Hello Diva fans, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Smackdown Redux! After spending several weeks on the back burner, the Blue Brand Divas are back in action as Divas Champion, Kaitlyn (with former champion Layla in her corner) clashes once again with “The Chaotic Exotic” Tamina in singles action. Can Tamina work her way back into title contention, or will Kaitlyn be victorious once again? Check out the match below:

We kick things off with both Divas already in the ring, ready for action. The official signals for the bell and our non-title match is underway! The Divas start off with a lockup, but Tamina quickly gets the upperhand with a kick to the gut, before slamming the champ down to the mat with a couple of handfuls of hair. Kaitlyn stumbles to the corner to gather herself, but Tamina is in hot pursuit. Tamina comes charging at her opponents, but eats an elbow to the face for her troubles.

With her opponent reeling, Kaitlyn goes on the offensive with an Irish whip into a huge back body drop. The champion tries to follow up with a cross body block, but Tamina has her scouted. At the very last moment Tamina ducks, sending Kaitlyn flying face first into the middle rope. OUCH!

Kaitlyn rolls to the floor, prompting Layla to come to her aid. Unfortunately for Layla, Tamina isn’t having any of that and shoves Layla and her good intentions to the ground. With Layla out of the way, Tamina sets her sights on Kaitlyn once again, but Kaitlyn fights out of her grasp and throws her into the ring.

Kaitlyn, still a bit disoriented from that rope to the face earlier, rolls into the ring and Layla follows suit. While Kaitlyn and the referee are distracted by Layla, Tamina seizes her opportunity and levels the champion with a Samoan Drop to pick up the win.

Thoughts: Well, that was quick… I honestly thought that this Tamina/Kaitlyn feud was over, but I guess I was wrong, huh? I think it’s pretty obvionus that WWE is building up to a triple threat match at WrestleMania between these three Divas, which could be really good if done right. However, what I’m really hoping for is a Layla heel turn.

I think Layla is a pretty generic babyface, but if you know anything about Layla, you know she absolutely shines as a heel. I think WWE should use the next few weeks leading into ‘Mania to build the tension between Layla and Kaitlyn, having Layla turn on her right before or at WrestleMania.