Diva Couture: Get AJ Lee’s New “Bad Girl” Look


It’s nice to see AJ Lee out of that Stephanie McMahon costume and back into clothes she seems much more comfortable in. Don’t get me wrong, AJ rocked that pant suit well, but the no-Converse thing was really starting to irk me. I’ve gotta say that AJ is looking great in her new role as Dolph Ziggler’s manager. Okay, so maybe I’m most happy with AJ’s new look because it means seeing a whole lot more of Dolph.

AJ’s look has changed a little since her heel turn. She’s incorporated a lot more skulls and cross bones into her wardrobe and seems to be wearing a lot more black when she’s not wearing that hideous Ziggler T-Shirt. On a related note, never wear a WWE T-Shirt in public if you have any intention of looking fashionable.. But that’s another rant.

While I love AJ’s new look, it may not always be the most appropriate to wear in public. Let’s face it, though, AJ is a popular character and her fans will inevitably want to emulate her look. I’ve gathered some pieces you can buy for your collection to show off an AJ-like style.

Want to duplicate AJ’s new style? Click through the pages below to find out how.

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  • http://cruelartist.tumblr.com Shannel

    how is that a bad girl look? skulls? really?! cheap

    • Raekon

      It’s not about a general bad girl look, it’s about AJs look.

      AJ wore partially skulls on her attire when she was a face too.

  • divaindemise

    Since when did wearing Claire’s finest emo apparel for the awkward thirteen year old teenage girl constitute as a bonafide “bad girl” look?

  • Green As Grass

    I am not usually the person to complain but in a way I have had enough. I understand that Jake is the one who does Diva Couture and DDTV but I feel as if he could be doing so much more on another topic. This is a wrestling site and to be honest I do not understand why we get 6,346,242 reports about Sunny’s life but 0 about wrestling in Japan/Mexico/Europe. This is truly an untapped area that could be taken advantage of and it’s a lot more interesting than AJ’s skull top.

    I understand that the DD staff work hard to post the content that the do give us, it just seems like half the time the posts are now filler despite the fact that there is so much postable content.

    • moonpiggy

      why waste their time? Look at the flop womans MMA .. the articles with 0 comments.. if we don’t give a flying fuck.. why should DD?
      I don’t think anyone would comment on those articles and it would just be a flop

      • Ace Of Base

        Hola PuerkaLuna… :-)

        I don’t think they’d be a complete flop, but I don’t mind these fashion articles either.

  • FashionQueen86

    ALMOST everything about her has be exaggerated now. I’m a bit jaded.

    • divaindemise

      I think it’s the inevitability of overexposure. She’s talented, but at this point I feel it’s more hype than actual demonstration of it.

  • puppies

    Wah wah wah boo hoo.

    Idk I’m seeing a lot of that in this thread, just wanted to follow the trend.

    • Eveyy

      Puppies you crack me up! lol

    • Green As Grass

      Sorry, keyboard warrior.

      • puppies

        No worries, just doing my job.

        • Green As Grass

          Of being sarcastically annoying? – you get an A+!

        • Eveyy

          Puppies is awesome.

        • puppies

          Thanks for the A+! I really do wish that comment stung as much as you hoped it would’ve, but you get a thumbs up for effort anyhow. Better luck next time.

        • moonpiggy

          Green as grass: 0

  • KillerBee

    Wow. Ugly ideas much?

  • Mr. AJ Lee

    I actually just seen that dress at Hot Topic. I think there r some better choices than that dress but oh well. Those convers r really cool. But for that price. Wow. I pretty much liked everything that was posted. AJ is just so amazing

  • Melissa

    LMAO @ this thread

    • DjayDay

      I come to these threads just to read people go off. It’s pretty funny actually.

  • BornChampion

    My question is. ‘What is a bad girl look?’

    • Raekon

      Depends on what type of a bad girl you wanna be.

  • k2evecrew

    AJ is just being AJ I guess , her outfits bring me back to the seventh grade back when skulls were overly popular. But it helps her stick out from the other divas .

  • charovnica

    What are you people talking about?How is she still being hyped over when she’s not in the spotlight for months now.She’s Dolph’s valet and he is the star of the couple and she’s not wrestling every week.What do you people want?She basically left plenty of room for other divas to shine.And about people asking is that a bad girl look…yeah,usually when you show so much skin it is viewed as a costume of a bad girl. I’m sorry she doesn’t have the big boobs to make it juicier for you.

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    She doesn’t even come off as a bad girl just a little girl with a temper problem….

    • Eveyy

      this ^

    • charovnica

      Well,she is supposed to look like that.It’s AJ,it’s not Victoria.She’s tiny,cute,but dangerously unstable.She even admit that she looks precious,but has a dark soul and heart :D