitlyn: Hair looks awful and that glittery thing on the right side did not do much for her shoes.
    AJ: ….. who wears that…….?

  • MrJCena

    Love Kelly Kelly dress it is perfect for her and loved wat aj was wearing would love if she wore stuff like that on raw and I liked kaitlyns as well. All the other divas have done a good job but they aren’t my fav

  • wwestarlee

    Alicia looks great miss her on tv and I’m not gonna lie Kaitlyn looking real sexy too

  • MELshocked

    I may be in the minority with this one, but I honestly think AJ looks the best. I think all the girls look beautiful, but AJ stands out. I love her style and the fact that she doesn’t try to blend in. Stick all these girls in a line-up and AJ will definitely stand out, just because she has her own style. Not everyone will agree, but something doesn’t have to look right or look fashionable to look good, as long as the person who wears it makes it work. And AJ’s personality makes this look work. I love it!

    The worst, to me, would have to be either Kelly or Eve. Boring and seen a million times. But that’s just my thoughts.

  • shameronstar

    It looks like Maria Menounos is here for her semi annual pinning Beth Phoenix via “roll up” routine! Also, Alicia’s weave FINALLY looks decent! I guess Wade decided to give Alicia good weave because he was tired of looking at that other thing he always saw sitting on her head!

    • Kala

      I wanted to bust you out over your comment until I remembered that I called her quick weave for almost a year. The do she’s sporting here is definitely an improvement.

  • DarkMaverick87

    Ok… I know this is going to come off as rude, but I have to ask. Has Layla had work done on her face? I remember thinking that when she returned against Nikki Bella. It looks apparent in this picture of her.

    • JJ

      It looks like. She looks a bit like Victoria/Tara does these days in those pics.

      She doesn’t look bad, but she definately looks different facially.

    • Solo

      I was going to ask the same thing, she looks older.

  • JJ

    From Best to Worst:

    ALICIA- She looks absolutely gorgeous; great dress that suits her to a T. I like the dark red hair colour too (nice change of pace).
    KAITLYN- Wow, she looks hot as hell! Good choice for a Summerslam outfit (Greek-esque) and shows off her amazing body perfectly.
    NATALYA- Nattie looks reliably good.
    LAYLA- The dress is great, but overall there is something lacking. This would have been better for Hall of Fame (with a bit of jewelry)
    AJ LEE- A fun outfit that suits her character.
    EVE- Just kinda there.
    KELLY- Great outfit…not on Kelly. Maryse would have looked drop dead gorgeous in this. Maybe she and Eve should have swapped outfits; Kelly suits cutesy more than sexy.
    LILIAN- Not a bad look per se, doesn’t look like a red carpet look though.

  • mpezza

    Layla, Kaitlyn and Alicia all looked great.

  • sanchezdiego96

    Aww! Eve and Alicia are going to homecoming! Seriously. Those look like homecoming dresses. Alicia does look cute though.
    Kelly would have been my best dressed if she had different hair. It’s like Marina Diamondis meets Snooki.
    Natalya looks nice. That’s about it.
    Layla looks alright. At first glance I loved it, but then looking at it again, something is off. I think it has something to do with the top part of the dress or her hair.
    Kaitlyn looks really nice! The only thing throwing me off is the size of her boobs. It makes the proportions look a bit weird. But she looks nice and appropriate for a Summerslam red carpet!
    I LOVE WHAT AJ IS WEARING. It fits her character so she can get away with it. And it actually doesnt look bad. It matches quite nice.
    My best dressed is Lilian! It’s fun, flirty, and it looks great on her. Its a nice summer dress and this was for Summerslam so it makes sense. She looks flawless.

  • wl75

    If AJ wore something similar to what Eve or Kelly wore, it would look weird. What she’s wearing is her.

  • redsandman99

    I really hate those extensions on Layla. I like AJ’s dress the best. Looks like something I would wear if I was going to be at a place like that.

  • Raekon

    Most fresh and really summerlike = Lilian!
    The colors are matching and she looks beautiful in it (even I don’t like her dress much).

    Fresh and Unique = AJ
    Fits her character and the colors combination is good.

    Fine Summer Red Carpet outfit = Kaitlyn
    Greekesque outfit that fits well and compliments her body in colors of the sea and the sun (nice combination!).

    Nice and fitting outfit = Alicia
    Would had been more fitting if it werent too much black in it but still unique and fresh.

    Layla looks gorgeous but her outfit is more fitting for the oscars then summerslam???

    Kelly looks ok. She should had her hair different to compliment the outfit more.
    The way she did her hair makes the outfit look a bit too plain in my opinion.

    Natalya and Eve need to go grab something else to wear (too much glitter!).
    While they are at it they could go grab the “living room curtain” for Maria Menounos to wear cause the “kitchen curtain” she wears is a bit too plain…. -.-

  • BillyGP

    Kelly and AJ looks the best

  • SarahD

    All of the girls look stunning! I love Kelly Kelly’s dress & AJ’s too.

    But my favorite was Eve Torres. :)

  • WWFoverWWE

    AJ is overdoing the converse -_-


  • Adam

    Lillian always looks dreadful on red carpets. Her dresses look like something a 5 year old would wear. I can’t.

  • amb3r

    Eve looks best with Alicia a close second! Eve: Good makeup, great pose, and a decent dress. Alicia: Nice hairdo, decent makeup, fine dress. Lilian’s dress is comfy looking, something I’d choose not for a party though! Kelly is a very beautiful girl, but I will never understand why she needs to overdo the makeup. Kaitlyn looks good but that outfit doesn’t suit her. Natalya classy as always, she should’ve gone for a solid color, that would have complimented her. AJ is a fashion disaster!

  • dalv2012

    All the divas look pretty in those outfits. No favourites for me, all of them are stunning.

  • iLUVValets

    Everybody looks stunning………….Except for AJ, girl you need to get you a best friend in that divas lockerroom

  • TheLadySamantha

    Did somebody throw AJ into the kids clothing at Walmart and send her straight to the red carpet? Converse don’t belong anywhere near a red carpet and quite frankly they make me want to vomit on her. At least she’d look better then.

  • lelloo7

    Kelly Kelly has to be the best dresses… she looks stunning.. but i won’t lie, i would’ve preferred a different hairdo
    Layla : she looks old and awkward O.o
    Alicia : Whats her issue with these puffy dresses ?? but on the bright side, she got her hair fixed xD
    Natalya : I get that her dresses are expensive and stuff but they’re just too sparkly !! all of them.
    Lillian… I just dont know what to say.. ur the oldest there and you look the most childish…no offense AJ
    AJ : Who’d actually wear that ? I dnt have a prob with the converse.. but the outfit as a whole ? really ?*Miz Style*
    Kaitlyn looks too weird to me
    Eve , Kelly did the mouth thing better ;) and i expected her to look classier.. not on her 1 game
    Maria, just go away