Cheerleader Melissa Wins Vacant PWR Women’s Championship

MelissaIn a match presented by Diva Dirt and ChickFight, Cheerleader Melissa toppled the artist formerly known as Sarita, “Dark Angel” Sarah Stock, for the vacant Pro Wrestling Revolution Women’s Championship.

Melissa earned the victory and the title following a devastating Kudo Driver.

The bout will soon be available to purchase exclusively through ClickWrestle.

Following the match, Stock wrote on Facebook: “Hell of a battle tonight, but the war’s not over. I want a rematch.”

The PWR show on Saturday night ended up drawing a great crowd of 1000+ fans.

View two photos of Cheerleader Melissa’s victory below:

Image credit to Kevin Kleinrock.

  • JillianHallTNA

    She finally won Knockouts title. Cheers.

    • LightsOut

      LOL, true.

  • Looking Glass

    It never fails to amaze me how Melissa has never been signed by WWE, she really epitomises an attractive woman who has more than enough ability to wrestle.

    • divaindemise

      I could not agree more. When I met her I was honestly astonished by how beautiful she was. And, of course, her skills volumes.

      • k2evecrew

        Shes one of the few indies wrestlers that i seen (youtube)& i was suprised that she hasnt been offered an oppurtunity with them.In my opinion she would’ve been a perfect fit as the heel in the kaitlyn & Tamina storyline. She’s beautiful & has far enough experience to carry someone , & the kudo driver would be a strong enough finisher to put any diva away .

    • Melissa K Killer 2010

      WWE is miss the boat with Melissa the fan base is there so they should sign her and bring in Mercedes Martinez too they can breath life back into the diva div! and way to go Melissa nice Title.
      Cheerleader Melissa – The Wonder Woman Of Wrestling

  • shannymac

    Melissa literally has no flaws. <3

  • Melissa

    My god, she is so hot.


    Da Fuck!!! Maybe is for her hair but Melissa is so hot!

  • ETR

    I would love to hear some reviews about the match, but I am sure it was a great one

  • Marlon Eric

    Somebody got some new titties.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    Following the match, Stock wrote on Facebook: “Hell of a battle tonight, but the war’s not over. I want a rematch.” Sara Stock

    Melissa Anderson ?@FutureLegendCF

    Sorry that the only sights you saw were the ring lights! RT“@SSDarkAngel: Seeing some sights in SF before throwing Melissa around tonight.

    I would love to see a Mexican death match between these two let see how really invest these Women are in there feud.
    Cheerleader Melissa Tribute
    Dark Angel Sarah Stock vs La Amapola – Hair vs Mask – April 14th 2006
    (Deathmatch Queens)