Melina to Appear in Web Series “The Darkness Descending”

Former WWE Diva Melina and John Morrison will be appearing in the second season of a web series titled “The Darkness Descending“. The series has a unique concept, describing itself as combining “mobile apps, social gaming and feature film to tell the story of a hero’s descent into the mysterious real life underworld below NYC.”

Morrison tweeted the news that he and Melina were filming for the series and posted a photo of himself that hints at the look Melina might adopt.

No word on who they’re playing or when their episode(s) might air but for now, you can view previous episodes of the series by clicking here.

The project is also looking for funding, having set up an IndieGoGo page with incentives to donate.

Watch the official trailer below:

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  • DaudWWE

    Nicee :)

  • Hasnan

    I remember she was offered a film role in 2010 but because of her WWE contract she had to thank no. Hopefully she has a succesful carreer as an actor.

  • Choko

    Wasn’t she once offered a movie role that she had to deny because of her WWE contract?

    • Raekon

      As far as I know yes. Same happened with Gail when she were supposed to do the Korean documentary but WWE blocked her. :/

  • Raekon

    Happy for them! The series looks promising, I hope they will do well.

  • MNM4ever

    should be exciting! <3

  • Sitau

    good news for melina (:

  • MELshocked

    SO happy for her! Cannot wait to see how this turns out!