SmackDown Redux (March 8th, 2013): Layla’s Not Much Help, Unless Your Name’s Tamina

Hello Diva fans, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Smackdown Redux! After spending several weeks on the back burner, the Blue Brand Divas are back in action as Divas Champion, Kaitlyn (with former champion Layla in her corner) clashes once again with “The Chaotic Exotic” Tamina in singles action. Can Tamina work her way back into title contention, or will Kaitlyn be victorious once again? Check out the match below:

We kick things off with both Divas already in the ring, ready for action. The official signals for the bell and our non-title match is underway! The Divas start off with a lockup, but Tamina quickly gets the upperhand with a kick to the gut, before slamming the champ down to the mat with a couple of handfuls of hair. Kaitlyn stumbles to the corner to gather herself, but Tamina is in hot pursuit. Tamina comes charging at her opponents, but eats an elbow to the face for her troubles.

With her opponent reeling, Kaitlyn goes on the offensive with an Irish whip into a huge back body drop. The champion tries to follow up with a cross body block, but Tamina has her scouted. At the very last moment Tamina ducks, sending Kaitlyn flying face first into the middle rope. OUCH!

Kaitlyn rolls to the floor, prompting Layla to come to her aid. Unfortunately for Layla, Tamina isn’t having any of that and shoves Layla and her good intentions to the ground. With Layla out of the way, Tamina sets her sights on Kaitlyn once again, but Kaitlyn fights out of her grasp and throws her into the ring.

Kaitlyn, still a bit disoriented from that rope to the face earlier, rolls into the ring and Layla follows suit. While Kaitlyn and the referee are distracted by Layla, Tamina seizes her opportunity and levels the champion with a Samoan Drop to pick up the win.

Thoughts: Well, that was quick… I honestly thought that this Tamina/Kaitlyn feud was over, but I guess I was wrong, huh? I think it’s pretty obvionus that WWE is building up to a triple threat match at WrestleMania between these three Divas, which could be really good if done right. However, what I’m really hoping for is a Layla heel turn.

I think Layla is a pretty generic babyface, but if you know anything about Layla, you know she absolutely shines as a heel. I think WWE should use the next few weeks leading into ‘Mania to build the tension between Layla and Kaitlyn, having Layla turn on her right before or at WrestleMania.

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  • Getdownwithachola

    Oh no Kaitlyn’s new theme sounds like that Illuminati bitch known as Nicki Manaj.


    • magicmike191

      On Wikipedia it says this “Higher” by Nicole Tranquilo is her new theme

      • Onetooth

        Ya You can already find it on youtube. It was actually on there before she even debuted it on Smackdown by a day or so.

    • Getdownwithachola

      Its also on iTunes.


      OMG Shut up!! The fricken Illuminati isn’t real…

      • Getdownwithachola

        Do your damn research hunny.

        • Raekon

          It’s not Nicki minaj. ^_^
          Oh and for everyone interested, check on youtube for Tamina vs Kaitlyn and select the video that was posted at the 6.3.2013

          It’s a video from one of the houseshows they worked and half of the 8 minutes match is what we saw in Elimination chamber.

          Now guess what they cut out of the match at the elimination chamber?
          Exactly! All the hard outside spots they had by slamming their heads at the steel steps, barricades, ringpost among other stuff.

          Unfortunately shaky camera and a bit is cut too but you can see quite a few spots.

        • jonboi

          Can I ask what is this illuminati? Anyway ok short match tamina really impressed me with the lalya vs tammy on superstars, am I the only one who wants tammy to get the divas title off kaitlyn I really like tams

        • Getdownwithachola

          JonBoi is the best for you not to know what it is, its the most evil thing ever.

          Please don’t let curiosity get the best of you.

      • JamieKym

        That Kim Clone Clown definitely sold her soul

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i am really really hoping for a Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania, but i kinda feel it is just gonna be Layla Vs Kaitlyn in some kinda lumberjill match

    they match was quick, but i feel good at starting a story and everything

    also the Tamina Vs Layla on Superstars match was really realy good , wouldnt mind them feuding

  • i22

    The write up forget to mention what happen after the match where Cody Rhodes is seen watching backstage and then he asks Damien Sandow what he thinks of Kaitlyn as a woman.

    While the match was legit only one minute I’m extremely happy they seem to be buliding two storylines with Kaitlyn. This angle with Layla aswell as the love angle woth Cody. I hope they continue with one or both angles on Monday.

    Layla is seen apologizing to Kaitlyn on backstage fallout: (skip to 1:30)

    Oh and here is a link to the full version of Kaitlyn’s new theme song: (so much better than Spin The Bottle)

  • melina prez

    The match was short but it provided foreshadowing which was good. I really see a triple threat between layla kailtyn and tamina over just layla and kaitlyn at WM becuase Tamina got the win. They should turn Layla heel on Raw and have a great heel promo on why she should face kailtyn and then Tamina comes out and is all like i made a statement by winning and we have a thriple threat match!

  • Blac Chyna

    is it me or does kaitlyn theme dound like nicki minaj >.<

  • JD Sensations

    Yawn, congrats WWE, you’ve completely fucked up the division

    • KaitlynLover<3

      Why? Finally we get something interesting and you´re saying that WWE fucked up everything?

      • iLUVValets

        Negative or not I have to agree with JD, they have all the tools in the world to have a great division, and they just don’t care. They keep centering everything around one “it girl” in the division, and once that girl leaves, they don’t give 2 sh*ts anymore. Its sad really

      • JD Sensations

        It’s been weeks since we got a Divas match, and now that we get one, it’s unnecessarily short. Are they trying to continue the Tamina/Kaitlyn feud or not? Are we gonna get a Mania divas match? Why aren’t they using any of their other divas, they sign so many women but put them on NXT instead of the main roster. The NXT divas division is more interesting and they have better matches, they also have more divas in NXT than the main roster

        Their Divas champion isn’t being built up properly, she’s had 1 title defence and then just disappeared for a while…now she returns and loses in 2 minutes

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    That was a nasty bump by kaitlyn

    Has to be setting up a Triple Threat for mania

  • KaitlynLover<3

    I really like Kaitlyn´s new theme song “Higer”, I think its much better than her older ones, at least is not about hitting the dance floor all nightg long, or spinning the bottle to be someones supermodel. Now with this theme I can take her more seriously!

    About the match, its was really short, but was good while it lasted, and I hope this leads to something at Wrestlemania! Oh and on backstage fallout Layla apologized Kaitlyn and she did not even answer xD

    And its so great so see the Divas Champion on 2 storylines, I really want to see where this Kailtyn/Cody thing goes :)

    P.S: Layla´s hair looked HORRIBLE xD

    • Marlon Eric

      LOL agree with you on everything. Especially the theme songs..

  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    Glad to see there are going ahead with Cody/Kaitlyn :)

  • Onetooth

    The match was short, but ok. I really liked the spot where Kaitlyn flew into the ropes. Also I’m happy to see they are continuing Kaitlyn/Cody. Even though they don’t get much time on the main shows at least Kaitlyn has two things going on.

  • iLUVValets

    Layla looks terrible as a blonde, and with that outfit, ugh, she looked about as fresh as a meth-whore at sunrise.On to the match, the bump Katylin took to the rope was sick. But lets be real yall, we really don’t need another Tamina, push, but whatever, Ill just take what I can get at this point. Another bland lifeless generic week for the divas I see, Same ole ish. Different week.

    • Raekon

      “methwhore at sunrise” lol

      • Ryan

        Would totally disagree about Layla looking like a meth whore as fresh at sunrise, considering I just saw Layla vs Tamina on superstars where Layla looks incredibly sexy and perfect
        But damn she does look like a whewa here!! Tamina did right in shoving Layla to the side, that’s how u get a whore out of ur way… The oldest profession in mankind ;)

  • Simply Flawless

    I think Kaitlyn will be the one to go heel and I am in the minority but I think Layla looks gorgeous with all that golden hair. That outfit was fabulous too. I can see Cody mixing it up with his real life ex Layla, this causing Kaitlyn to flip out on Layla especially with Layla costing her matches. The two of them need to do a promo with Kaitlyn goin’ crazy and spearing Layla resulting in a Wrestlemania Divas Match.

  • 09DHK

    Instrumental wise, Kaitlyn’s new theme sounds like an EXTREMELY remixed version of “Spin the Bottle” with a lot more base, which makes her seem more badass. I don’t know about the lyrics, but the beat is SICK. Maybe the lyrics will grow on me with time. And has anyone thought that the E may be thinking of turning KAITLYN heel as opposed to Layla since she’s in somewhat of a storyline with Cody Rhodes (who’s technically still heel)? Her new theme would be more convincing as a heel than Layla’s anyway.

    • hemme Wilde

      you know, you make a good point, what if for once the E is tricking us into thinking layla is the one going heel when in fact kaitlyn might be the one who turns, spin the bottle completely fit kaitlyn as a face, and this new theme doesnt sound face-ish at all, it sounds like a heel theme for a club chick or the billy badass type chick which is what kaitlyn is….. why all of a sudden change her theme when that usually only happens with a face/heel turn? hmmm plus shes got this thing going on with cody rhodes and that caterpiller on his face, what better way to make wrestlemania interesting than by turning the champ heel right before, imagine the heat she’d get! now im hoping for a kaitlyn heel turn over a layla one although layla makes a great heel, it would be nice to see what kaitlyn could do as a heel! if im correct shes only been a face.

  • charovnica

    The ending looked quite rushed…like they just ran out of time.Didn’t enjoy this tbh,but Kaitlyn sold everything nice.

    • Raekon

      Yep, they were short in time AGAIN.

      The match they had in the houseshows were supposed to be in the elimination chamber but it was around 8 minutes at the houseshows so they cut it in half and took out all the hard parts which were mostly on the outside. :/

      It would had been a great match and one would had witnessed tamina doing submissions and spots you never saw her doing on tv.

  • Matt

    Love Kaitlyn’s new theme. The match was good, but Layla like needs to go back brown that blonde looks hideous on her, she needs to go back to the fro, at least then she stood out. Also why didn’t anybody tell me the my boo, Brad Maddox was on SD! commentary, umph his voice!!

  • Gail-Trish-Brooke

    I REALLY hope we get Kaitlyn vs HEEL Layla at Wrestlemania. I doubt we will even get a title match at Mania though, the last time we had one at Wrestlemania was like 5 years ago..

  • DJ8946

    It was a good match but short. But it didn’t need to be a long match & if Tamina would went for the splash Layla would’ve probably distracted her. Kaitlyns theme needs to be either a Rock or a plain Rap theme & edit the way the lyrics are sang & it’ll be good because it fits where she is in her career. & How the fuck are people complaining. We are actually getting something interesting but people are still bitching. Ugh people are never happy.

    • jonboi

      @DJ8946 yip folks r never happy & the funny thing is if u go and read comments about taminas Ec match with beth she is praised left rite & center but a lot of they folks are saying she’s crap. & its always the same about other divas one year there great thn this year there shit, its human nature 101 were all made to b 2 faced moaning little shits some folks do more shit talking than others lol

  • GailKim95

    Damn that bump Kaitlyn took looked nasty! But we are actually getting a storyline and buld up so YAY!

  • DJ8946

    Also the hair did make Lay look like one of those ghetto crack whores. I also think WWE made her go blonde even though she says she wanted to. If she really wanted to why didn’t she when she was in LayCool & Michelle was a blonde?

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson

    WWE Has A Video Up With Divamania Moments!
    Chyna Is Included!

    • Raekon

      Wish I could watch it but is always cutting EU people out from their site. :(

      • Matt

        Its on Youtube

      • JD Sensations

        Search Top 10 Divamania moments on YouTube. Some are really good moments but 2 of them shouldnt be in it at all!!

  • Raekon

    Short match but with a few good spots and a storyline behind it which is good.
    Now we might get a triple threat for mania and I really hope we will.

    If they allow them to do hard spots like they do in the houseshows than it could be the best mania divas match ever.

    Also love how they continuing the kaitlyn/cody storyline.
    Would be great to use Kaitlyn to turn him face and both would benefit by it a lot.

  • Ryan

    WW-Weak has fucked up their division a loooooong time ago, and any signs of improvements, wwe crushes it.. Damn it’s like rebellions. The women uprise for the right to wrestle, wwe crushes the uprise.. Smh
    Salute to all the girls who have risen up

    Anyways I digged the match!! Kate is incredibly tough and fearless! She threw herself at the ropes face first!! And Tamina rocking pants with skin showing like Ivory haha nice!!
    And Layla I hope no idiotic heel turn happens.. Would rather see two good guy friends go for the divas title. :)

  • Sitau

    why cant they have Kaitlin on the mic on raw doing a promo with Layla saying how excited she is to be going into Wresltemania as champ and when Layla gets on mic Tamina comes from behind and super kicks lay, then goes for Kaitlin, and have lay get up and try to help Kaitlin, only to again take out her friend by accident and end with Tamina Holding the divas title pointing at the wreslemania sign….bam max what 4 minutes, introduces all participants in the feud, makes tamina look like a strong and dominant challenger for kaits title, meanwhile kait can run this whole solo diva attitude where she tells layla to stay away from her, then they can do a second backstage scene where aj runs into kait in the back and makes fun of her for what just happened, maybe have aj say something like “If i were divas Champion, these girls would be afraid to interrupt me” and giggles and starts to skip away only to be tackled by kait to start a backstage brawl, outta nowhere tamina comes in to jump kait, then layla, when all is said and done kaitlyn is set for a fatal four way match at mania….ugh if only they’d put a lil effort in our divas

    • DJ8946

      I like this & the 4 way is very likely. I mean do you really think they are gonna leave AJ out of WM certainly since its in her homestate.

  • Garouix

    Well, weren’t we lucky enough to get 2:00 minutes of Smackdown Diva action this week lol?

  • Fartycow

    random but i just ran into kaitlyn at my gym. haha. She kept looking at me(probably cause she knew i recognized her), but wow she’s gorgeous in real life…and a beast when working out for sure.

    • puppies

      Did you speak to her? I would’ve freaked haha. I’m in love with Kaitlyn, I can’t help it.

      • Fartycow

        haha no, she seemed nice though, i just didn’t want to be “that guy”

        • puppies

          I would’ve totally been “that guy” haha. Morals are put aside when it comes to these matters! Really though I understand.