In Video: Layla’s Touching Personal Story for WWE’s Breast Cancer Appeal

Fans tuning in to Raw last night saw a different side to former Divas Champion, Layla, as she starred in the latest video package for WWE’s breast cancer awareness campaign with Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Layla revealed her deeply personal, heartbreaking story of losing her mother to breast cancer. This certainly brought a tear to our eyes!

Watch below:

Hopefully Layla’s moving appeal will inspire people to support the cause. Head over to for details.

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  • Blackbohnster

    Normally, I´m not a fan of personal Stories in Television…. but this was really touching.

    I really feel sorry for Layla. She lost her mother with such an young age…. but I bet, her Mother would be proud of what she is right now.

    Poor Layla.

  • xXxUniquelyiXxX

    I was holding my tears until she said “I still think she’s here, I want to call her” then I lost it.

    • Kantrell

      same thing for me. You could actually feel her emotions when she said.

  • shameronstar

    That was sad and touching, and the part where she said her mother never got to see her wrestle was a little sad as well. Layla actually looks a little like her mom and I see where she gets a beauty from. Hopefully, Layla can get one more diva’s title reign this time it can mean something so she can truly dedicate it to her mother. God bless Layla, her family, and her mother in heaven.

  • kreece

    Her mum would be proud of her that’s for certain

  • Raynejames81

    Always been a fan of Layla, and now I have the up-most respect for that woman! Such a sad and touching story, so glad she shared with us her personal life/story. Her mother would be so beyond proud to see what a lady Layla has become.

  • wwestarlee

    Personally i was touched by layla’s courage to discuss her mother battle with cancer , i did know that her mom died in 2008 but it was never dicussed by layla i just send prayers out to her and say god bless and just want her to know her mom is watching over her in heaven :)

  • moogle

    “I still think she’s here, I wanna call her”

    omg Layla I love you.

    ALso, props to WWE for leaving in where she says “wrestling” I somehow expected them to be cold hearted enough to cut that part out

  • WweRules32

    It Was Brave Of Layla To Do This And I Felt Sorry For Her and wanted to hug her and i love layla loads and always will <3

  • malejiva

    When she said “I wanna call her” I couldn’t hold it anymore, iut’s true you 0nly have one mom…

  • miickeyzreal

    This just gave me chills! This is the second time ever that a female wrestler put me emotional. First it was Molly’s story, very touchy and make me respect her more and now this story! :( I really feel sad for Layla!

  • AdrianRay

    Okay…so… I NEVER CRY AT ANYTHING. No movie, TV show, commercial, article, etc. Anything! This made me cry…it literally made me cry. I was stricken with grief…wow…

  • magicmike191

    This is so sad my second grade Assitant teacher lost her battle with cancer and I’m so sad and Layla looks a lot like her mother

  • Misaki Ohata –> WWE

    A few weeks back my biology teacher who battled breast cancer passed away due to a stroke. Similar to Layla’s mum she battled cancer three times before passing. God bless Layla and R.I.P to her mum and my biology teacher.

  • sanchezdiego96

    It broke my heart when she said “she never gonna see me get married.” I wanted to give her a million hugs and kisses last night when I saw this. I love that she reminded us at the end that we only have one mom. I think a lot of us forget that sometimes. Love you Lay.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Very touching. Layla’s mom is smiling at her achievements right now(,:

  • SigmaX

    That was heartbreaking to watch but also makes me even more proud to be a fan of hers even before she got into wrestling , but seeing her cry and just let her raw emotion out was almost too hard to watch , her mother even in passing means the world to her and I love that she pays tribute with the infinity symbol all over her attire to her mother.

    And her mother was a beautiful woman and of course produced an equally as beautiful daughter.

  • gavin harvey

    that was so touching and heartbreaking ! i was sitting here crying so sad ! love layla god bless her and gldbless her mother ! i dont know what id do with out mine x

  • divaindemise

    You could feel the throb in her voice. So heartwrenching. I love Layla.

  • WWFoverWWE

    God Bless you Layla. Your mom would be unbelievably proud of you :)

  • Anthony

    That was heartbreaking to watch. I literally had goosebumps the whole time. That was incredible that she and WWE shared her story. Layla is an incredible Layla!

  • BobAnthony

    When i was about 6 months old I lost my grandmother (dad’s mom) to cancer. My godmother is dealing with breast cancer.

    When I saw this, I was bawling inside and didn’t let it come to the surface. Seeing it again…well another story.

    And if Layla does go “psycho” as someone suggested the power of that PSA/interview, whatever is reduced drastically.

    • SigmaX

      How can something real be reduced by a scripted character change? unless someone cannot differentiate the difference between reality and a staged production.

      The woman spoke on a devistating loss in her life from her heart…unless you wanna insinuate that her speaking about her mother is some sort of act..which is no offense pretty fucking stupid.

  • art

    nothing but <3 from me to you grandmother battled breast cancer which went to her bones & was the hardest thing for my family,my mom was with her when she passed but i couldn't because i didn't want to watch her die,i didn't want that to be my last memory oh her….my mother has beat breast cancer twice & shes 52,so im proud to be her son….
    "I still think she’s here, I wanna call her." put a lump in my throat..your mother would be beyond proud,first British women's champ,2X divas champ,diva search winner & for who you are….

  • WweLitafan4ever

    Wow,this is so sad.
    Layla looks a lot like her mother.

  • Raekon

    Lost my father on lung cancer in 2008, lost 4 aunts (father and mother side), my grandpa and 2 very good friends on various types of cancer, had cancer myself, my oldest brother had it and my last boyfriend had it.

    So I can truly understand what her mother must have been through as I also understand how she feels even 4 years later cause no matter how much closure I found myself with all of this, there are moments I still have the feeling that my dad is alive and will knock at my door sometimes.

    My brother, last boyfriend(he was the only one with breast cancer which isn’t uncommon on males either) and I are “survivors”, others didn’t had as much luck.

    The lesson many need to learn or at least the think to remind themselves on is: “never take your close ones for granted then you can lose them at any time, any day”.

    I feel for you Layla, you are a strong and lovely person and I’m sure your mom would had been very proud to have a daughter like you, I know I would. :)

    • art

      im so sorry…thats alot to go through….

      • Raekon

        Everyone goes through bad things in life no matter in which type of form.
        We both know we have been through other things aswell remember? :)

        Some people just have more luck than others when it comes to such things but that’s the way of life.

        The important thing is to grow and get stronger through such situations, try to stay healthy as possible and never give up hope. :)

        We need to learn to enjoy every single moment no matter how good or bad things might look at times and be thankful for every day we are given.

  • LaylaElFan

    that was sooo touching,i feel sooo sorry for Layla, and
    from me to u Layla your mum would be so proud of you x