NXT Watch (November 28th, 2012): Emma Debuts Against a More Vicious Audrey Marie

Welcome one and all to this week’s NXT Watch. If, like me, you were counting the days until the first appearance of EmmaAudrey Marie, and while we don’t get to see the dance moves her profile talks about due to a lack of entrance, she hopes to take down the former FCW Divas Champion with a victory to make up for it. Will she? Won’t she? Let’s see!

The cowgirl theme of Audrey Marie hits, but she doesn’t look quite like a cowgirl anymore as it appears she is (finally) turned on the evil side! And, sigh, currently in the ring is Emma. And she does manage to bust a quick dance move, as Audrey flips into the ring and the bell sounds as we get underway. They lock up, as Audrey takes control with a side headlock, before Emma steps on her foot and sends her into the ropes. Audrey with a cartwheel into a dropkick for a one count, before Emma attempts a backslide that’s countered into a sit out bomb/leglock. Audrey taunts the Aussie born Diva, proceeding to spin around the ring and dizzy up her opponent.

Marie grabs Emma by the hair as the crowd gets behind her. She scores a jacknife for a one count, but Audrey flips out and goes for a backslide. Emma counters that and runs off the ropes with a crossbody for a two count. As both ladies get to two feet, Emma finally gets that backslide that I think has been attempted more times than I can count, but Audrey reverses it and lifts Emma up, before dropping her with a swinging side slam for the victory. Audrey looks evilly pleased, while blowing kisses to the crowd and taunting to bring this segment to an end.

Thoughts: Weellll, I will say that I liked that the match felt fresh, and of course that Emma was finally shown on NXT. I also am happy they let Audrey Marie be a heel because I feel she’s a billion times better in this role than as a babyface, kind of like how I feel about Eve. They can get stagnant when they’re face, but as a heel they become a completely different person out there and it’s fun to watch for me at least. The negatives though… I guess we can start with match time. It did feel really short and one sided compared to what we’re used to on NXT as of late, but even saying that, it was still longer than a lot of matches we’ve been given on TV before too.

I also have to add I wasn’t a fan of the introduction to Emma, meaning that people who don’t know of her prior to seeing this, still pretty much know nothing about her. She didn’t get an entrance, or a promo, and the only thing they really said about her was that she was inexperienced and green, which was odd. I guess they didn’t want to build her up when she was set to lose to Audrey, but at least give her something. Nonetheless, beggars can’t be choosers and I’m just glad that she finally got a spot on the TV show since she (along with Audrey) are two of my favorites on the developmental roster right now. If given a longer time to work with, I honestly think they could have a pretty awesome match together, so perhaps we can just consider this a small taste of what could happen in the future.

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  • mpezza

    This match just didn’t flow at all for me.. They both looked pretty though. That’s something, I guess.

  • liamd

    I’m a huge fan of the NXT diva matches especially with Paige! But this match I thought was quite messy and repetitive! More pin attempts than anything else! Emma has potential I guess from other matches I’ve seen of her but I really don’t like Audrey that much!:/ still good to see some diva time on NXT!

  • http://facebook.com/mykael.kennedy mykel1990

    I’m just gonna have to be candid, I hated this match. It didn’t have any type of fluidity and half the match consisted of a body scissor/pinning combination. But I must say, I never realised how striking Audrey Marie is, and I love the power finisher!

  • GailKim95

    JR: “I feel bad that neither of these ladies have last names”

  • Misaki Ohata –> WWE

    It shames me to say that Audrey Marie was definitely the more impressive one in this match, not because she is better but because she actually got a move in. I hope that in future matches Emma (Tenille) will get to show herself a bit more because she is usually amazing.

    This match was just completely off-point, slow and short.

  • Dev

    The match was ok for what it was. And its not the first time we’ve seen divas with “more experience” kinda squash newer girls. It was a nice way to establish Audrey as NXT’s top heel diva. Paige is clearly staying face and they need someone to come up against her. Audrey does need to tweak her attire though. It reminds my of a cheaper looking Maryse attire. Otherwise, she’s quite the looker. She reminds me of a very athletic looking Anna Kendrick.

    In other news, I like Emma. I hope they build her character up as an underdog that becomes brilliant over time. With some help adjustments made to her look, and a nice push, I can see her being what Kelly Kelly should have been.

    • miickeyzreal

      Sorry but Emma would never be what Kelly Kelly should have been for one big reason: She isn’t beautiful as Kelly Kelly was! Its going to be hard to WWE to find a diva like her when it comes to looks.

      • http://youtube.com/kristalmelinafan kristalmelinafan

        Summer Rae can be a contender, but i feel she should be a Stacy Keibler mixed with Torrie Wilson, while Emma can be what Tiffany was when she was starting to feud with LayCool.

        • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

          Summer rae has the biggest forehead of all mankind thou….i don’t think kelly is that attractive anyway compared to divas like torrie….

        • Choko

          Summer Rae is definately not a contender. She looks like she’s forty and doesn’t have a pretty face.

          Layla and Eve are the prettiest diva on the roster at the moment, but both of them got wrestler bodies unlike Kelly, so they won’t attract a first time viewer. Layla used to look fine back in 2007 and all, but now she is too muscular.

      • Dev

        The point wasn’t that Emma had to be made prettier. Looks fade, my dear. And if she were to be given a Barbie makeover, most of y’all would be ranting about how the WWE is all about looks. I’m saying that Kelly Kelly was built up to be this underdog that when she needed to could throw down in the ring. Kelly’s ability didn’t allow her to live up to that. I think that with the right rub, Emma can be that and more. I think she could use some help on her attire, and time to get the fans to like her and thats about it.

        Summer Rae does give me Torrie Wilson vibes. I really wouldn’t mind seeing her come in as a manager of some sort and then wrestle part-time.

        Sidenote: The division would be pretty perfect if we had all of the girls playing at their strengths.

        Faces: Kaitlyn, Naomi, Natalya, Aj and Paige
        Heels: Layla, Tamina, Alicia, Eve, and Aksana (who could really go either way. I could see her playing the ditzy type like Maria once did)
        Managers: Rosa, Cameron (for now), Vickie, and I want them to call up Summer Rae (I could see her doing amazing things with someone like Dolph Ziggler or Jack Swagger.)

  • wwe141

    So is Audrey the new Maryse? Similar attire,hairflip during entrance..and I don’t like how they kept saying Emma is green and inexperienced just cuz she’s new to nxt when she’s been wrestling longer than Audrey(reminds me of wen Cherry started wrestling and was actin like a newbie) I like both of them tho, match felt awkward to watch tho

  • miickeyzreal

    I’m loving Audrey Marie! Her finisher is enough good to me and I like her more with that heel attitude. She looks like a contender to Paige in my opinion. The match was short but Emma is a new diva so it makes sense.

  • JamieKym

    LOL @Audrey doing the Miss Jackie Entrance. She doesn’t know what to do with her life.

    • MattyM

      ” She doesn’t know what to do with her life.” haha omg you had me rollin but yea every time i see that i think of Miss.Jackie and how Rico & Charlie used to kiss her stomach.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Emma could of done so much more, she is way better at the live event shows and she is a very good wrestler. I could see her shining in wwe in no time! Wish she had won and showed more offense but it was her debut so I could see how it went like this..

  • Gail-Trish-Maryse

    Love Audrey’s finisher. You can definitely tell who she is modeling her heel character after though. Every single one of her mannerisms were straight up MARYSE.

    • charovnica

      To be honest every female heel act this way which is one of the problems with this division.

    • http://youtube.com/kristalmelinafan kristalmelinafan

      I love that these NXT divas don’t have generic female type of finishers hope WWE when they head to the main roster keeps these untypical type finishers.

  • Blac Chyna

    audrey marie reminds so much of mickie james

  • Anthony

    I’m very so/so on this match. I didn’t like the commentary at all, and I felt like Emma was acting a little watered down due to it being her first match. I really would have liked to see her get an entrance.

    On a positive note, I thought Audrey was awesome! Once she did the cart wheel into the drop kick I was impressed at how far she’s come. I really think Audrey can be something in the WWE. Audrey as a heel and Audrey as a face are two totally different women.


    For some reason I can´t like Audrey Marie, she just annoys me so much! She can do wathever moves she wants, wathever taunts she wants, and she always looks forced doing things, and she is a heel, and has a generic babyface entrance -.- She should be released right now, there are so many more talented and interesting girls out there, waiting to get their opurtunity!

  • redsandman99

    Audrey Marie works better as a heel though she’s not my favorite. The way Emma was used here reminds me of the way Paige was used in the first few weeks of NXT (jobber material for Raquel and Sofia). Hopefully that changes as time goes on.

    • Raekon

      It will for sure. :)
      Till now they always introduced the next girl this way and did the same with the guys.
      Paige did the same for Sofia, Audrey for Paige, now Emma for Audrey and probably either Charlotte, Anya, Sasha or the other girl(forgot the name she was given x_X) will do the same for Emma next. :)

  • charovnica

    This match was pretty bad…But if I have to be on the positive side,I actually liked Audrey in this one.The first time I see her showing some character. The greatest part of the match was the commentary! JR is so funny xD

  • http://youtube.com/kristalmelinafan kristalmelinafan

    I was really impressed by Audrey. I love her Mean Country Girl type of personality, like Taylor Swift gone bad. I became a big fan of hers after this match because i seen some fierceness and (sorry not trying sound racist) but white women don’t normally exudes fierceness and Audrey has here. She gave me maryse with a hint of the bella twins in her entrance with a little Kristal. Anyways Audrey most definitely improve and will soon to be a great heel in the WWE.

  • shameronstar

    I felt very indifferent to the match! and I hate it when they sell experienced performers as completely green. I fell Audrey is still trying to find her niche as a character but I almost wish they didn’t drop the cowgirl with the bad southern accent thing because at least that amused me in a campy sort of way!

    • http://youtube.com/kristalmelinafan kristalmelinafan

      I feel that they could of incorporated it in with her gimmick now.

    • DJ8946

      Yeah she should be a bad country girl not whatever this gimick is

  • MattyM

    This was probably just to see how Audrey would act in a match as heel which means they are getting ready to call her up, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Paige turn heel same with Emma. Anyway I liked the match it showed that Audrey and Emma have good chemistry (unlike a certain fox and Anti-Diva). Also Audrey is hotter as a heel.

    • MattyM

      Also is there any news on Skylar and when she will get out of rehab?

      • kreece

        Skylar is more than likely going to be out of rehab soon. She’s back on twitter which is a sign :)

    • DJ8946

      Alicia & Paige do have chemistry what are you talking about?

      • MattyM

        No they do not there matches have been under average the only reasons there matches have been labeled as “good” is because Paige is in it and we all know how people on this site are major and I mean MAJOR marks for her.

    • hado

      Wow, you actually think that Emma and Audrey have chemistry and Paige and Alicia don’t? Um, okay.

    • http://ahlanthony.tumblr.com ahlanthony

      You really think Audrey and Emma has more in-ring chemistry than Alicia and Paige? Wow. haha.

  • moogle

    As a heel, Audrey is alomost bearable to me, it’s just the entrance that I can’t stand from her…

    Like the awkward open mouth expression puts me off her from the get go. I thought it would only be a face character expression, but apparently not.

    I do admit she’s improved in-ring as of late though, and I love this finisher she’s using!

  • bxradimus

    This match was bad. Neither girl looked ready to even be in the ring.

    Tenille/Emma has always been pretty bad…and it seems she hasn’t really gotten much better.

    Audrey Marie…is, well, …Audrey Marie. :/

    • ZPZA

      Tenille has always been bad? What are you smoking?

  • Lushh

    I have to say this is the first match which i actually found myself cheering for Audrey Marie. She was impressive and not the total lazy , lackluster self that she normally is. The heel attitude fits her well & i think she is just supposed to be a cocky southern girl , they’ll probably try to put over the fact she has money or something of that nature or what i hope they do is pair her back up with Bray Wyatt. Emma didn’t really show me much to get a real genuine opinion, seeing as i never seen any of her matches in the first place.

  • kreece

    It was average for what they had to work with. Emma should of been given the entrance instead simply because she’s new. I didn’t like the flow of the match but that’s not their fault. Hopefully we can see a bit more of Emma in upcoming NXT shows and hopefully in a couple of weeks some BUGGY NOVA

    • hemme Wilde

      i feel ya there, ive been dying to see buggy on nxt along with her glitter skull and her merry go round of DOOM :) i hope she returns soon!!

  • Clarke

    everyone comparing Audrey’s attire to Maryse… why don’t you go watch Ivory’s SummerSlam match from 1999 and we’ll see who’s copying who :)

    • http://twitter.com/ImGoingCrazy ImGoingCrazy

      Lol, basically this..

      I hate that people can’t get past attires. Sometimes they look similar, oh well.

  • LadyGoDiva

    I’ve always had a problem with Audrey Marie as a heel,she does such a great job as a face I think she needs more work on her heel character.

    As for Emma/Tenille can’t wait what she does next now that she’s finally debut on NXT, didn’t like her ring attire though.