WWE Superstars Redux (March 7th, 2013): Layla Gives Tamina One El of a Fight

Superstars Tamina vs Layla

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s WWE Superstars Redux. We’ve had a couple of solid Divas matches on WWE’s international/internet show as of late and we’ve got another one this week in the form of Layla vs Tamina Snuka. Layla has a point to prove after losing to Tamina numerous times in recent weeks, whilst Tamina is looking to assert herself as worthy of a potential Wrestlemania spot. Will Tamina leave Layla lying yet again or will it be third time lucky for Ms El?

The annoying energetic music of Layla plays through the arena first, and out comes the lively Londoner, who is looking lovely in lilac. Not sure what the weird hood thing is on Layla’s head but she’s swirling it around loving life, so as long as she’s happy, ey?! Out next is the intense Tamina, who either talks to herself or talks trash to the crowd on the way to ring. I imagine it’s the latter. Layla’s smiley look has turned to a focused one as she definitely knows what is at stake here – she desperately wants another shot at the Divas Title and a third loss to Tamina would ruin any chance of that.

The bell sounds and Tamina immediately gets the better of her British foe as overpowers Layla with a strong collar and elbow tie-up. What do you do if you get bested in strength? That’s right, you annoy your opponent by shimmying! Layla lulls Tamina into a false sense of security with her dance moves and Layla manages to level her Polynesian adversary with a drop toe hold. The last ever Women’s Champion then goes for an Oklahoma Roll but Tamina is too close to the ropes to start a count. Undeterred, Layla booty botches Tamina before stupidly turning her back to her opponent, and Tamina takes advantage with a knee to the gut.

The self proclaimed Chaotic Exotic then locks up with Layla again and she thrusts her to the floor with authority. Layla then counters with a few boots to the face before trying to get a pinfall with a sunset flip. Tamina’s leg strength comes into play as she avoids Layla’s pin attempt before dropping a knee over the back of Lay’s head. Matt Striker then compares Tamina to J-Lo which then makes me compare what comes out of Matt’s mouth with horse manure – what is he talking about?! Tamina misses an elbow before Layla lands a flurry of kicks. The Little English Muffin then tries to irish whip Tamina, but the daughter of Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka is just too powerful.

Layla and Tamina Snuka then channel Roadrunner and Coyote as Layla avoids Tamina’s onslaught… until Tamina knocks her down with a shoulder tackle. Tamina tries to whip Layla once more, yet this time, the former Divas Champion uses her veteran instincts as opposed to her agility to dispose of Tamina outside. Following a sweet baseball slide dropkick, it looks Layla is in control, yet out of nowhere, Tamina whacks Layla in the throat with a punch – very innovative.

Tamina continues to wear down Layla’s neck area with a series of knee drops as Matt Striker puts over the way that Tamina targeted Layla’s throat. Following a two count, Tamina whips Layla into the turnbuckle three times before stomping on her chest, winding the former Divas Champion. The Pacific Princess then locks in a vice-like chinlock that she manages to keep locked in for a lengthy period. However, Layla is not down and out yet, and she manages to make a comeback. Tamina collides with a couple of Layla’s kicks and although she kicks out, she could be in trouble! She temporarily gains control once more but Layla’s adrenaline is still pumping and she  hits her Lots of Layla crossbody! Matt Striker calls the name of the move wrong and it seems like Layla could have hit it wrong as Tamina simply rolls through and hoists up her Floridian foe. Tamina is thinking Samoan Drop yet Layla out-thinks her and executes a sunset flip, and it’s enough to surprise Tamina and get the win!

Thoughts: Whilst some elements of this match intrigued me, I definitely felt like it was lacking something to make it more exciting as opposed to just competent. I loved the uniqueness of Tamina’s throat punch and the way that Matt Striker described it so excellently, yet Tamina’s offence after that move was uninspiring and didn’t reflect the potential game-changing move that she had just hit. It would have made much more sense for her to choke Layla and hang her up on the ropes, or perhaps drop her throat first on the top turnbuckle or outside barricade, yet all we got instead was a boring chinlock and a few irish whips, the latter of which wouldn’t hurt Layla’s throat at all.

All in all, the match was just okay to me. I wish I could have liked it more yet unfortunately, it was just mediocre to me. I still feel that Tamina needs more training as she chemistry is off with most of the girls that she faces and when it comes to Layla, I just want her to turn heel as soon as possible. Her face persona is seriously lacking and when you have to resort to twirling a hood around to get noticed, you know you’re clutching at straws. (I’m looking at you too Alicia Fox!) However, after seeing what transpired on Smackdown, it looks like there is going to be a follow-up on these two as well as the Divas Champion Kaitlyn, so I’ll take all the positives I can from this match and hope that they translate them come Wrestlemania. Only time will tell! And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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  • bjorn448

    hm i’m think that it will be a triple treat matc at Wrestlemania. Layla VS Tamina VS Kaitlyn foor divas title.

  • melina prez

    The match didnt really have anyhting special nothing really stood out too much. But really Taminas selling sucked…she just sucks at selling. But we really do need to have Layla turn heel…i wish she wouldent have been so happy in this match. And Tamina need to live off the crowd more…do some taunts, look at them, call them somethiing idk…..

    • KaitlynLover<3

      I don´t understand, at house shows she taunts the crowd very much, but on TV she does anything!

      • melina prez

        i think shes afraid (like many other divas) of what will happen if they look to good in the ring or dont hold back.


      Yes,i hate how Tamina sell that superkick of Layla

    • Getdownwithachola

      That’s the point. Being a great seller is the last thing you should due in WWE other wise look at how Fox is being treated.

      • KeepinItFoxy

        yeah Alicia Fox is probably one of the best selling divas, and WWE isn’t doing ANYTHING with her right now…. makes me upset.

      • kio3j2

        And Dolph too

  • GoldenAgeRuled

    Enjoyed this match more than I thought I would but honestly… Layla’s running through out the match was just bugging me and I don’t know why, maybe because there was an Irish whip or rope running every other move so there was a bit too much of it :-/ good time given but then this is Superstars not a main show so that’s expected, just wish Tamina would work on her selling a bit more, just enough do it looks like the move she is taking is actually hitting her, and same goes for her taking a cover… shoulder was clearly up at the end x

  • velvelove

    I was very into this match.
    Even though we’ve seen it before, it felt fresh.

  • redsandman99

    Tamina’s television matches lately drag if they’re not kept short. Layla is indeed in need of a heel turn to freshen her up. Her face turn hasn’t panned out due to bad timing (her getting injured right after she and Michelle split) and bad booking (her entire title reign).

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i really enjoyed this match, and i thought both girls did awesome, i love how Tamina is so cool and takes her time in the matches, and doesnt go for big move after big move, she takes little breaks in between each move, which make them more effective

    as far as Layla, i am liking some of her new moves, however, some of them just look awkward when she uses them, i am not really a fan of her trying to be a lucha girl and everything

    but i would love to see a feud between these girls, because this match was good, and good lead up to Smackdown, really hoping for a triple threat at WM

    • jonboi

      Totaly agree with everything u said I’m a massive fan of taminas I don’t know why but I just do lol

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    I love Layla!!! She totally rocked!! And Tamina actually looked legit thanks to layla! :)
    Matt Stryker on point as usual.
    Layla looks incredibly sexy as a blonde. :)

    • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

      Also, wa watching an Ivory vs Trish match from 2002, where Victoria and Trish have a really cool fist fight at the end, Tamina is wearing the same thing ivory was on that vid haha cool! And dude Tamjna is no J’Lo from waist down is correct!

  • DJ8946

    Good match. I like Tamina but she needs more moves like use the Savate kick, the throat thrust, & that that running butt move in the corner more & then do a vertical suplex & maybe a front slam or something.

  • i22

    I realy enjoyed this match despite some obvious botches. Layla does a really good job at selling Tamina’s offense here. I think Layla meshes better with Tamina than Kaitlyn does. & the fact that Layla won via the roll up still makes Tamina look “strong”.

    All signs are poiting to a triple threat match for the title at Mania, I really hope it happens and the girls get atleast 5 minutes.

  • lucky1now

    i love when the divas have long hair like layla

  • charovnica

    From now on I’ve decided I’ll comment only if something impressive happens.I’m tired of writing the same thing on every redux.I wanna be entertained,I don’t wanna watch a non-stop tragic comedy that’s not even funny. But I’ll keep supporting the girls on Twitter :D

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    it was good but nothing stood out…wwe really needs to let tamina show us what she can do like at the houseshows because she never really does much on tv….
    layla was her usual self but i liked how she actually got over tamina on the winning pin because it made it look more real then just sitting in a sunset position when tamina could easily kick out….

  • Johnyfaction3

    I liked the match.

    I was laughing at the Redux picture because that’s not the right picture of Tamina. She clearly had curly hair in this match.

    • aldo

      Yeah! That picture is from Elimination Chamber I think (:

  • AdrianRay

    Layla’s hair…uhhhh…..no…

    A very entertaining match, with a decent pace.

  • TibarnEl

    Awww I can’t help but adore Layla no matter what she’s doing. She’s a top class entertainer and she sold the “thank fark I slipped that one by” feeling very well. =P

    • divaindemise

      Layla is thoroughly appealing and hard to dislike, such is the drive of her energy and enthusiasm as a performer. She doesn’t get enough credit, frankly.

  • TibarnEl

    Also, I think Matt Striker is *THE* best commentator around. Nobody can make such mundane elements of the match seem so intelligent and logical, and I love that he uses big words and discusses every competitor like they have a legitimate chance to win.

    • aldo

      I prefer Scott Stanford.

      • puppies

        JBL does great work with the women as well. He actually calls the matches and ussually tries to get the other guys to stop being assess (Michael Cole) and pay attention. He treats them like real legitimate competitors. Plus he calls the the title the “Ladies’ championship” which I love haha.

  • miickeyzreal

    Layla carried Tamina all the way. Natalya has to be WWE next big strong diva. Alicia Fox should be used more and not to loose matches. Layla should be a big heel with time to use the mic and sell big storylines because she can!

  • divaindemise

    Layla is hands down my favourite Diva to watch (along with Aksana, actually) and I find her to be a great all round entertainer. She’s come a hell of a long way in terms of wrestling skill and I enjoy seeing her variations in the ring. The blonde hair, however, she neither suits nor needs.

  • Akie

    Let’s go Layla! :))

  • aldo

    The macth was good for me, better than her two first encounters. And Tamina do needs a little bit more training. I know she is a strong diva, but she needs to be faster in the ring. Especially when she jumps. Natalya and Beth Phoenix are strong and fast. But when she threw Layla in the corner of the ring…WOW, that looked good! And Layla saying “I’m sorry!” and then Tamina “Get up!”….One more match between these two please! Also Tamina’s new ring attire is growing on me. As for Layla, hoping that her heel turn isn’t like Melina’s or Victoria’s last heel turns. I’m looking forward WM.