Velvet Sky Says Leaving TNA Was a ‘Business Decision, Not Personal’, Wants Beautiful People Reunion

VelvetTNA Knockout Velvet Sky recently spoke to Scottish podcast ‘The Big WrestleShark Show’ and revealed that her departure from the company last year was simply a “business decision”, but she is happy to be back — and one Knockout aided her return.

The Big Apple native said: “It was just business issues. It was never personal with anybody. It was just a business decision I had to make is all I’ll say. I had to do what was best for me at the time. It was just me looking out for me. But everything is all worked out now and this is what’s best for me.”

After six months off TV, Velvet triumphantly returned in December 2012 and she spoke about ‘letting the pigeons loose’ once again and who persuaded her to come back.

She said: “TNA is my home, I came here almost six years ago at Bound for Glory and this is my family. All the Knockouts, all the guys. I couldn’t stay away for too long because I missed it terribly. So the powers that be worked it out for me to come back.

“[Madison Rayne] would text me almost every day, ‘When are you coming back, we miss you, we love you.’ I mean we go back to the Beautiful People days when we would travel the globe together. But you know I’m friends with the guys, and they would reach out to me and the office would reach out. It just made my decision to come back all that easier.”

However, one woman who didn’t return to TNA along with her was former Beautiful People partner, Angelina Love. Velvet reveals it wasn’t Angelina’s choice to leave the company.

She said: “I was so upset [when she left], but you know it was out of her hands. She didn’t wanna leave. But she is doing phenomenally well in her outside projects; she’s doing movies and conventions all over the world, she’s right where she was meant to be right now. But I still bother them all the time to let us do one more Beautiful People run but I don’t know if it will happen. I mean never say never, but I don’t know if it will.”

Velvet also discussed the current Knockouts roster, her goals for 2013 and whether she would join WWE in the future. You can listen to the interview here.

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  • VelvetLoveFan

    Love her interviews!

  • theprincedann

    I for one would love to see TBP take over the division again..

    Angelina, Velvet and Madison.

    Not Von Erich though. Just to make that clear. :)

    • Looking Glass

      Lacey was cute when she joined up with Sky and Love in the end, I kind of wish they pushed her more as a face and personality than the wrestler she was never supposed to be.

      • theprincedann

        I could just never connect with her. Nothing about her excited me personally.

        I think majority of fans would prefer the Angelina, Velvet and Madison combination. They are entertaining together.

      • OJ Von Erich

        I would love for Lacey to return, not necessarily in a wrestling role, but she had one of the best characters in the knockout division!!! =D

  • Looking Glass

    Yeah a business decision to get a pay rise and a title shot while her fashion flounders. I read in the interview that they were once again dragging up the whole ‘what do you think of TBP imitations’ (aka LayCool) which instantly annoys me because of how they acted during the LayCool era – end of the day there’s plenty of faults or similiarities you could pick out from Velvet, doesn’t it’s copying.

    • Ryan

      I was a huge LayCool fan and I always digged Angelina and Velvet BP Reunion!

      I think however during that whole fued, both teams had ot rough division wise.
      TNA had lost Tara Roxxi Angelina and Kong, ODB quit before being fired.
      Taylor and Hamada eventually left, and even when Angelina came back it was the same thing every week. Madison Velvet Angelina and Lacey against one another with Tara… Things didn’t get good until Mickie James made her way into TNA

      LayCool along with Vickie Guerrero Kelly Tiffany Natalya and Beth Phoenix worked their butts off and had a more prosperous year than TNA

      Similar hardships similar gimmick but different personalities haha LayCool ridiculous while BPs were straight up hot bitches XD

    • Superstar77

      @Looking Glass

      People are buying her Rated V clothing. So how is it floundering? Just because it’s something you wouldn’t wear or buy doesn’t mean it’s failing. Also if Velvet was able get a pay rise and a renewed push from negotiating with Dixie Carter herself then good for Velvet. Like she said she had to do what was best for her. As for LayCool I don’t care what anyone says they were a ripoff of TBP and a pretty blantant one at that.

      • Ryan

        At superstar

        Yes on the V-Line comment agreed!
        And aw :( on the LayCool comment

        • Looking Glass

          LayCool lasted like a year and gained how much spotlight and controversy? TBP ran for ages and bar their initial work, there wasn’t that much going on. I like them both but I just think LayCool outdid TBP, also it’s not really a rip-off. Velvet’s wearing fluffy boots is she a Melina clone by your logic?

          And I never said no one was buying her stuff, but given how it’s hardly gonna hit Milan Fashion Week, I’d say she’s keeping to her dollar store hooker target audience.

        • Ace Of Base

          Hello darlings, I just want to express myself and say that I respect Velvet for all she’s done. I’m not a big fan of her wrestling, to me she got stuck somewhere in the style of Trish from 01 where she could get through a match but not carry someone just yet. She’s not the most natural athlete…but I digress. She has a lot of heart and love for wrestling. She also reminds me of Sunny in that way. Only without the big problems right? I’m proud Velvet is even allowed to negotiate cause you know before it was mostly men doing that stuff, so its nice to see a darling of the mat take control like that. Good Job Miss Velvet!

  • Kayfabe!

    Velvet needs to be heel again she is so much better heel! And you don’t know how much I want Angelina Love back. I mean she was the headliner for the division and was a record setting 5 time knockouts champ at the time before Tara tied with her. She carried that division and made it great! Would love for the franchise of the ko’s to return and be at top! Either heel or face Angelina was great!

    • theprincedann

      Agreed. She was my favourite KO the whole time she was there. Daffney being second, and Madison and Taylor Wilde third and fourth.

      Angelina could get an incredible match from anyone, she had more personality than the other Knockouts too I believe. I liked her as both a heel and face, probably a little bit more as a face if I’m honest.

      #BringBackAngelina #BringBackTBP

      • Kayfabe!

        Yes thank you! Daffney had so much potential she connected with the fans and would have been a great champion. I would love to see Madison as a face for once she was one for a brief moment and I liked it, something different. And Taylor Wilde was great the ultimate underdog.

        They need to bring in independent talent and make then home grown or sine if the original knockouts. I live home grown talents it’s more better for tna cause it connects more with the crowd. Not saying the former divas in tna are not good it’s just that I rather new and homegrown talent. For them to get a chance to shine like Madison, Velvet, ODB, Angelina, Daffney, Roxxi, Taylor, Sojo, Alissa Flash, Rhaka and Kong were when they used them correctly that is! They were homegrown!

        • theprincedann

          Yes. Bring back Roxxi, Daffney, Taylor Wilde, Sarita, Angelina and Kong.
          Retire Tara soon, as much as I love her its inevitable.
          Make the KO Tag Title accessible, meaning create Knockout teams.
          Stop employing ex-divas.
          Don’t let Taeler Hendrix near tv until she is so so much better.

          But Not Rhaka Khan though, there was nothing good about her at all. The only reason she was there is because she was sleeping with Kurt Angle. Never bring her back! Unless she somehow learns to talk, wrestle, and even walk to the ring without looking awkward.

  • DjayDay

    I think Lacey was an excellent part of there face run. She was looked at as the anchor. I always enjoyed her work with Love and Sky, I felt like she found her place… now her run with Madison and Velvet…….that’s a different story,

    • theprincedann

      Because Angelina could make a turd look pretty. :)

      • DjayDay

        Well said, I think Angelina doesn’t get even half the credit she deserves. However, Love didnt have anything to do with Lacey’s adorableness…

    • OJ Von Erich

      YES! Bring back Lacey Von Erich!!! >.<

  • velvelove

    angelina said it was her decision I’m sad to hear it wasn’t.

  • Ryan

    I miss Lacey she’s incredibly hot!! And the way she acted was funny and lovable man! Wow! Lol

    And Velvet yeah I have the most love and respect for VelVelHolla
    And we all want Angelina Love’s bad ass back in TNA kicking ass!

    Velvet she’s mad cool and real and she’s from CT like me! Madison CT!!! :D

    We all love Madison Rayne as well!! :)

    • OJ Von Erich

      Lacey should be Brooke Hogans assistant… That could be hilarious! :)

      • Ryan

        I love LVE, u remember when Brooke Tess was bichoffs assistant? Brooke set up a meeting for the knockouts and Lacey just busted in the room cursing, “what do you want you stupid bitch!” Lol I’m like WTF? O.o

        • DjayDay

          My favourite was when Madison was talking about how she hired Tara back into the company when she was on her ass, and Velvet goes more like flat on back, then Tessmacher has to calm them down again, and as soon as it gets quiet again you just her Lacey go “stupid whores”

        • Mr. Asstastic

          LOL. Y’all are taking me back. Good times…

  • Kayfabe!

    Who do y’all think would be tna’s equivilant to Trish Stratus? Gail Kim? Angelina Love? Or Awesome Kong?

    • VelvetLoveFan


      • theprincedann


        Definitely Angelina.

        And I think it was a conscious decision by TNA to make Angelina their Trish.

        Blonde, Toronto, and held more championships than any other KO? (Until recently with Tara I guess!)

        • Kayfabe!

          Except they didn’t give her a good sending off match type, but maybe they didn’t want to do that cause she might return. I mean they were very high on her before like when she got released when her visa had expired. They brought her back quick as soon as she got her visa renewed. And that was an epic return, I loved that Angelina Love. She took out all the bp’s mi pi sexy lol and the became champ. Got a zombie story line with winter, became tagteam champs but then started to job to of course ex divas such as Mickie James and Tara.
          A lot of people say there is nothing left for her to do, which I think is ridiculous there is much more. She could some how win a male championship that would be epic and go down I history for the first female to win a male title in tna.

  • divaindemise

    Well, that’s interesting. I listened to a podcast featuring Angelina Love where she states mutuality between herself and TNA regarding her departure.

  • wwe141

    Knockouts never discuss their reasons for leaving TNA, they always give half answered answers

    • k2evecrew

      I think Angelina chose not to because she probably hopes they’ll hire her back one day. Even though she’d be a great addition to the divas she doesn’t have much of a chance of being hired because of her age & looks

      • theprincedann

        Right now, I don’t think Angelina would lower herself to compete in the ‘Divas’ division anyway.

        She is far too good for that.

        • wwe141

          Angelina said she’d go to WWE if offered a contract in an interview

  • k2evecrew

    It’s crazy how she said she asked for her release. The way she acted like everything was ok in that interview felt fishy to me. Like she didnt want to trash tna as if she was coming back one day. It sucks because she helped start the division in 2007 now we only have Gail & velvet as the original knockouts.

  • GlamSlamFan

    To say that I’m surprised to hear that it WASN’T Angelina’s decision to leave, is an understatement.
    I honestly thought she was the “Trish Stratus” or “Golden Girl” of TNA, and they wouldn’t release her unless she asked for it.
    Learn something new everyday, I guess!

  • charovnica

    Angelina Love is the star….I’ve always seen Velvet more like her side-kick than a partner,just because I personally can’t relate to her.So with that being said imo another run of the BP would be a great opportunity for me to try and enjoy the boring Velvet and also it’ll be an opportunity for the knockouts to return to their previous state of the division,when amazing things happen…I don’t think it’ll happen though

    • Ryan

      Well I gotta admit I always saw velvet as a side kick as well, until she started comming into her own in 2011. With Angrlina and Winter, ODB and Jackie, Madison and Karen Angle harassing the hell out of her and verbally and physically abusing poor Velvet it’s like she came into her own individual image.

      While yes I’d love to see the awesome state of the Knockouts division from 2007-2008, remember that it wasn’t just BP running the show. The main attraction: Gail Kim Taylor Wilde Roxxi and Awesome Kong
      That will never happen again

      • charovnica

        Yeah,but TBP can torment the division just like they did back in the day which can build up even higher the top faces and create more dynamic atmosphere in the division.Tara may feel treatened for the spot as a No 1 bitch and go psycho on many opportunities! It’s not gonna happen though.

  • MortSansMaryse

    Wow I really want to see her being on the ring of the raw or smackdown, or else. I mean seriously! She can be great as a diva. And velvet’s HOLLERING gimmick, I think it’s invaluable. Always she enters into the arena and says holler? I really love her, but the time has already come. TIME TO GIVE HER A NEW STUFF.

  • john

    Velvet sky, please! please don’t go to WWE. Those corn heads wouldn’t jnow a winner if it fell on them. Their women’s division is an insult to all of you incredible ladies who work so hard and put on such a great show. I could go on and on about how WWE simply does not believe women can wrestle, but in fact a lot of you are better, more dedicated athletes and workers than a lot of what is left of the men in WWE.. Do what makes you happy, that’s the point, but don’t let Vince turn you into a lesbian who is afraid to break a nail. That is why women can put on a better show. Some of the most incredible bumps I have ever seen were by women wrestlers. Besides, you are all so beautiful and its a privilege to watch you work.

    Lady, if there was an emoticon to depict me standing up and saluting you, it would go right here ________

    Thanks for your efforts, they do not go unappreciated.