SmackDown Spoilers: January 11th, 2013

Spoilers for this Friday’s SmackDown:

* AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler vs. Natalya and The Great Khali is up next. Hornswoggle and Big E Langston are at ringside. AJ pins Natalya in a short match after hitting Sliced Bread. After the match, Langston levels Khali with his body tackle. Ziggler hit the leg drop on Khali and Langston hit his finisher on Hornswoggle. (Source)


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  • moonpiggy

    Soooo happy Perro Hornswoggle gets his a** BEAT! omg I cry tears of joy SEEING HIM HURT omg omg and yes! AJ using the sliced bread! I loved it when she used it on Tamina once in Superstars!

    Perrita Natalya <3 she is queen too bad she lost to the perra no 2

    omg can't wait for this mix tag!

    • Paige Knight Revolution

      Ummmm…why are you calling them dogs in spanish? Totally rude…Natalya is anything but a dog. Be more respectful please.

  • lucky1now

    Ok there’s high points and low points
    Aj and nattie going at it……good
    Aj using slice bread again……good
    Its a short match…..bad

  • Acrant

    Well yeah, it would be time to start getting AJ in more matches.

    Seems a bit heel heavy though. AJ, Eve, Tamina, with just Kaitlyn as the only face that can win a match with Layla and Nattie losing.

  • redsandman99

    Langston is going to become the internet’s hero for the attack on Hornswoggle.

    Can’t wait to see AJ and Natalya go at it.

  • shameronstar

    AJ Lee FINALLY brings Slice Bread back? Now Natalya can bring back Pin-Up Strong and Kaitlyn can bring back the Side Effect and the Full Nelson Bomb Lotus Lock!

  • rodneyclint

    Ugh, I can’t take Nattie, Khali and Horny seriously so it makes me not give two fucks about this match. Why do they insist on putting Nattie in these horrid roles?

    • shameronstar

      Natalya is just too talented and too nice of a person so wwe figure she’s best as enhancement talent unfortunately. Plus, since she seems like a company woman they may want to make her a trainer soon!

    • lucky1now

      I couldn’t agree more
      But at least she’s getting used unlike alicia who’s confused all the time

      • BTylerHenderson

        Lol WWE are the ones confused about Alicia, trust me if she had a choice of being a heel or babyface, she would’ve probably made a decision by now. But I would like to see Natalya and Sara Del Rey working together with the Divas on the main roster and in NXT..

        • lucky1now

          Lol I didn’t mean herself I meant how the wwe protray her

        • 09DHK

          I wouldn’t give WWE any ideas. Next thing you know Nattie will get the Jillian Hall treatment and be forced to train lesser divas until her eventual release. Letting Beth walk was one thing, but losing Nattie would mean losing their TOP female talent probably since Molly Holly.

  • 3xplicit

    Eve vs kaitlyn vs aj for the divas title at wrestlemania with Aj winning & gets into a “trish vs lita” like feud with kaitlyn afterwards , i see it now.

    • lucky1now

      That will be cool I wouldn’t mind that at all

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Why couldn’t it be AJ bs Natalya or Eve and AJ vs Natalya and Kailtyn would of been WAY better.. But whatever

    • VelvetLoveFan


  • Luke

    When I read the part about Aj doing the slice breed my heart stop for a second I was YES YES YES finally

  • BTylerHenderson

    I wonder why WWE has never really paired Natalya and Tyson Kidd together in a relationship kind of thing like she is with The Great Khali?? I mean….they are a actual couple, right? Lol eh oh well anyways, this mixed tag match was probably good expect the fact it was short, but it’s kind of random don’t you think? I would’ve liked to see a follow up from last week’s match with Tamina and Layla or Tamina face someone else.

    • 3xplicit

      Uh i could have sworn they were “cousins”

  • Nostalgia

    I think they’re starting to build AJ as not just a heel character but a heel wrestler. So I’m expecting squash matches with interference of course. Leading into her acting like a spoiled princess demanding the title

  • MickieFan226

    Uhh, what exactly is the “Sliced Bread” move? Totally forgot.

    • Raekon

      A overrated move in which the opponent lifts AJ over their head before they fall on their back at the time she is just holding their heads.

      Was still a good move when she used the ropes to do it, looks totally fake when she does it without the usage of the ropes instead.

      One could say it’s like a “counter” move but since it’s not a clutch position or a lifting position that is used for a powerslam or body/scoop slam or any buster or suplex, it doesn’t go through like a counter either.

      So I’d rather have her using something that looks more effective with a more impactful and nicer execution like her tilt -a – whirl armbreaker instead.

  • charovnica

    The hell? On Raw’s discussion I wished for AJ/Nattie interaction and bam! here it is. Tooo bad it’s short…hope they maximized their minutes tho.And nice to see the Sliced Bread again.Hopefully this will grow into something more.

  • Monkey Tennis

    Glass half full. AJ and Nattie wrestling.

    Glass half empty. AJ and Nattie wrestling in a blink and you’ll miss it intergender match that has no impact on the women’s division and is really just about the various guys involved.

    Glass completely empty. As a full heel and now in a very one-dimensional ‘girlfriend’ role, the momentum gained by AJ last year is diminishing fast. At this rate, even if she does finally distance herself from the men’s division and becomes a wrestler in her own right, there’s going to be a risk that people will have lost interest by then.

  • Raekon

    – Sliced Bread needs to go
    – Nattie with the “Circus” pairing needs to go
    – Squash matches like this need to go

    That’s unfortunately all I can say about this. :/

  • art

    meh…just like raw…


    what they forgot to tell you is that as nattie is trying to put aj in her sharpshooter aj bites her knee then as nattie goes after aj bites either her ear or her cheek then aj hits the slice bread i know i saw i was there

  • wwestarlee

    It just shows that wwe put all its money in one basket.(“Aj”) and has no idea what to do with the other divas. I understand nattie is managing to get over with fans but eventually she’ll get tired and want to leave like maryse did. Alicia has certainly improved but is barely used. Naomi.
    Is busy “turning the beat around” with cameron &brodus when she should be in the ring. Like i could go on buf its clear that WWE main problem is theres not enough divas on the roster &alot of focus isnt put into ALL the divas not just three divas

    • Acrant

      Nattie probably isn’t beating AJ anytime soon.

      Nor should she, if they’re trying to push her for a big Mania match. They can’t all be booked equally.

      Its just like with the men. Some have to put others over.

  • DoomBunny777

    I was there, it was fast but for the amount of time they had Aj and Natalya did great. It was more of a divas match than a mixed tag. Nattie almost locked on the sharpshooter and Aj even attacked Khali. Sliced Bread looks so awesome live. I was marking out for the divas pretty hard.

  • ANatural36

    I’m pretty excited about this actually! I’d rather get a squash match with character development for not only AJ as a heel but as a wrestler, than none at all. Trust I dislike Hornswoggle and Khali’s alliance with Natalya more than the next Diva Dirt reader, but in all logical sense Khali and Natalya are the only noteable couple in WWE right now aside from Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee. Therefore by them beating them, they are establishing themselves as WWE’s powercouple.

    Yeah I might be overanalyzing things but I like to be optimistic towards everything I suppose lol. I mean I’m just happy we got a match on a stacked night filled with an appearance from Paul Heyman & CM Punk, the return of The Great One and with the title change to Alberto Del Rio.

  • 09DHK

    Soooooooo Natalya’s not feuding with Rosa anymore? I get that WWE wants to keep AJ over, but why is it that of ALL divas, Natalya has to be the one to take the fall? Have her win against Layla or Alicia (I would say Kaitlyn, but for some reason or another their pushing her for the title). It would make more sense for her to slowly interject herself in Kaitlyn’s title hunt and eventually screw her out of the title in her greatly anticipated hometown championship match, causing AJ to get a decent amount of heat, spark a new feud with Kaitlyn, AND allow Eve to feud with and drop the title to someone new before Wrestlemania.

    • Acrant

      There’s no one else for Eve to feud with, or drop the title to. The other faces are jobbers at this point.

      Its either AJ or Kaitlyn, thats where the division and the title is headed.

      • 09DHK

        Actually, if WWE were smart, they’d have Eve feud with and drop the title to Naomi since they put on what was arguably the best 3 minute divas match in recent memory at TLC. The crowd was pretty hot during that match; especially considering the fact that they had the WORST spot behind that insane TLC match with The Shield, Ryback, and Team Hell No. If a Naomi/Eve feud were booked right, it’d blow ANYTHING Eve and Kaitlyn have done out the water by miles.

  • Crazy_J

    This could be interesting.. it’s nice AJ is not using the roll up as a finisher lol I wish she had some kind of high flying move for her finisher as it would be more believable for her.