WWE Main Event Redux (February 6th, 2013): The Divas Main Event on Main Event

Main Event Redux

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to the first ever WWE Main Event Redux! The Divas have finally made their way into action on WWE’s Number 3 show and do I hear you say “Which Divas are featured Jack?” Well you’re obviously not saying that as you can see three of the combatants in the above picture but let’s pretend you haven’t seen that yet. The Divas appeared in the final match of the show (I’m classing it as the main event) and Aksana teamed with Tamina Snuka to face…. THE FUNKADACTYLS! Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you and no you are not dreaming. Cameron will be competing in her first WWE match that isn’t a battle royal and Naomi has once again (and rightfully so) been given a chance to shine. Will funk be on a roll after this match or will Tamina “make a statement” like she has promised 470464363.52 times already? Let’s have a look, shall we?!

We kick off with a glimmering glitterball, some gyrating Funkadactyls and a giddy Funkasaurus as the only three inhabitants of Planet Funk (it borders The Bottomless Pit and Parts Unknown) strut their way into the arena. Brodus Clay has a mic in his hand and starts to rally the crowd as his bootylicious babes diplo my docus! As you interpret that pun in anyway you like, the inner Booker T in my head screams…


Out of nowhere, Cameron and Naomi just got blindsided by Aksana and Tamina. A brawl ensues outside the ring as Brodus just stands there and proves that he is as much use as a chocolate lampshade! A commercial break is about to take place and to be honest, I think I need it after what we just witnessed – it’s very rare anything like that happens at all, let alone for the Divas!

Back from the break and the bell sounds with Cameron and Tamina starting off the match-up. Tamina gets the better of the early going by kicking Cameron in the gut before beating her upper back. The Samoan Princess then whips her funky foe off the ropes but Cameron kicks Tamina in the face. Cammy then does what I can only (in)correctly call a wheelbarrow split armdrag, and regardless of what it’s called, it looks pretty snazzy to me. I can only guess Cameron sought inspiration for that move from one of her idols – Melina or Alicia Fox!

As Tamina attempts to re-cooperate in the corner, Cameron is shakin’ her thang. We then cut to a shot of Brodus Clay which I’m assuming is because Rosa Mendes has hijacked the gallery and is jealous of Cameron’s dancing screen time and when the camera finally returns to the action, it looks like Cameron is about to monkey flip Tamina. Ms Snuka throws Cameron off of her and charges at her, but Cameron kicks her Chaotic Exotic foe in the shin before hitting a bulldog. Cameron manages to get a one count for her troubles and then she proceeds to run at Tamina, who avoids danger and hangs Cameron up on the ropes.

The momentum has definitely shifted now as the daughter of Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka scoop slams Cameron. Tamina then hits a pair of leg drops in quick succession but then she decides to slow down the pace with a sleeper hold. Cameron tries her best to escape the hold but she is thrusted back to the mat by her neck and she sells the living crap out of it! Tamina then drags her by the hair and tags in Aksana.

Michael Cole describes Aksana and the “Lithuanian Bombshell” and I’m not feeling it due to the lack of alliteration or rhyming. Aksana places Cameron’s throat over the middle rope and starts to choke her but the ref eventually pulls her off. Tamina then slaps or strokes Cameron (I’m not entirely sure) and Aksana drills the former Tough Enough contestant with a sideslam. The Lithuanian Lovely (much better nickname) then does her sexy snail impression before collecting a two count. In another attempt to get the win, Aksana channels Tamina and grasps a headlock on Cameron, but lightning strikes twice and the Funkadactyl escapes the submission. Cameron reaches for a tag but her opponent knees her in the face.

Something is then said about how Aksana called Naomi “Kofi”, saying that she is like Kofi Kingston; and what an insult, Naomi has way more charisma than Kofi ever will! Aksana whips Cameron into the corner and runs towards her, but Cameron avoids contact and manages to schoolgirl Aksana yet a win slips from her funky fingers. Cameron then avoids a clothesline and then dropkicks Aksana’s legs, knocking her down. Is this the chance Cameron has needed? It certainly is, and for the first time in the match, here comes Naomi!

Naomi zooms into the ring and hits a seamless hurricanrana, which she follows up her a somersault elbow. Tamina tries to get involved but Naomi dropkicks her out of business and speaking of out, Aksana is tossed from the ring. Naomi then decides to go into a flip-frenzy and she spins over the ropes several times to confuse her opponents before kicking them both with a dropkick. The NXT Season 3 runner-up then jumps over the ropes as nonchalantly as taking out the trash and she puts Aksana back in the ring. Diva Dirt’s Bobby’s favorite woman then perches on the top rope and like every good Funkadactyl should, she soars through the air and hits a gorgeous crossbody – yet she only manages a two-count! Undeterred by her near fall, Naomi then wallops Aksana with her Nightmare Leg Lariat and picks up the win!

Thoughts: If this match is starting the way the Divas are going to continue peforming on Main Event, then I can’t wait to see more matches on this show. Whilst it wasn’t brilliant, it was good and it will certainly be a match that I’ll Youtube in the future when I’m bored on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Cameron’s first proper wrestling match on WWE TV and Naomi’s fantastic flips provide this match with definite comeback value and to be quite honest, I already want to watch this match again.

As for the heels, both performed competently in this match and I liked how Aksana took the pin, thus avoiding Tamina from looking weak. The behind the back attack before the match was also a really nice touch, as it soldified Aksana and Tamina’s characters very well. Aksana has a reputation of attacking people when they least expect it and Tamina has already stated that she is “not your average Diva”, and you have to admit, when was the last time we saw something like this? I hope this match leads to Tamina vs Cameron or Naomi on Raw as a way for Tamina to gain momentum towards a match with Divas Champion Kaitlyn and only time will tell to see if I’m right. And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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  • SherriShepherdWWE

    you missed the backstage segment between these four girls, thats were the Kofi comment came from, and the backstage segment was funny as hell, and really set up this match

    as far as the match I LOVED IT, it just felt so refreshing, the crowd was into it, all the girls did awesome even Cameron!!!!’ and it didnt show any of the girls by weakness, Tamina didnt get the pin, so it didnt really effect her credibility, and Naomi got to show her high flying moves, i wish, i wish, she would have dove to the outside of the ring or something lol

    very very fun match, hope we get to see more of these tag team and all girl

    and also what i liked was for the first time in a long time, they all had a character, Tamina the dominant, fierce one, Naomi and Cameron the Clays Dancer, and then Aksana the sexy sly heel

  • puppies

    I was thinking the same thing about Tamina vs one of the Funkadactyls on Raw. I really liked the ME match, as well as the backstage segment beforehand. They had some nice details that made the match so fun to watch (backstage segment, attack prior to the match).

  • redsandman99

    Loved the match and the segment before it. Aksana shined in the segment and Naomi brought it during the hot tag. Cameron wasn’t too bad herself; i liked that arm drag thing she did. I will say I thought it was a bit odd seeing Tamina given what her and Aksana were trying to do (Alicia would have been a better fit imo) but I still got a laugh out of her trying to eat a cake all sexy.

  • notorious

    Naomi!!!! Finally being given some more wrestling spotlight. Definitely needs to be in the ring more. Got the skills and the charisma to go far. Id like to see her in a title picture or even a love interest with Kofi Kingston. Theyd make a hell of a team.
    Cameron clearly had the crowd going but thats her specialty. She doesnt add anything original to ring. Shes kinda the Rosa. She botched that bulldog and it seems likes she had problems positioning in the monkey flip which is why the camera was on Brodus a lot. Keep her on the sidelines or just be Brodus’s only dancer.
    Tamina and Aksana played the perfect mean bitchy manipulative girls. Definitely wanna see more of them. Something like a new Lay-Cool storyline with them. Hopefully it gives them some edge and a reaction from the crowd.

    • AJFan95

      I think it’s way too early to give Cameron the Rosa title. We should give her some time to show us if she can progress and Tamina was the cause of the botch, not Cameron.

      • Looking Glass

        You’re really saying that? Watch a Kelly Kelly highlight reel and you’ll see her botch every bulldog she’s ever done and Roaa doesn’t bring anything original? Question her ring skills but I think she’s one of the most charismatic in her ring presence. I don’t see how Aksana is given such high praise when I expect that Rosa would be just as good as she is given the ring time that Aksana has.

        The match was alright I do hate the one hand bulldogs they’re becoming the new toe drop kicks Eve used to do. I kinda felt that Naomi could’ve done more like I understand hot tags come in and win the match but part of me wishes they hadn’t milked Cameron for as long as they had to fit Naomi in more and I got so excited when she went up top thinking she was going to hit her float over neck breaker, but I think Naomi’s really stepped up her own character in the ring beyond her original ghetto gimmick whereas I thought while Cameron was better than she was ring wise she didn’t really have as much character as I’d seen in her FCW matches

        • notorious

          I never liked Kelly Kelly. She was terrible. She was only build as a “credible” wrestler cause she was pretty and was milked down our throats, while her wrestling was subpar. I respect your opinion about Rosa but in my opinion, shes really just their to dance, or be in segments. Not much charisma since her OVW days. And shes been in the company for about 8 years and she continues to botch. But you and AJfan95 are right. Its probably too soon to give Cameron the Rosa title. But yeah Cameron needs to step up her character because if she doesnt she brings nothing unique. She’ll just end up being “the other black girl with Naomi that isnt as exciting.”
          As for Aksana praise question well for a while now, she kinda been given the slow rise for a new top heel. Both her and Tamina since they are pretty much the only solid heels right now. I praised them because they helped the funkadactyls get over and showed some pretty heelish personality as well.

      • Raekon


        Tamina didn’t botch the bulldog, Tamina called 2 spots to help Cameron by saying “go go go”.

        If you listen closely you will see that Camerons timing was off, that’s why the bulldog looked a bit off with her landing after Tamina.

        Rewatch the match and you’ll see that Tamina helped Cameron in two-three spots by calling the timing and Aksana did the same in the spot Cameron were supposed to hit her and run for the ropes.

        In Taminas case you can hear the “go go go” (once in the corner with her head lowered so people won’t see her talking and once before the bulldog).

        In Aksanas case you see her lips mouth when she is calling it once during the headlock.

        Wasn’t a biggie to me, just explaining.

        I rather love seeing people calling spots to help each other cause it shows how more experienced girls are helping newcomers to get a feeling for better timing as also showing how well they are working together.

        • AJFan95

          I agree with your final point, but that bulldog was definitely Tamina’s fault. Her timing on hitting the mat was off. Cameron is obviously green, but that wasn’t her fault.

        • https://twitter.com/Oliver_James611 OJ Von Erich

          Agreed with AJFAN95 the bulldog was the only major botch I saw & as much as I love her, it was Tamina that hit the mat too early, not Cameron’s fault at all!

        • Raekon

          Cameron took another step AFTER Tamina started falling and that was the botch but whatever.

          Tamina extra told her go go go and he started too late.

          It’s still not a biggie for me and I really don’t understand why everyone is starting to nitpicking every single spot of the match all of sudden on DD.

          Way too much negativity lately and people always searching to find something to moan about won’t help the site for sure.

  • http://cmpunkscrazychick.tumblr.com xoxoRKOxoxo

    Naomi stole the show last night, she was just awesome, even Michael Cole gave her props, and he never does!!!!

  • Lily

    Naomi has that energy that the crowd love to feed on! She really is the female version of Kofi Kingston like JBL mentioned.

    I really liked the way this match was buildup in 1 hour. With the backstage segment, the attack and then the match itself. No wonder the crowd actually gave a **** for this match.

    Also, Cameron was really impressive!

    • EverybodyScream

      No, Kofi is the male version of Naomi!

  • TorrieStacyCandice

    Aksana Impressed Me Last Night.
    Props To Her.
    & Also WOW! Naomi Is The REAL DEAL. No lie

  • Simply Flawless

    Fuck Tamina as the title contender, bring it Naomi!

    • 09DHK


      • Gail-Trish-Brooke


        • Mike in Like

          A Naomi/Kaitlyn feud writes itself. So much history. Tamina? It’s just boring and uninteresting.



    • jonboi

      So let me get this straight fck tamina the trained wrestler and give the title to naomi a model turned wrestler now I like naomi to me as loing as the girls ca go in the ring then it doesn’t matter what they did before BUT my point is this if a model turned diva has the title & the challenger is a model turned diva the the wwe are ALWAYS going to push the models b4 the trained wrestlers & that to most fans is not a good thing it very bad in the long run anyway as wwe is going to screw tamina nattie lalya for the kaitlyns aksanas and that means when nxt divas come up they will job to crap wrestling divas & I for one don’t wanna see paige job to aksana Just my opinion

      • Mr. Asstastic

        Naomi is a better wrestler than Tamina. She should be pushed for that, despite the fact that Tamina is the “trained” wrestler. All that does it make Tamina seem even worse since the “models” are surpassing her.

      • marcum1234

        Why does it matter what they did before Victoria/Tara was a model turned wrestler and nobody ever complains about her holding titles. Being a model before being a WWE diva doesn’t mean your a bad wrestler and should never be given the title. Tamina isn’t that good of a wrestler, and she isn’t exciting at all. I would rather have an exciting model with great in ring skills than a boring “trained” wrestler (which all of the divas receive truing so technically their all trained wrestlers) .

      • AJFan95

        That’s silly. I mean Layla was a dancer before WWE, but she’s included on your list. Talent is all that matters and I doubt we have to worry about Paige ever jobbing.

        • jonboi

          See yous are mixing up my meanings I love lalya victoria trish eve naomi I just mean knowing what the wwe are like there going to push the shitty model wrestlers before they push lalya naomi & the rest. I also think tamina should get the title she’s pretty good granted she needs to add more moves but I mean how many moves can a power house do in 2min!!! Have tamina win then naomi then have aj & her feud for the title & kaitlyn nattie can feud with tamina paige then I woke up lol

  • mikeparis18

    Tamina is boring so far, better contender would be Alicia or Layla. Naomi stole the show as usual, she needs to be in a feud with Nattie!

    • E-Man

      ^ This!

  • shameronstar

    They were slamming Cameron pretty hard, and I like her energy and the way she sells pain(it was like she was being abused in the ring). Naomi really is like a female Kofi except I think Naomi has more swagger and is less corny:P The Funkadactyls are my favorite divas after them it’s Miss Fox, Natalya, Kaitlyn, and then AJ! and if I included developmental my favorites are Sasha Banks and Paige!

  • Lushh

    Everytime i watch Naomi i get serious chills. She is THAT factor that the Diva’s division needs at this time. I was even pleasantly surprised by Cameron. With her not being much of a in-ring performer she did good and told a story and delivered character the entire time she was in there. I really enjoyed Aksana and Tamina also.

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Did aksana wear anything under that because when cameron rolled her up her butt was visible lol…..
    props to Cameron she really took a beating & for someone who hasn’t had a match at a house show she really impressed me,even in the backstage bit she was doing the talking something naomi lacks is cam’s ability to talk…

    We all know naomi can wrestle but its good to actually see her get to..
    my only problem is why not let her jump over the top rope on aksana & tamin…
    hopefully we get a cameron/naomi vs tamina on raw to show tamina’s dominance….

    • http://facebook.com/mykael.kennedy mykel1990

      I was wondering the same thing, it looked odd to see her just hop to the floor instead of attack someone.

      • Raekon

        The spot would had been too good for the divas and they would had taken heat for it.

        It’s a shame and a waste but better be safe than sorry. :/

  • http://facebook.com/mykael.kennedy mykel1990

    I just dug all four women, Tamina with the “sexy” cake eating, everything Aksana said backstage was great, and Cameron talking about putting hands on her had me rolling! But in that match, kudos to Aksana and Tamina for keeping the pressure on Cameron and making that ass-whooping look devastated. Cameron did really well, I liked the wheelbarrow split-legged armdrag and bulldog. She didn’t get in much offence, but she sold like a champ. An NAOMI! I can’t say enough about her, she stole the show!! I know people call her flashy or a “spot monkey”, but the girl can go in that ring, and has so much natural ability, and is refreshing to watch. It was a solid match to me. I hope we see the Funkadactyls in action more!

    • shameronstar

      Naomi had a match with Audrey in fcw one time and Naomi actually can wrestle much more grounded and more technical style as well.

  • aldo

    The match was impressive, especially Naomi. Even Tamina needs to get more offensive moves. It looks like she does the same every match. Cameron wasn’t THAT good in the match but I give her the backstage segment. She was spitting fire!! She outshined all the others. Maybe it’s her voice I don’t know, but her attitude was brilliant. And the end with the reactions of Tamina and Aksana! Aksana was moaning “oh, this is disgusting”, so childish, but Tamina looked like “it’s on!” all bussiness. I mean, it really helped to build her characters, and I love it.

  • mpezza

    I’m pleasantly surprised by Cameron. She’s a lot better than I was expecting her to be.
    Naomi, on the other hand, seemed quite sloppy. I still don’t understand the hype behind this girl. Overall, pretty good match. It was nice to see something completely different and new.

    • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

      Naomi sloppy when in that match?? she owned the match…

    • Lily

      Noami was not sloppy at all in this match. If anything it’s the way Aksana sold the moves that made them look anything ‘sloppy’.

    • http://worldelitewrestle.proboards.com FOREVER FLAWLESS!

      So Cameron did well and Naomi was sloppy? Lulz. I think you got their names mixed up. Naomi’s the darker one. Cameron’s the shorter one. There you go…now you can fix your statement :)

      Opinion or not – that’s very very illogical to say a girl who stole the show, got the crowd behind her, and hit about 5 or 6 different high-flying moves in under like 2 minutes “sloppy” …blame her slow opponent who didn’t sell them right and was basically dead weight.

      • mpezza

        I said Cameron did better than I expected, not that she was good. I was expecting, at best, some botched slaps and rolling around the floor in a catfight from her.
        As for Naomi, her moves just weren’t crisp. The hurricanrana for instance looked pretty bad to me. Although I will admit that could have been Aksana’s fault. She isn’t the best at selling, after all. I just expect more from Naomi considering everyone on this website cites her as the second coming of Jesus.

        • DivaDestiny

          Okay, it seemed like I was the only one that saw the horrible hurricanrana! I love Naomi, I’m not hating. The move just wasn’t good.

    • Raekon

      I guess that you mean the crossbody which she almost botched because she jumped too high and almost over Aksanas head that were waiting for her to land right?

      Well it still went well but I must agree that this spot was sloppy of hers cause Aksana had almost to drag her over her chest so she won’t entirely land on Aksanas face. ^_^

      Other than that she wasn’t sloppy though (except if there was another spot I might have missed).

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        the hurrcanrana & cross body faults are on aksana she looks like she’s scared to get hurt or hurt someone…..aksana just tumbles through bumps terribly….

        • Raekon

          @Art you know I like you and all but what you saying there is doesnt make sense if you check the execution of the move.

          First of all Naomis feet was at the side of Aksanas head (ears) instead of going around her neck which means that the move is neither a hurricanrana, nor a headscissors, nor a frankensteiner.

          Aksana only had to take the bump and that she did perfectly timed for the head takedown type of move Naomi did.

          The camera angle was bad so it looked a bit akward but the move if it was executed as intented (which in a hurricanranas case it would be considered a botch that goes on Naomis account), then the move and bump were ok.

          In a flying crossbodys case, you DON’T jump almost over the head of your opponent like Naomi almost did, you try to aim for the chest so the opponent can hold you which Aksana did anyway to prevent Naomi from falling on her face.

          In a running crossbody you aim rather for the belly so it can looks like two bodies crossing properly.

          Aksana had already positioned herself so all Naomi had to do was jump properly.

          Naomi was rather lucky that Aksana is so strong.

          Would had been the opponent Layla, AJ or Alicia, they would probably had Naomis belly on their face. :p

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        its aksana’s selling of the move was off on that headscissor,your legs are meant to be by the persons head i used to do that move aksana has to jump over which was very off it was more of a tumble over….
        a crossbody is meant to land on the upperbody not just the chest kofi lands on the upper body not just the chest so i have no problem with the crossbody it was just aksana looked awkward in the landing….

        • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

          @Raekon dude you’re one of the few people here who i like too…

        • Raekon

          Actually the executor has to do a backflip while the legs are on the neck, not the feet on the ears of the opponent.

          The receiver drops and rolls overhead like Aksana did.
          She might have rolled too smooth but because of that Naomi had enough time to move out of the way.

          Anyway, the match was still good so I really don’t understand why so many people on the site starting to blame Aksana and Tamina left and right when they actually didn’t botch anything.

      • DjayDay

        I’m sorry bro, but the cross body and hurricanrana were textbook perfect, it was Aksanas fault.

        • puppies

          The hurricanrana looked just a tad bit weird because Aksana rolled through it as opposed to flipping herself over Naomi.

          The cross body was great, but Naomi jumped a little too high and Aksana saved the moved by being able to catch and hold on to Naomi.@Art, idk what you’re on about but the chest IS the upper body lol.

          Anyway, both moves were fine! They didn’t look perfect, but they looked well enough. There was no botching, and 3/4 of the girls in this match haven’t even been wrestling for 3 years yet, so there very well could have been. It was good, just enjoy it and stop nitpicking.

        • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

          I mean on the shoulders/face you can land if the person catches you coming down…it was late when i typed this….

        • DjayDay

          Lmao, I get it now, to me it just looked like Aksana was a little late.

  • shameronstar

    Naomi is probably so athletically repressed that she’d want to be in a ladder or cage match!

  • ilovetrishstratus

    i did not expect that from Naomi !! she was flying everywhere !! very impressive !! keep it up !! tamina should go 1-1 against naomi and set up a feud next week on raw or something !!

  • shameronstar

    Tamina and Naomi had a match in fcw one time and they had really good chemistry because of their contrasting styles in the ring. I think a series of matches with them would be very refreshing!

  • shannymac

    Naomi was on fire! If they start letting her wrestle on a regular basis, she’ll be absolutely seamless in the ring in no time at all.

  • HoustonHomewrecker

    Props to Aksana for selling Naomi’s offense so well.

  • Pat

    I LIVED. This match was everything I wanted. All divas were on point. Can we get a Divas Tag division started here?! The segment prior to the match. The pre match assault. The match itself. I DEFINITELY GOT TIME FOR THAT.

  • Nostalgia

    The only botch was Tamina falling too early in that bulldog, other than that, the match was great. I think the more Naomi talks, the better she’ll be

  • Melissa

    Lord Jesus, take my hand. Flawless Naomi is so flawless.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Hope divas become regulars on Main event, all 4 shined in some way! Aksana and Tamina remind me of Laycool a little bit, Tamina-Michelle and
    Aksana-Layla? Idk just gives me vibes

  • Slapavel

    naomi worked this match! cameron was pretty good as well. lets naomi be in the ring more and the crowd would be behind her 10000%