Report: TNA Officials Happy with Former Diva’s Tryout

As reported last week, former WWE Diva Jillian Hall took part in a dark match prior to last week’s live episode of Impact.

Jillian faced veteran Knockout, Tara, in the match.

According to, TNA officials are happy with the former Divas Champ’s tryout, feeling she did well.

Could this lead to a possible role in TNA for the veteran? Watch this space…

  • DaudWWE

    Wow, i hope so.. will be great to see her back on screen!

    • defineinsanity

      Me too! Hopefully not a jobber.

  • jayjayholler

    YESSS! PLEASE, OH that’ll actually make my year wrestling wise.

  • wl75

    Well consider this-

    Apparently Jillian was supposed to wrestle at the Bombshell Ladies of Wrestling IPPV on the 11th, but she got replaced (by CVE it looks like). With TNA’s new policy about their talent not being able to be on IPPV or DVD’s, it makes you wonder if the TNA people gave Jillian a tentative thumbs-up, at least enough for her to start clearing her indy schedule…

  • Spike7000

    So it’s Jillian, The Blossom Twins, Leva Bates, and Alpha Female that are the latest to get tryouts

    Looks like the report that TNA “supposely” hates women’s wrestling was just another b.s rumor

    • Aria–

      But how many women are being used properly on TNA TV? Just because they’re giving out try-outs, doesn’t mean in any way that they care about women’s wrestling. If these girls are signed, they just won’t be used, except for Jillian, who will probably get a mega-push to the title at everyone’s expense, win it, drop it and fade into irrelevance like the bigger star Mickie James. Besides, hasn’t Leva and the Blossoms already had tryouts, but weren’t signed?

      WWE has been giving tryouts to indy girls for years, but they are just now starting to somewhat care about the division. Handing out tryouts means absolutely nothing.

    • Dann Read

      Alpha did not recently try out with TNA. It was January 2010. She did however appear as a guest on TNA Spin Cycle complete with her EVE Championship but again this was nothing to do with a try out.

      • JillianHallTNA

        Since Spin Cycle is only for British and Australian viewers, and UK wants for their talent and wrestling shows to explore, that’s why they bring her to the show!

  • Rhawk

    Not sure if I’m okay with them possibly signing any more women. Not so much Jillian, I mean sure she’s from WWE fame and the OMG Ex-WWE star in TNA as usual arguments and stuff, but she’s deserving enough to be on my TV screen wherever she is. But the problem here is that TNA doesn’t even use half of their roster, let alone all of it. And if you add more women to their roster, are they really adding more women?

    Use the women you have now. Add more screen & match time for them, and then we can see what will happen with Jillian and others if they get signed (Blossoms, Bates, Alpha).

  • jcarcano12

    Duh she a former diva

  • Like Mike

    Everyone is making the “oh of course, shes a former diva” comments, but honestly Jillian actually deserves this. She was a jobber her entire career practically in WWE, so she could actually have a chance to shine here.

    • jayjayholler

      Exactly! Couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Ed

    Please don’t sign this woman, TNA. She was a joke in WWE. No one even takes her seriously. She only wrestles part time these days and her body has to be half collagen at this point. There’s literally nothing she brings to the table that Tara, Gail and Mickie can’t do better. Sign a woman who hasn’t had an opportunity on a national stage yet instead.

    • xx_swayme

      Clearly you have not seen her independent work, she can out wrestle the best TNA has… Even her work in OVW during her training time for WWE she was the best female wrestler they had there. You are basing your opinions off how Vince portrayed her, not her real talent that a lot of diva fans (minus you apparently) knew was not being utilized. So yes, she does deserve a shot on the national stage to show what she can really do in the ring. And I am not a fan of TNA, but I would gladly watch to see Jillian (and any other held down past diva) get her shot to prove people like you wrong.

      • Ed

        That’s got nothing to do with it. I’m simply not a fan of the woman. And after her years in WWE, there a stigma where most people view her as a complete joke that she’s probably never going to shake.

        And for the record, I’ve seen her recent work. She’s a far cry from what she was in OVW these days.

  • mikie91

    Ugh she’s such a terrible wrestler. I don’t want her there :(

  • Ryan

    Jillian is an awful wrestler BUT in 2005-2006 I was in love with her plus she could wrestle chick like kristal Marshall and Stacey and put in great yet sexy matches!!! I want to see Jillian as the good guy with new moves and hope she has improved but probably not cause her last years she was just awful

  • JillianHallTNA

    Awesome news!! Future KO champ right there!! LET’S GO JILLIAN!!
    I just hope TNA won’t change her ring name :(

  • moogle

    Please hire her and push her so high.

    I hope she doesn’t keep that singing gimmick though, it can lead to nothing but jobbing for her :(

  • ghoulieburger

    Ideally she gets signed, improves her craft and becomes champ, dominates the KO’s and then WWE lures/steals her back to their roster with a nice paycheck/contract (a la Gail).

  • Raekon

    I hope they will sign her, She definately deserves it. :)

  • art

    How was she an awful wrestler when she made divas look good when they went against her…..i hope tna give her a chance to really shine….

    • Like Mike

      I know right? I don’t get where people are getting this awful wrestler notion.

      • art

        I dont know…

  • hado

    I hope she does get singed, but I hope she actually keeps the signing gimmick. You might be like WTF. But no, seriously she could get over and get so much heat, and wrestle like a good competitor she is, and not a joke like she was used in WWE, and she will become TNA’s most over Knockout. WWE missed a huge opportunity with Jillian and that gimmick.

  • richies88

    why on earth would TNA hire a husband beaten yoke like that.? seriously?
    i know she could be good but she ruined her reputation for getting arrested for beating up her husband

    • Stuff

      OMG she can build a stable with Taryn Terell