Backstreet Boy’s Girlfriend Heading to WWE?

Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter’s girlfriend Lauren Kitt is apparently on WWE’s radar… well, according to him, anyway.

The singer and former teen heartthrob (yes, we wanted it that way) tweeted about his brunette lady love, suggesting she has been in talks with the company on his Twitter account.

He wrote: “Ok @Lauren_Kitt just found out she MAY be a @WWE DIVA. Imagine YOUR GIRL putting the smack down in the ring! OMG i’m so excited! MAKE NOISE (sic)”

Nick continued to express his excitement, adding: “I will have to be at every @WWE show! So excited!!

“Lets let @wwe know about @Lauren_Kitt !!

“FYI this account is verified and I send all my own tweets.That goes for all the stuff about @Lauren_Kitt and the WWE (sic)”

Lauren, it appears, is a fitness model who has competed in WBFF (World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation) competitions.

Just because we can: Favorite Backstreet Boys song in 3, 2, 1… Go!

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    I would be extremely pleased if this remained a rumour.

    • mrdivo


    • velvelove

      it’s times like these i wish DD had a like button

  • ajfan83

    If only it were ten years ago and he was still relevant. Alas…

  • mykel1990

    Who is she?

  • darkangels

    this why the wwe is going down hill fast just asking anybody if they want to wrestle for them feel sorry for sara delray she have to train these folks.

    • Raekon

      You must be right, cause people like her were Chyna, Victoria/Tara, Trish, Kaitlyn, Aksana.

      Though I must say that Chyna had already experience through the indies before she entered the WWF back then.

      Still one should differentiate bodybuildiers/fitness models from lingerie ones.

      Other than that, that’s what tryouts are for and that’s what NXT is for.
      If she isn’t as talented as they need her to be, she will be gone after a while anyway.

      • Kaledrina

        whoa, HOLD UP DUDE.. you mean there’s actually a developmental territory where wannabe wrestlers go to learn and train to become one? WOW, what is this crazy world we live in !!!! ;)

      • JamieKym

        Wait. Mind you that Victoria and Trish watched wrestling ever since they were kids. That says an early passion.

    • Clarke

      training women wrestlers is her job, why do you feel sorry for her?

      • Spike7000

        Because like countless in past 8 years she’ll likely leave because oh it’s not right for her

  • art

    she doesn’t really look like a diva i can see her announcing but not wrestling…

    • kristalmelinafan

      She doesn’t look like a diva? Big boobs, passable beauty with right make can be gorgeous, this girl is diva material but i most definitely don’t won’t her in it.

    • Clarke

      good looking with big fake bazookas. I think we have a Diva

      • art

        she not really even good looking at all,i dont know her age but she looks almost 40….
        big boobs aren’t going to make her a diva none of the divas on the roster now have massive boobs so its not like thats something that matters….

  • lucky1now

    Let this not be…..
    Btw fav song will have to be I want it that way

    • trishfan11

      Mine too. Love that song – brings back a lot of memories.

  • Lanoom

    Please no…

  • Spike7000

    Big No No

    Sorry Mr. Carter, we do not need more models we need more professional wrestlers. Is she even a fan? or was she ”recommended” because she is pretty?

  • shannymac

    Um…sorry Nick, I loved you with all my heart when I was 8, but this is a big nope.

  • Raekon

    I’m wondering if they will take her in as a ring announcer or for more.

    Looking forward to see how she will do but for now I’m mostly interested to see how far Charlotte and Anya has come in their in ring ability.

    I’ve seen Summer Rae already and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

  • WWFoverWWE

    Please stay away.

  • MickieJamesFan07

    gag me.

  • sieghrt

    Those “boobs” look so artificial :(

  • ramPAIGEing

    Oh god. Smh


    Pretty pathetic that he’s using whatever fame he has left that he is clinging to to try and push a possibility that this girl may be a Diva. She has the look of a pornstar, not a wrestler – WWE is going in the right direction, I don’t think they’ll mess up by signing this surgeon-created “woman”

  • Canada123

    I follow Lauren on Twitter an she’s extremely dedicated to the Fitness world and all that those competitions entail. She’s won a Pro-Card from the WBFF this year which I’m sure has opened up more opportunities for her, like this one. Hope she goes for it.

    For the record, fav BSB song: Drowning.

  • Kaledrina

    so because she’s dating a washed up pop star people are being total snobs, criticising her on the way she looks and refusing to give her a chance? way to keep it classy, guys.

    if she wants to be a diva, then good luck and all the best to her.

    • TheLadySamantha

      77% of the people that post on Diva Dirt are the exact opposite of classy, darling.

      • Kaledrina

        yeah, i know. it’s just seriously fucking dumb the way people here bash and trash somebody they don’t know simply over the way they look. as hardcore fans of women’s wrestling, we should be against that kind of shit.

        but no, we’ll all sit here and whine and complain when mickie is called piggie, or beth is called a man or kharma is told to lose weight or sara del ray is said to not be pretty enough for a main roster role??? complete two-faced vipers FTW

    • Spike7000

      It’s not because the lady is dating Carter, it’s because it comes off more in vain like a publicity stunt. Carter probably thought about the Divas and to tell his gf to talk to WWE and thinks she’ll head to main roster when she’ll actually head to NXT.

      It’s just this type of ordeal has been seen for the past 8 years and there’s no need for that anymore

      • Kaledrina

        “Carter probably thought about ..”

        you have no idea what somebody else is thinking.

    • GrrMonster

      If she wants to be a diva so bad, how about she work for it herself, instead of having her boyfriend being desperate on twitter.

      • Kaledrina

        i don’t see desperation. i see somebody playing the role of proud partner, letting the people who choose to ‘follow’ his life, know how excited he is about something that is happening in his world.

    • Kessuki

      yes mikey! :) so say Lauren is signed, she needs to wear dresses like the one she’s wearing in the top pic – wow.

      What with her being a fitness model i think the transition to wrestler may come more naturally and faster for her. She definitely has a gorgeous figure and the upper body will deffo get her over. lol

      for some ppl to suggest against her joining wwe i’m interested to find out out why she can’t grow to love and appreciate wrestling whilst working in wwe. the truth is they can’t and in reality anyone with a good image or work ethic can be signed because its now about entertainment as much as it’s about wrestling these days and her talent is her body and wwe wants that..

      • Kaledrina


        i swear if diva dirt posted a picture of her from one of those fitness comps she does.. and didn’t mention the words ‘backstreet’ or ‘boys’ people here would be a lot more for giving her a shot.

  • Clarke

    dem fake titties

    • Clarke

      oh and what’s the difference between her and any other model being signed?? You guys do know who will be training her?? the very best, that’s who.

      dating a famous person doesn’t make you fame hungry either……. you can’t help who you like.

      • Spike7000

        Del Rey possibly training her doesn’t mean anything. The question is if she were to get signed would she want to learn more about professional wrestling?

        • Clarke

          well when that happens, you have my permission to hit me lol. Until then I’m going to say that she does want to wrestle and has an interest in it.

  • Marsha Law

    I think it’s great they are bringing a more athletic, hard bodied female into WWE. Maybe this will be step in the right direction for the Diva’s division. Look how many successful diva’s they had at one time that started out in body building/ fitness and then became big stars; Chyna, Trish Stratus and Victoria to name a few….

    • Marsha Law


  • OJ Von Erich

    He’s just hoping that he gets to do another segment where the divas dance on him… Anyone remember that?

    Michelle McCool whipping her leg up on his shoulder then Layla danced on & kissed his little bro Aaron before he got smacked and knocked down by Ashley Massaro! Hahahaha FUNNY TIMES!!!

  • kreece

    If she trains well and becomes decent then whatever thats probably unlikely if she does join. But what about the girls from the indies :-( some of them have the look AND already have the skill, you know that thing that doesn’t really matter anymore…

    • hemme Wilde

      i totally agree there are alot of girls on the indies who should be signed but lets face it, its wwe we’re talking about

  • hemme Wilde

    ah what the hell, give the girl a chance, lord knows kelly kelly didnt start off as a wrestler, i dont even think she was a fitness model, so if lauren wants to be a diva lets all hope she puts a hell of alot of effort into training and who knows, we may be pleasently suprised, if she sucks in the ring she could always be a manager too, there are alot of options. i just hope she knows what shes getting into.

    • margo

      lauren will suck and won’t invest even 10% of the needed effort. for example, she trained for 2 weeks before she took part in the last wbff competition; she starved herself so she’d lose the extra pounds and wasn’t fit enough to enter, given the competition she looked soft and sloppy, but somehow she landed on 3rd place and ended up with a pro-card which only the 1st place gets… isn’t that a “little” fishy? how exactly should a person look at a “fair” competitor like her and give her a chance? she’s just a fame wannabe, but she has nothing to be famous about- can’t sing, can’t act, doesn’t look good enough to be a model, doesn’t work out hard enough to be in fitness… she had more jobs than there are jobs in the global industry, but I should give her a chance? ppl get 2 chances, 3 at most. after that most realize if you’re worthy or not. to me, she’s not

      • Raekon

        Wow you seem to know a lot about her. :o

        If it’s really that way I’m quite sure she won’t last long cause lazybags aren’t accepted that well in the WWE.

        Rosas ex-fiance (the one that abused her), had missed 3 training sessions and got released.

        If she goes in there and doesn’t put any effort into training she will be out of the door quite fast.

      • JamieKym

        Gon’ Head on with that. This is pro wrestling, not fitness model

  • Clarke

    “That makes you larger than life..” (8)

  • GailKim95

    Holy boobs!!!

  • Jack Newport

    Zack Ryder will approve.