Diva Dirt Fan Awards 2012: Independent Wrestler of the Year

2012fanawardsThe results are in! Over the past two weeks you have been voting in your thousands for the winners of the 2012 Diva Dirt Fan Awards. All of the votes have been counted and verified, and it’s now time to reveal who you’ve picked…

Independent Wrestler of the Year

The nominees were:

Allysin Kay
Alpha Female
Cheerleader Melissa
Hailey Hatred
Jessicka Havok
Mercedes Martinez
Mia Yim
Nicole Matthews
Nikki Storm
Portia Perez
Saraya Knight

And the winner is…

Jazz – 21%

Saraya Knight – 12%
Cheerleader Melissa – 11%

Did the right person win? Tell us what you think in the comments or by tweeting @divadirt.

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  • http://cmpunkscrazychick.tumblr.com xoxoRKOxoxo

    I’m okay with this, I think I voted for Saraya, but if not I probably voted for Jazz, don;t know why I can’t remember!!

  • MadisonMaryse

    The one award WWE can’t dominate! Jazz deserved this one.

    • http://diva-dirt.com TBP_FAN

      Well Jazz is a former WWE diva and probably wouldn’t be AS well known if it weren’t for her stints in the WWE, not taking anything away from her as she’s an amazing talent in the ring but probably not as much people would be following her career had it not been for the exposure she received in the WWE.

      • Crazy_J

        I agree. to be honest, I didn’t vote on a lot of these things because I missed the voting lol, but if I would have caught the voting I wouldn’t have voted on this at all seeing as I don’t catch indy shows. Though if I were to vote it would have been Jazz for a lot of the reasons TBP_fan explained.

  • wl75

    I’m a bit shocked Jessicka Havok didn’t even make the top three- I thought she had a really good year between WSU, Shine, and Crossfire, as well as some of her other indy stuff- I know she can be a bit polarizing but she’s right up there with the top three (and I can’t wait to see her and Cheerleader Melissa go at it)..

  • Getdownwithachola

    Oh Dear Satan in Hell even an Indie award went to some Ex.Diva.


    Sorry I cleaned the puke of my key boards.

    • Getdownwithachola

      Nothing against Jazz but people like Melissa, Havok, Hatred and Saraya had better year by winning titles while all what Jazz did was losing to Lufisto at Femme Fetales and main eventing Shine.

      • Rhawk

        Agreed. A part of me actually thinks those in charge of Diva-Dirt are doing this to take the piss out of real wrestling fans. But thats probably the anger setting in too much. If anything those viewing the site should always look up the Indie stuff since Diva-Dirt is spending their valuable time to find out this information and all that.

        • Getdownwithachola

          It would be nice if Diva Dirt becomes more like Ringbelles. BTW WSU have been uploading few free matches I have no idea why DD is not showing them off to these misguided mainstream fans.

      • JD Sensations

        but Jazz did deserve this award, especially for her brilliance in SHINE

  • Rhawk

    I’d say, FINALLY, an award where someone from WWE DIDN’T dominate in! But Jazz was technically apart of the WWE once before, and didn’t do nearly enough as the likes of Saraya, Athena, Melissa, Havok and Hatred.

    Seriously Diva Dirt Community, can you actually pick someone who ISN’T from the WWE for once?

    DDC: “Heheh, NOEZ! W3 wuv treh WWEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!1!”!!” B3ZT REZTL!N EVAAAAAA!!!!”12″!122154etqdcxgbwehudfta!!”

    • Rhawk

      And yes Im aware of how harsh I am to these people, but the least they can do is read Indie show results and see some names other than people who aren’t on mainstream TV. Be one of the cool people! You don’t need mainstream! ;-)

      • Like Mike

        You really need to just calm yourself. It’s not like these fan voted awards have any real purpose anyway. It’s just for the fun of the viewers. Congratulations, you know about the all about the indies and are a “real wrestling fan” that’s great for you but not everyone wants to go out and try and find the cult classics. It’s called mainstream for a reason, because everyone has access to it. Do indie wrestlers deserve more recognition? Of course they do, but you can’t force everyone to pay to watch women from the indies. So just chill out, let people like what they like and you do the same. Stop with all the pointless bitching.

        • Rhawk

          I know this, it just really ticks me off when people ‘clearly’ arent willing to go out there and find better quality matches and still continue watching and complaining about the same stuff week in, week out.

          It also makes me angry knowing that Diva-Dirt as a website is trying their damnest to give this chance for people to know about these women based promotions, taking their free time to find out this information, and most people are basically turning a blind eye to it, evident from these results of ‘Fan awards’. Yes they aren’t ‘real awards’, but its the meaning behind them that hold true meaning.

        • Like Mike

          Now that I concur with, people complaining about mainstream product but not willing to go out there and find better. But for me personally, I’m not really a “wrestling purist” what draws me to WWE/TNA is the glamour, entertainment, storyline sides of it. Of course good wrestling incorporated makes the experience all the more entertaining. Now as bad as that may sound to a lot of people, at least I can be honest and admit it lol

          Maybe my perception of the indies is incorrect and I could find all the same there, but as I said I’m personally not a huge fan of the wrestling side to it. I’m all about the characters and entertainment.

        • Raekon

          @RHAWK can you please stop poisoning like every thread in the meantime?

          Your perception of other wrestling fans is horrible and judging everyone without having a clue if they follow the indies or not is as bad as the “puke” you cleaned from your keyboard.

          Maybe you should take your time to check what the indies had to offer through the year first and compare to the WEEKLY TV, FREE offerings of the mainstream companies?

          Yeah I like the indies too and I’m thankful that SHINE has the ippvs cause even if they take place in the middle of the night for me (Germany here), I pay and I watch them online.

          What did we had for us previous to that?

          WSU having like one iPPV ever?

          EVE that had 2 iPPVs in overall?

          Should I buy a plane ticket and a expensive hotel in the UK or the USA so I can go watch their 2 hours shows?

          Buy DVDs I have to pay extra taxes because they are Imports from the UK?

          Downloadable DVDs I’m all for it and I would pay to support them and to watch them, denying however the VERY limited accessibility of the indies to people from allover the world and blaming the people for it is really off to say the least.

          Think before you type!

        • RadicalRanter

          Oh how is he poisoning everyone where is this site thats been very much poisoned by false fans of what they consider to be ‘womens wrestling’? Besides it also seems he’s somehow been more neutered by you WWE marks since he’s said to have ‘regretting his comments’. Well I say he was right to begin with.
          But even still its not ‘judging people’ when its clear in black and white that this is what it is. Its obvious theres more WWE marks than TNA and Independents combined because they prefer the more time limited and less focused on women that are there now. I mean why else would they be there? For the wrestling? Get out. If you all wanna see pretty women doing things in the world then go watch your soap operas or whatever it is you like that isn’t related to wrestling.
          Well he doesn’t need to look, I’ve looked and compared the two and I still say more has been accomplished from the independents than has been in both the WWE & TNA combined.

          Actually you know what, I can see you have knowledge enough for the independents, but for you to critisize someone for knowing facts from fiction is just plain wrong. Discussion ended, and if you want to retort, I’ll need some notice in advance in case you manage to break my new laptop with your idiotic comments, it might break my screen you see.

        • Rhawk

          Looks Ranter, stop, just stop. Your only making things worse doing this. I can reply for myself as well so please just but out.

          I’ll admit, I was, and kind of still am angry that everyone WWE is winning the awards, but its to be expected. At the end of the day, people just have better access to it than TNA (not as many places in the worse as WWE) and the Independents as only a select few know of them. And in which case, most people are only fans of WWE due to the glits and glamour that the show as. The pretty women, the promotion the company does, etc etc. And people will like that more than matches that can drag out at some gym someplace between people that anyone hardly knows. Heck even I am like that half of the time, its just not that appealing to the average TV viewer, maybe thats why people dont like TNA as much since they are always in the Impact Zone, but thats another discussion for another time if it is ever brought up.
          The point is, you shouldn’t bother ranting and raving like a headless banshiee trying to make people see that ‘The independents are so much better than the WWE!’, because if anything, and in this case you are, you may end up making the image of independent fans a lot worse than they appear to be, and end up pushing people away from it.

          Hopefully you can see this eventually and actually spend less time ranting about something that doesnt need to be dragged out as much as it has.

        • Raekon

          You did exactly what I expected by a blinded, selfish, selfpronounced “know it all” person.

          Judging everyone and calling them “Blind” only because they are not able to watch indies, not because they don’t want to, but because they mostly CAN’T, is the most discriminating thing you can.

          On the top of it you accuse, offend and insult people out of your personal opinion on a matter and as if the indies are sooooo much better in all terms.

          Well I have news for you, the indies can “suck” as much or even worse and not every indie promotion is as good as you saying here to say the least.

          The same goes for indy talents. I have seen great competitors and I have seen “sucky” competitors.

          The difference between them and the divas is that the divas actually CAN be great competitors but are restricted by their own boss from doing so while the sucky competitors in the indies are like that because they are plain bad.

          As a sidenote :LEARN HOW TO READ!

          I said he was poisoning like every awards THREAD (not the persons as you stated), by insulting EVERYONE on this site (including the DD team) with his comments and that’s a NO GO!

          Most of all since he has no clue about anyone of us and what we know or don’t.

          Fact is that WWE and TNA are more accessible WORLDWIDE while most indy promotions are taking place in a gym or a backyard somewhere in the US where mainly only locals can watch.

          So maybe you should come down of your high horse and aknowledge that first before you go around insulting other fans only because they don’t have the access you have to such promotions or get the hell out of this site.

          Diva Dirt is always covering Indy events and even supports them and promotes them so doing as if they are not doing anything for the indies is as wrong as can be aswell.

          If you check the right side there is also ALWAYS advertisement of Indies matches or DVD releases and other things.

          So as long as the Indie Promotions are not as accessible as the WWE and TNA, people won’t aknowledge them as much because they don’t have the possibility.

          Even I accept you apology and thank you for trying to tell the “kid” above you to stop and behave, I see in your later comment that are blinded yourself.

          This explains your previous behaviour aswell.

          Cause no, the indies are not all sooo much better than WWE and believe it or not, I can tell.

  • TorrieWilsonFan03

    Jazz deserves it! she’s a true talent and an ECW Original that still keeps doing good after WWE

    • RadicalRanter

      ‘WWE’, there’s the word that got her the award. Just saying…

      2012 = The Year of WWE, even at its worst! ¬__¬

  • ETR

    Saraya Knight was by far the best this year..
    she is also a better wrestler, more charismatic and better on the mic than Jazz..

    this was her year easily

  • theprincedann

    Glad Jazz won.

    She hasn’t lost a step since the WWE days, and continues to dominate and show people how women’s wrestling is done.

  • aldo

    An Indie award….goes to an ex WWE diva and the ONLY ONE in the list of nominees :D
    Jazz is great! Don’t complain!

    • Rhawk

      Not exactly great since, well, it is an Indie award for an Ex-Diva. But I’ll let it slide on the account of most ‘fans’ on DD not knwoing beyond WWE & TNA. And as well since Jazz is pretty darn great.

      • Getdownwithachola

        Jazz is pretty good she does her sit-out facebuster like a man and possibly the best sit-out facebuster ever!!!

        As you people can tell I care mostly about how impressive a talent in the ring.

        • Rhawk

          Jazz is a beast, enough said.

  • puppies

    Lmao at some of the people here.

    “I watch the indies </3 real women's wrestling </3 the Divas & KOs suck </3 I'm better cuz no one knows my fav wrestlers </3 so indie n original"

    • Rhawk

      I take it you dont like the independents? ;-P

      • JD Sensations

        that’s not what he/she are saying. Indy fans act all “hipster” and hate on anything mainstream, it’s like music fans who think they are cooler because they like a lesser known band, or “discovered” a song before it got famous.

      • Rhawk

        Besides if you were referring to me, I never said that the Divas & Knockouts suck, I was mearly saying (in the wrong way I’ll admit) that other places had more of an impact on 2012 than WWE & TNA had.

      • puppies

        No I’m completely fine with independent promotions, and one day I might get interested in them. It’d be silly to dislike the independent circuit.
        What annoys me is the people who think they’re superior to diva or knockout fans because they prefer independent wrestling/wrestlers.

        • sugarrush28

          Preach Puppies lol

        • Getdownwithachola

          Well no we are not saying we are superior or you must bow down and worship me as I’m your Lord. It just we know there are better stuff outside of the mainstream world so we know more promotions and talent than you wwe/tna fans that is all. But all what we want is for you guys to move on to better things as of now instead of complaining about your precious divas being misused.

  • pumped up kicks

    I voted for havok but i’m not mad at this choice. I honestly wish there were more outlets for mainstream fans to watch people like havok, Kay, Lufisto, KInight and others. People are really really missing out. And no I don’t tnink i’m better because I watch the indies…. I watch everything from wwe to tna to shine and shimmer. I just think if fans are looking for real womens wrestling, where they get time and different matches, they would give the indies a shot!

    • Rhawk

      If anything should be taken out of all the bitching and moaning done (mostly by me I’ll admit my wrongs), then this comment says it all.

    • Getdownwithachola

      Yes I agree with you sister.

    • Raekon

      The main problem you guys doesn’t seem to aknowledge is not the people themselves, is the accessibility of the indy promotions that are less to none compared to the mainstream companies, one can watch from allover the world either from TV or the Internet.

      • pumped up kicks

        Did I not say I wish there were more outlets for independent wrestling??

  • redsandman99

    Good grief there’s so much bitching on all these things. These votes are done for fun, there’s no need to get panties all in a bunch.

    Anyway, I’m all for this choice.

  • Dave Muscarella

    The voting is pointless, but it would be kinda nice for SOME of these girls on the independents to know a well viewed site like DD has readers who like them and know their work. It means a lot more to some like Allysin Kay or Jessicka Havok to know their work is appreciated by a large group and not just a few hardcore fans who make the effort to see them where ever possible.

    A WWE or TNA bias is just what happens when thats the only easily accessible wrestling most people get to see. There’s probably a large portion of the people who voted in this poll who have no idea who most of these women even are. I was the same way 10 years ago. All I really knew is WWE back then. Once I started going to local shows, I got hooked on the indies. Its usually the much better product.

  • sugarrush28

    I went with Athena. I had a tough time picking her or Cheerleader Melissa

  • Crazy_J

    To all the indy fans, you’ll be happy to know I didn’t vote for this! I didn’t vote at all because I didn’t feel it right to, even though I missed most of the votes lol..

    I don’t feel misguided or stupid.. I just feel like.. I’ve watched WWE since I was around 5.. I also watched WCW when it was around, I watched ECW when it was around and I watch TNA. I don’t understand why certain indy fans can’t get the point that whats on TV weekly is a lot easier for some people to get to than searching online or buying the shows.. what would you suggest? That I download the shows illegally to shut you up? Well sorry I don’t do that, and wouldn’t just to please a face I have never seen. That would actually do more harm for those shows than good by stealing their product. If WSU or Shimmer was on my television and I didn’t have to do something extra to watch it, then I would.. it’s that simple. I don’t see why you can’t grasp that.You hype indy wrestlers up and some of them aren’t that special.. some are, but hey so are some diva’s and ko’s. :) WWE doesn’t cater to me, you, or anyone else.. so quit acting like because I’m a fan of WWE that it’s my fault they have the product they do.

    If WWE and TNA closed down as some said it would be great for women’s wrestling if they did.. then guess what.. I wouldn’t watch wrestling. Simple.

    I could go watch matches on youtube or what not, but I’ve done that and I don’t get the same experience as when I watch TNA or WWE. I don’t know why.. I just don’t. So that’s makes me misguided because I enjoy watching what gives me the experience I want? No.. that makes me, ME. :)

    • Crazy_J

      I understand though.. we will never see eye to eye! :)

      • http://myspace.com/bigdogpimp20 Kantrell


      • pumped up kicks

        I understand you Crazy_J, just don’t complain when the divas don’t get any tv time, when they are misued time and time again, and don’t offer anything to the program. Same with tna.

        • Crazy_J

          I’m just sticking up for myself and for others who are over you people who act like your better because you watch indy shows. I can complain about the shows I watch because I watch them, you don’t see me bitching about indy shows.. because I don’t watch them. That’s like saying because you voted for Obama you can’t bitch about things Obama is doing, which is not how the world works.

    • Getdownwithachola

      Hey pretty boy (well judging by your avatar)

      I’m sorry that we been really hard on you ;(

      I feel like I’ve been forcing a new religion on you ;(

      But now I read your essay it seems more than obvious you are struggling with today’s Great Rescission. I feel really sorry for you nobody deserve the wrath of the Rescission. ;(

      But no really you are a pretty boy….You remind me of a Hollister model.

      • Crazy_J

        I’m 26 years old, I don’t need talked to like I’m six.. yes I am a pretty boy, thanks for noticing, you get an A. You’re not teaching me anything.. other than that indy fans are the most stubborn people who only value the opinion of other indy fans. That’s all. ;-) And I’m not struggling in today’s recession. :)

        • Crazy_J

          I just have better things to spend my money on like you know.. myself, health, my family.. I find those more important than an indy show.

        • pumped up kicks

          My last comment was mistyped and I apologize about that. Not trying to diss anyone at all…. I myself am not happy with the current product wwe and tna are giving us at the moment. So I myself choose other outlets. (indie promotions) Most times they are really fantastic, sometimes the production values are really crappy. I truly do understand your pov Mr. J and if i’ve come off as a snob or bull headed I’m sorry. Keep watching what you are watching and I’ll keep watching what i’m watching. No harm no foul.

        • Crazy_J

          It’s all gravy.. actually.. you know I was looking at some of the things I typed and I said you guys were being bull headed.. well.. maybe I am being a little bull headed as well. Back when I was younger I had more time to get into more than just WWE or at the time WCW. There are so many of these girls in the indies that I don’t know where to begin or who I’d like and the thought of sifting through all the promotions to find the right ladies for my taste seems a tad overwhelming lol.. but seeing as I do feel like maybe I was coming off as someone who didn’t like the indies (which btw is not what I was trying to say at all through all of this).. I’m willing to try and maybe expand on that. I just need to know where to start I guess..the only females I really enjoy in WWE are Natalya, AJ, and Eve. As far as TNA goes I enjoy Mickie, Gail, Tess, Tara, hell most of them actually lol. I’ve watched some clips of different indy matches thrown together on youtube and the two women that really stuck out to me in the compilation I watched were Kana & Mia Yim.. maybe it was just because they have chemistry together because it involved both of them in the match.. it was rather entertaining, but for all I know.. it was just that match lol.. do you see what I’m getting at? so if you wanna round up some names based off who I like thats mainstream then I’m up for checking it out when I have time. I’m a person who likes to get along with everyone which is why when I have a disagreement I HAVE to come to a conclusion about it. Oh dear, I’ve written another essay. Needless to say I can never get a point off in on sentence.. lol

        • Getdownwithachola

          Well judging by your fav indie match in Kana vs Mia Yim maybe you are better off watching clips of Joshi wrestling. Or you can follow SHIMMER since they do those type of matches alot nowdays. :)

  • divaindemise

    Something I do not entirely understand is that Diva Dirt is being bashed for votes placed by the consensus of users. If mainstream women’s wrestling is unfortunately a condensed niche market with demographic barriers, what does that say for independent women’s wrestling? It’s a no brainer that mainstream exports are attributed the most attention and thus the higher percentage of fan votes: I love the independent scene myself, but I’m also realistic. Not everyone has ready access to independent work and, even more honestly? Not everyone is OBLIGED to appreciate independent wrestling as some of us obviously do.

    Sure, I think Diva Dirt could be more objective with the nominees, but why does something that’s only a bit of fun have to be taken to the extreme? It’s like you NEED the award to prove how much you enjoy independent wrestling.

    Use your voice to passionately forward the women you want to be recognised, but don’t put others down because they favour something else. That’s fighting ignorance with snobbery, which is futile. Different folks, different strokes.

    P.S — I really love Saraya Knight. I wish she was my Aunt or something.

  • jcarcano12

    Yes jazz won ^,^

  • Rhawk

    Again seeing some of the most sensible posts on here about all the arguing and preaching that has been done for indie VS mainstream has cleared my head and I can admit I was in the wrong with my approach of passion for wrestling as a whole, and obviously seeing WWE dominate everything these awards ticked me off, and still does at times I’ll admit, but thats the way it is. I mean if stuff like SHIMMER, WSU, Shine Wrestling, maybe if ROH had a Womens Division even, would people’s opitions change? We’ll never know unless it happens. But even still, theres gems on WWE and TNA with the women on there and they can be just as commited and determined as people from the independents, if not moreso.

    But with all that said I’ll admit Jazz has had a nice yeah since Shine started in July time, but I do believe other had better years than year, this included Saraya Knight and Jessicka Havok. But congrats to Jazz nonetheless.

    • Rhawk

      Ugh I wish there was an edit option on these comments. So many spell errors, its painful to see.

    • Crazy_J

      I don’t feel like retyping it all, but a few comments above I posted a paragraph basically, it could be directed towards you as well seeing as I was also replying to your comments.

  • https://www.twitter.com/KiannaFury phenomenalkstyles

    Wow! Really happy for her. A definite legend.

  • melina prez

    Love Jazz she had a great year!