SmackDown Redux (February 22nd, 2013): February is Ending and So is Tamina’s Push

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s SmackDown Redux. The blue brand gave us a tag team match this week to cope with the fallout of last Sunday’s Elimination Chamber. The match saw Divas Champion Kaitlyn team up with Layla to face Aksana and Sunday’s unsuccessful challenger, Tamina Snuka. Layla will have a score to settle with Tamina considering the Samoan princess pinned the British beauty on last week’s SmackDown and Tamina will have to prove that Kaitlyn’s win on Sunday was a fluke. Who has the bigger drive in order to get the victory? Let’s take a look.

The music that unites all fans of Spin the Bottle blazes through the arena as our triumphant Divas Champion Kaitlyn makes her entrance alongside Layla. We then cut to a WWE Active segment featuring both girls and Cody Rhodes. Layla high fives Kaitlyn before promising to see Kaitlyn at the curtain. Then, as Kaitlyn is about to leave, she awkwardly bumps into Cody. Both try and walk past each other before Kaitlyn breaks the ice and says to Cody that she likes his mustache. Cody says thanks before declaring that some ladies have apparently called it a “lovestache”. Kaitlyn then laughs and looks like she wants to get out of there as soon as possible, which she does. Guess Cody’s not the best at talking to women!

We return to the ring to see that Aksana and Tamina are already there and look ready to compete. They don’t have the best track record as a team so will that change tonight? Aksana starts things out with some weird hand gesture which I have no idea of the meaning and Layla responds with her usual goofy/sexy/weird dancing, which surprisingly gets a reaction from the crowd. Aksana then  throws some sultry moves of her own that involve shoving her behind in the air. Layla then kicks that bum to the mat before using her own ass-ets to ‘booty pop’ Aksana’s face. What is it with the Divas division and spanking or giving each other black eyes with their bums?!

Layla then tags in the Divas Champion Kaitlyn, who charges at Aksana with a shoulder tackle, which she follows up with.. a headlock. Again, what’s with the abudance of headlocks recently? Tamina tries to enter the ring to distract our two-toned title holder and she succeeds, as Kaitlyn relinqueshes her grip on Aksana, and the Lithuanian Lovely clubs Kaitlyn to the outside. From there, Tamina takes advantage of the referee’s back being turned and she clotheslines the stuffing out of her arch rival. Kaitlyn makes her way back into the ring, and she walks right into a sidewalk slam from Aksana. After a two-count, Aksana whips Kaitlyn into the corner before whipping out her ‘Sexy Slug’ impression for the week. I honestly have no idea what Aksana thinks this does for her.

Goldust’s former wife then slaps the taste out of Kaitlyn’s mouth but the Hybrid Diva returns the favor, rendering both girls senseless! Aksana gets the better of the exchange via an elbow, which sends the Champ to the ground. Aksana locks in a headscissors and the audience seem to be responding, but honestly, I think somebody in the crowd might be doing something a bit more exciting to get the fans’ attention. Aksana then hip thrusts Kaitlyn’s face into the mat before Aksana genuinely makes me laugh by patting her chest, raising her hands and shouting ” Thankyou”! Antonio Cesaro’s former squeeze (she gets around nearly as much as AJ) then kicks Kaitlyn in the head and just when you think she’s about to connect with a splash, she doesn’t.

Both girls make the tag and Layla is on fire! After a hairgrab takeover and clothesline to Tamina, our Little English Muffin wallops Tamina with a flurry of kicks, including her hit and miss combo. Lay continues her fancy footwork with a dropkick and spinning thrust kick before rebounding up the ropes in the form of her LOL. Tamina rolls through Layla’s signature crossbody and tries to hit a Samoan Drop, but what she doesn’t realize is that Layla has tagged in Kaitlyn. Layla slides down the back of the Chaotic Exotic and Tamina literally doesn’t know what hit her when Kaitlyn bulldozes her with a Spear for the win!

After the match, Layla grabbed the Divas Title and began to stare at it lovingly, before the referee had to let her know that it wasn’t hers! Layla laughed it off like she had in a backstage segment a few weeks back and continued to celebrate. Layla vs Kaitlyn at Mania, perhaps? Very interesting indeed!

Thoughts: Other than the finishing sequence, I really wasn’t into this match at all. In my personal opinion, Aksana’s offence was sloppy throughout, and Kaitlyn’s selling was a little too rough around the edges for me. To finish my point on Aksana, what ON EARTH is that crawl thing she does? It’s just… weird. That is honestly the only word I can use to describe it.

Also, what’s going on with Tamina? The girl has gone from #1 Contender to literally only hitting a clothesline in the entire match. One move. With February seemingly being Tamina’s stand-out month year after year, it seems as though she’ll be back in the shadows come March, as the booking being this performance was completely uninspiring.

However, there are still some positives that can be taken from this week’s action. Aksana did show a moment of hilarity, which makes me scream out for a face turn and the debut of ‘The Aksana Show’ on WWE TV. Aksana is not as good in the ring as she once was back in FCW, and I honestly think that she needs more training, and she can do that whilst being a funny personality on-screen. Some will argue that you learn best when you’re actually carrying something out and I can agree with that to some extent, yet Aksana has been an active member of the roster for a while now and in some cases, it doesn’t get any better (Maryse, Rosa Mendes etc).

Another positive was that Kaitlyn has finally found a finisher that I absolutely love in the Spear. It’s a move that can look beautiful and brutal at the same time, and those qualities sum up her ‘Hybrid Diva’ nickname perfectly. The finish was well executed in this match and Tamina sold it well too. Overall, an uninspiring match on this week’s SmackDown that just left me wanting so much more. With Tamina pinned twice in a week, it looks like her push is over, and with Wrestlemania season well underway, I want to see a good feud with a good storyline leading into Wrestlemania. Will I get what I want? Probably not, especially if Maria Menounos returns (weilds garlic and a silver cross)! And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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  • divafandom

    Aksana was not sloppy. I actually think she was on point… And poor Tamina!! Layla looked impressive. Looks like Kaitlyn has a WM match with her but we will see if wwe books it. I can see her turning heel and losing at WM and then retiring.

    • Nostalgia

      I think they’re going for a multiple person match for wrestlemania.

    • Lita-Sault-666

      Layla’s booty bump is annoying me, not so much in this match due to how the move came about, but in previous matches I don’t think it suits her move-set.
      I personally felt Aksana had a good showing in this match & Tamina sold that spear perfectly!

      • Nostalgia

        I don’t like it either. Naomi’s was first

  • Nostalgia

    I actually enjoyed the match and thought Aksand did great….

    Also I can’t wait for the superstars redux, I loved Naomi & Cameron!

  • melina prez

    Ill give Askana props for trying new stuff but it was pretty sloppy. The math was not that good except the ending.

    I hope Layla looking at the divas championship leads to Layla Turing heel! Layla vs kaitlyn at WM… Make it happen!!

  • redsandman99

    I liked the match just fine. What really caught my eye was Layla not wanting to let go of that title when she grabbed it. Honestly, I don’t mind Tamina but a program with Layla would do Kaitlyn more good than continuing anything Kaitlyn/Tamina related. Friends turned rivals is done a lot yes but if Kaitlyn could use a more vetran presence in her matches and if it’s not going to be Natalya or AJ, Layla is a good choice.

  • DJ8946

    You totally didn’t mention the main story of this match. LAYLA’S HEEL TURN!!!!!! After the match Layla once again took Kaitlyns title & was lusting over it. The match was fine to me. Now was it me or did Layla try to see her reflection in the title (Laycool memories) & why didn’t the ref let Tamina in the ring after the 1st tag?

    • Nostalgia

      A technicality, Aksana didn’t tag with an open hand I think

  • SweeneyTodd

    A heel turn would be the beginning of the end for Layla. She has no chance as solo heel. She should stay as underdog heel. But she will turn, because the moved her from the smackdown house shows to the raw house shows for the next weekend.

    • SweeneyTodd

      Underdog face…sorry

    • DJ8946

      A heel turn would be good for her & plus she’s probably on her way out & if so this will be her last hurrah.

  • TorrieStacyCandice

    The Match Was Good, reminded me of the 07-10 Era Of The Divas Division. I Hope Tamina Is Let Go during the spring, she’s Boring! And Layla deserves WM, her last hurrah! that would be good for her and Kaitlyn.

    • k2evecrew

      I hope she’s gets a match too because at her last one she didnt get to shine. I thought they would’ve had her be the one pinned by snooki.

      • TorrieStacyCandice

        True, but she still did get one & that is an honor in itself. This could be the beginning of the end to herself but that’s good for her, because she doesn’t need to become stale or stuck and I would hate to see that happen to her.

    • hado

      I know I agree. Layla has had no chance for a WM moment, really. She is the first and only person in WWE history to get eliminated in a battle royal before the introduction has finished and lost to Snooki. I guess you say that those were her “moments” though, lol.

    • Spike7000

      @TorrieStacyCandice, that’s really crappy of you to say Tamina should be released just because oh she doesn’t appeal to you. WWE is not going to let her go just because a stupid ”opinion”

  • k2evecrew

    The match wasnt too bad to me both girls got ro show their comedy side. I hope this leads to Layla getting a match at wrestlemania . If Layla turns heel they should give her the angry veteran diva charecter mixed with the stuck up laycool version. She could shoot a promo about how kaitlyn doesn’t deserve to be champ , say that she’s not hot enough or talented enough either.

  • Nostalgia

    Imagine Kaitlyn vs Layla vs Naomi vs Tamina vs AJ vs a debuting Paige at wrestlemania

    • divafandom

      I was thinking that except a heel cameron

      • Nostalgia

        I could see that too, because with Naomi getting all the wins for them, she’s going to grow jealous

  • DJ8946

    So we have 2 heel turns coming up.

  • 09DHK

    For me, the only good thing that may come out of a Layla heel turn is the possibility that she’ll get her “Nasty Girl” theme back because “Insatiable” sucks; not to mention it’s too much of a bubblegum babyface theme. I’m hoping Layla gets a title shot, but not as a heel since she’s been heel for pretty much most of her career. Maybe in a Fatal 4 Way match with Tamina and Aksana or something so she can stay babyface and eventually become a TOP babyface. I know WWE is running low on divas (let alone HEEL divas), but I just feel that if Layla turns heel, it’ll be VERY reminiscent of Melina Perez’s last heel run in the sense that it would be a complete waste of a heel turn for such a talented diva. Since AJ’s too busy being Ziggler’s whore, the E will probably throw Kaitlyn in a random tag match for Wrestlemania.

    • TheGamergirl22

      Hell yeah on her theme

  • mpezza

    I feel like Bobby should write every redux on this site..

    • Jack

      You didn’t like my writing?

      • mpezza

        There’s nothing wrong with your writing exactly. I just adore Bobby’s never ending enthusiasm, it’s contagious.

        • Jack

          Bobby is certainly a good writer, I enjoy his style as well. However, I just tend to be more realistic. I still find positives from everything but if something was sloppy, I’ll say it was sloppy! :-)

      • iLUVValets

        I like both Jack and Bobby’s writing, you two guys are probably the only writers that have passion on this site at this point.

  • Onetooth

    Personally I thought Aksana did good in this match and I liked the match.

    I don’t know if I want Layla to turn heel, but I’m all up for a match against Kaitlyn. It would give the whole Kaitlyn being attacked a nice finish. Kaitlyn and Layla finally get their match that should of happened at Night of Champions before Eve pulled a hit on Kaitlyn. It just feels like a natural progression to me. They finally get their match together after all this time.

  • Johnyfaction3

    Is kind of disappointing that there was not mention in the redux of Layla holding and staring at the title. Especially since is not the first time she has done it. It was a good read though. I think that Aksana has been looking better in the ring than she used to. I just feel though like she doesn’t have good chemistry with Kaitlyn. It’s also sad how WWE just gives up on Tamina. I liked her better as a face. Is funny how she only gets a PPV at Elimination Chambers ppvs.

    Does anyone think that WWE is going to make Naomi a top diva as soon as they get tired of Kaitlyn? She keeps getting wins, and keeps getting praises.

  • DjayDay

    I definitely think there going for a 4-way or something for Wrestlemania.

  • i22

    The match was entertaining. I enjoyed the little comedy bits with Layla and Aksana. I’m glad they let Aksana get in a little offense on Kaitlyn too. I feel they can do some cool stuff with Aksana’s character, I see her as a Maryse type. The ending with Layla looking at the title basically confirms she’s working a program with Kaitlyn next. If you watch the entire WWE Active segment on Layla is also seen starring at Kaitlyn’s title before the match. I really wanted AJ and Kaitlyn next but they’re probably want to put the World title on Dolph before they put the Divas title on AJ. I’m excited for Layla and Kaitlyn nonetheless.

    Oh & I loved the little segment with Kaitlyn and Cody.

  • puppies

    You missed the best part – Layla’s hinted heel turn! I seriously marked out when I saw Layla staring down that title. There’s no way they’d do something like that twice for it to amount to nothing.

    The match was only 3-4 minutes, but they made it feel longer, in a good way. Wasn’t a great match, but wasn’t bad either. I thought Aksaba did ok, she’s improving. She shows a lot of character, which I appreciate. I found it weird that Tamina did nothing in the ring. Literally, all she did was set up the Samoan drop. Anyway, alright match.

    In WWE’s defense, they did a good job this week. Every Diva was featured in a match this week, and every show had a match except for Main Event. I’m pretty excited for RAW, I feel like something good will happen even though I shouldn’t because I’ll most like likely be left disappointed again.

  • Monkey Tennis

    Another match, another 3 and half minutes of playing “Spot the Wrestling”. It’s a fun game, but does require a lot of patience and a very keen eye.

  • Flawless

    Match was boring apart from the finish. Am I the only that loves Aksana? obviously not the best wrestler but I find her so naturally hilarious. & It looks like there wont be Kaitlyn vs AJ at WM yet which is a shame because I was really hoping we’d get that, but who knows. And it would be awesome if layla turned heel, I loved her during her laycool days but as a face it wasn’t really working imo. I think it’s mostly the goofy dancing and booty-pops that make her look like she’s trying too hard.


    Layla vs Kaitlyn in Wrestlemani??? No thanks.

  • Raekon

    I liked the fact that the girls were given time to showcase character, the crowd was into the match, had a good laugh over the comedy and also gave the girls a good pop in the entrance and at the end.

    The finish was good and Layla not taking her ways from the title was awesome.

    Most of all after Kaitlyn already caught her a few times and is getting cautious a lot when it comes to that.

    I had sent the nxt videos in a few days ago but still no redux? :o

    No divas on main event btw. :(
    Was probably taped for a other time.

    As about the superstars match it was good and had a few nice spots.
    Nothing extraordinary though except of 1 – 2 of Naomis high flying spots. :)

    Sent it in aswell.

    • puppies

      There was a Divas match for ME?

      Btw there was Kaitlyn vs Natalya on SMS.

      • puppies

        Kaitlyn was on the Saturday Morbing Spotlight (whatever that is) and got a nice little tribute.

  • Hollywood King

    I, for one, liked the match and that Layla is so exciting! Although I still feel Kaitlyn needs a lot of work I feel like Layla going into WrestleMania with a program will be so great! Hopefully with Layla going over at WrestleMania and introducing some new characters would be great for the roster.

  • Jack

    I’ve had a lot to write this weekend and I normally forget to watch the endings as I have a lot of stuff on! Sorry for missing the ending people, I’ve added a little bit to the post. You’ve all been talking about it anyway, but still, I heard you and added my thoughts!

    • DJ8946

      Is the NXT Watch gonna be up tonight?

      • Jack

        Bobby is doing that one so I’m not sure. Bobby is in charge of the write-ups and as I’m primarily a news reporter, I just help out when people are busy! Superstars will be up this weekend from me though!

  • K2Evefan

    And yall said kelly kelly couldnt run the ropes lol what do yall think of aksana’s rop running abilities in this match lol?

  • MiWiRo

    The video is now private :(

    • Jack

      Changed it, the new one should work! :-)