TNA Xplosion Watch (2nd January, 2013): It’s a Happy New Year, But For Who?

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“AULD LANG SYNE!” Happy New Year everybody and welcome to the first TNA Xplosion Watch of 2013! Considering the lack of Knockouts action on this international TNA show, this could be the only Xplosion Watch of 2013 but thankfully, the match we are about to bare witness to is about as beautiful as a New Year Baby! Well not quite that, unless you count the gyrations of ODB beautiful! In action this week, we have the aforementioned ODB teaming up with Mickie James to take on Madison Rayne and the Knockouts Champion, Tara. As our champion is in the house, Jesse is not far behind, so will he factor in the result of this match? It’s about time we found out.

(Start at 0:50)

A camera on a crane swoops through the Impact Zone as we hear the killer (pun intended) theme of Madison Rayne. Also, So Cal Val is on announcing duties – oh hey, Val! BROKEN, BROKEN! Next into the arena is Tara accompanied by her difference maker, Jesse. Can Tara bring back Poison as her companion? I preferred he/she/it to Jesse. From spider talk to alcoholics talk now as ODB makes her way down the ramp. ODB is without that annoyance, Eric Young by her side, so hopefully this will be a much better showing from her this time. Last but certainly not least, Mickie James skips her way to the ring as her entrance theme featuring vocals from Dixie Carter‘s husband bellows into my ears. Deliciously epic!

The bell sounds and Tara and ODB are starting things off. The Knockouts lock up before ODB makes sure she takes her wedding ring off – good thinking. Jeremy Borash begins to spout nonsense as the girls finally get into it. Each woman pushes the other into the corner before Knockouts official Taryn Terrell breaks it up. Both girls make it obvious that Taryn is touching their chest area and whilst Tara says “Don’t touch me”, ODB spins Taryn’s other hand around and let’s her cop a feel of the badonkas! Tara tries to throw some punches but ODB catches her arms and rebounds her opponent off of said badonkas! BAAAMM! The One Dirty Biatch hits a drop toe hold on Tara before spanking Tara on the behind. Is ODB extra touchy-feely tonight or what?!

Mickie James is tagged in and tries to go high risk, but Tara runs away like a scolded dog (whoops, wrong company) and tags in Madison Rayne. Mickie goes for a reverse bridging pin and a schoolgirl but only manages to get a two count for them both. Madison ain’t got time for that and tags Tara back in, much to the chagrin of the champion. Hardcore Country tosses in the woman who beat her at Final Resolution and delivers a dropkick and a series of forearm shots. Tara reverses an Irish whip but that’s fine with Mickie as she manages to execute her patented headscissor takeover from the corner. A Mick Kick to the gut knocks Tara out the ring and this where the momentum starts to shift. Madison rips Mickie from the top rope and Tara then goes for a pin as a commercial breaks ensues.

Back from the break and Mickie James is in all kinds of trouble as Tara has her locked in a body scissors. Jeremy Borash then does something I actually like for once and references The Blossom Twins on TNA British Boot Camp and this was a really nice touch. Tara ragdolls Mickie across the ring with a hair grab takeover before she tags in Madison. The Killer Queen goes to work on her country foe and rams her face into the turnbuckle. The four-time Knockouts Champion then chokes Mickie with her boot. The Beautiful People alumni then hits ODB, which is sound strategy because as Taryn is trying to get ODB back on the apron, Maddie and Tara deliver punishment to Mickie. The fitness contest winner then continues to choke our singing sensation whilst Jesse laughs in Mickie’s face. #BringBackPoison

The Widow’s Peak Freak is back in the ring now and she clubs Mickie down whilst she was trying to fight out. The record setting five-time Knockouts Champ then pulls Mickie’s hair whilst hoisting her in a Gory Bomb style position and that has got to hurt! Madison tags back in so that her team can stay fresh and gets two near falls. She then uses her signature pelvic strikes (thanks Todd Keneley) on Mickie but once again, she only manages a two count. Following a headlock, Mickie elbows her way to safety, or does she? Not quite yet! The former Victoria then scrambles her way to the ring and goes for a similar hair-pull that she did earlier but Mickie flips out and makes the tag!

ODB and her liquid courage dash into the ring and right through Tara! One half of the Knockouts Tag Champs charges pectoral region first into the Knockouts Champ and uh oh, it’s Bronco Buster time! After that lovely scene and quote from ODB, she goes for the cover but manages only two. Tara whips ODB into the corner but the trailer dweller reverse it and cracks open the Dirty Dozen. Whilst everyone throws up, I’ll pause……

Okay, we’re back and ODB hits a Lou Thesz press before Jesse makes his way onto the apron. The BAM-ing brawler sees to him with a motorboat followed by a splash of whiskey to the face (other spirits also available) before running into a stiff clothesline from the Champ. The Tara-fying one then tags in Madison and they both whip ODB off the ropes. ODB stops in her tracks which allows Mickie to blindly tag herself in. Following a kick to Madison’s face, ODB spears Tara out of the match. Hardcore Country then picks up the pieces and clocks Madison with a Mick Kick. 1-2-3!

Thoughts: This way a really, really fun match and it worked for so many reasons. I loved that Jesse only impacted on the match once and this not only made Taryn look better as a referee, it also made the match feel much fresher instead of us seeing Jesse help Tara win every single time. I also loved that once ODB had got the hot tag, the match wasn’t over and the finish only came after Mickie had taged herself in, unbeknownst to Tara and Madison who were bent over – nice idea TNA!

However the star of the night for me had to be ODB. ODB can provide the perfect mix of wrestling and comedy and this match had that spot-on balance. ODB didn’t have to deal with EY all the time and managed to be funny through her moveset, with moves like the Bronco Buster and the Dirty Dozen, which I’m surprised doesn’t hurt ODB, but before I think about that in-depth, we’ll move swiftly on.

The finish also made sound sense, with Mickie picking up some momentum whilst Tara didn’t take the pinfall, thus not hurting her too much. Whilst any finish could have been used here and it not matter to storylines on main TV as a lot of people won’t see Xplosion, it’s nice to see that TNA were logical here and protected and boosted those who needed to be for it to be relevant on IMPACT. Well, that’s all from me but let me know what you think in the comments. And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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  • DJ8946

    No vid?

    • Jack

      There is now! I definitely put one in but it must have disappeared. Bobby had the same problem yesterday. Sorry about that!

  • JillianHallTNA

    What a great way to start 2013 for TNA! :D

  • DJ8946

    This was good match. Not as good as the other tag team match but it was still good and they all looked great exept ODB. I dont like to see them wear the same attire every match.Divas you better up you’re game, BTW I know its not stealing or coping but at the begin of Madison’s entrance she did a similar pose to what Eve does.

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      Madison has been doing the wave pose WAY BEFORE Eve has

      • puppies

        The poses weren’t even the same lol

      • DJ8946

        Im not talking about the wave. Im talking about hiw she turned & stood on on her heel. & Eve was doing that since her early Smackdown days when Madison was in TBP

        • BillyGP

          Who cares Madison might be doing ti out of respect since Eve was doing the wave that Madison does. Remember Madison was not mad at Eve for doing the wave. Never know they actually may know each other and talked it about it.

        • DJ8946

          I just said it was similar. My God

        • k2evecrew

          I doubt madison or eve are mad about stealing each others entrance’s they probably are in a friendly completion about who the real queen b is

        • BillyGP

          Chill DJ it was similar sorry.

  • Fantasia White

    An AMAZING match…was fast paced(slowed down in order for Tara and Gail to gain control) and great action, I loved everything about it.In my opinion all four ladies did an awesome job.Loved the cross body by Tessmacher and I liked how they didn’t have Jesse get too involved in the match. I can watch this match all day…great to everyone in this match. I hope to see another exciting match from the Knockouts soon from the Knockouts,maybe next week…I really hope that the Knockouts have the chance to put on more matches like this in 2013.

    • Fantasia White

      Made some typos in this

  • velvelove

    Its come to the point where people get angry over where someone places their foot -.- oh dear

    • hellaciousheart

      i know right. i was shocked when i saw those comments.

  • BillyGP

    Damn i seen the match and after Taryn raised Mickie and ODB hands. Mickie and ODB hugged and ODB grabbed Mickie ass with both hands and Mickie made a funny face then touch Mickie breasts and again Mickie made a funny look was a funny moment.

  • k2evecrew

    The knockouts are really bringing it to the divas this year now if they could through in a really interesting storyline they could steal this show this year

  • EverybodyScream

    I love ODB, she’s so funny :D

  • Ryan

    ODB owns Jesse with her massive tits lol
    Funny match not as intense as the Impact one but still ODB is a classy biatch! Terry got a handful of Tara and ODBs tits and ODB got a massive handful of Mickie’s hot ass haha! Wooooo!!
    And Austin Aries is the fucking MAN!!! A-Double!!!

  • K2Evefan

    Mickie james is just absolutely adorable. From her short,petite body to her cute little nose. Everything about her is adorable, even when she is a heel.

  • Raekon

    Love the match. It was fact paced and funny and everyone worked very well in it.

    I love Jesse and that not only because he is hot but also because he flows well with the girls there without taking them the spotlight.

    He rather adds to their spotlight which is great. Taryn is gold aswell and very refreshing.

    Laughed a lot with the “Bam” moment in which ODB placed both Taryns hands on her tits and the spit on Jessies face. ^_^