Big Name Turns Down TNA Knockouts PPV

kharma 2Former TNA Knockouts Champion Kharma, who competed in TNA as Awesome Kong between 2007 and 2010 before joining WWE, has revealed she declined the company’s offer to appear on its Knockouts-centric taped pay per view.

Kharma and Gail Kim helped put the Knockouts division on the map in 2007 but following an acrimonious departure — after an altercation with Bubba the Love Sponge — it had been doubtful that the two sides would work together again. However, it seems TNA put feelers out to the former WWE star about making an appearance at the show which tapes next week.

Kharma wrote on Twitter:

In an interview with Diva Dirt last year, the former champion was adamant that she would never return to TNA.

She said: “I have to say that WWE is where my heart lies now. I do appreciate the opportunities that were given to me by TNA, by Dixie Carter and Terry Taylor, I really do. I appreciate my time there and it was good, until it wasn’t.

“Nothing against TNA, like I said, I’m very grateful and they were the ones who introduced me to the US market, but, that time has gone.”

As previously reported, both Angelina Love and Traci Brooks have also turned down offers.

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    Your welcome. And what a shame, anyhow I’d prefer to see her back in WWE anyway.

    • gavin harvey

      i almost died when we tweeted me bk



      • Getdownwithachola

        That must have been an honor.

  • lucky1now

    With all these turn downs I wonder how this event is going to go

  • Getdownwithachola

    With all these turn downs they better bring in women from the Independents, but we still have Winter, Hamada, Jackie, Melissa, Sojo Bolt, Salinas, or even Leva Bates who we yet don’t know if they are available to show up.

    • Getdownwithachola

      The reason I included Leva is due to the fact she is trained by Team 3D and she been on a segment with Aces & AIDs.

    • JD Sensations

      Hamada didn’t leave on good terms with them, and neither did Salinas, so they’re doubtful.

      I doubt we will be seeing Roxxi, Daffney, Sarita, Peyton Banks, LVE or Taylor Wilde either

      • Kitten16x

        Yeah more than likely, DEFINITELY not Daffney. :/ This entire thing Is looking to be a disappointment.

      • Getdownwithachola

        Hamada was just to expensive to book that’s all. So I can see them bringing her back for one time only.

    • Getdownwithachola

      I forgot about Christina Von Erie which could be possible.

  • GlamSlamFan

    I know some people are speculating the these “turn downs” are true or not.
    If they are true, hopefully it will teach impact to not treat some of their Knockouts like crap, so they will want to return for an event like this.

    • Marshy

      In general that you don’t treat your employees like garbage and to expect them to come back for one time only job,it just don’t make sense at all.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Also former early knockout B.B aka Taylor Vaughin in TNA, also announced that TNA never asked her to appear, so she wont be there

  • defineinsanity

    Nikki Roxx turned it down too

  • redsandman99

    No surprise there. She said it herself she wants back with WWE.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    well Roxxi said a bunch turned them down, i guess that says alot about TNA In away

  • charovnica

    And it’ll be good if Dixie & Hogan realize why are these people not eager to come back for even one night.

  • GrrMonster

    I don’t know why they would ask her anyway, it common sense.

  • gavin harvey

    this was me that tweeted kharma im glad she got bck to me but can u blame her wanting to decline it i dont

  • Crazy_J

    Maybe she’s afraid to even go on TNA out of fear WWE wouldn’t lend their hand in the future? Who knows.. all the turn downs could also be pay related for all we know.

  • DnelDivaLovin89

    TNA is soo full of it! They only call on former knockouts when its convenient for them, but when their on the roster they total ignore them… Smh

  • AdrianRay

    This is starting to become quite hilarious. Lol


      I know right! I’ve been checking my Twitter feed like every 10 seconds all day just to see if anyone will actually accept or more will decline!

      • pumped up kicks

        Lol I cant help but laugh too! Christina Von Errie will prob be next to turn em down. So far kharma, Roxxi, Anaglena Love, and Traci Brooks have turned em down…. Rosie Lottalove might say yes though lol

        • 09DHK

          LOL if they get rejected by Rosie Lottalove, the PPV is pretty much shot. XD

  • Marshy

    With the roster that they have now that it is not enough to even fulfill the PPV to begin with and with the formers who are turning it down that they are very short staffed. They have to either cancel the PPV or The KOs will have wrestle twice on the card.

    • SherriShepherdWWE

      they will just have to get indies, they wont be cancelling the PPV LOL


        Can you imagine if they just got all models. I think I would wet myself just imagining the fans reactions.

        • Getdownwithachola

          Oh hell no @Maxillian if that happens I would shoot myself in the head ;D

    • perceval

      They’ll be able to get enough for the PPV. They can always use some of the OVW girls in a real pinch.

  • Marshy

    If this was WWE that they will have no problem of having all Diva PPV that they have the roster to fulfill it,but the only problem is that they need to get it off the ground-etch in stone on paper.

    • perceval

      And promise not to involve Santino in drag.

      • Marshy

        I am so glad that I have miss that Wrestlemania.Please WWE do not involve Santino in drag again.

    • flash1086

      Except in wwe the only talent left is AJ and Nattie. And the crowd have been horrible for the divas division since the PG era. lol

  • Nostalgia

    Sheesh, see how when treating employees terrible and not paying them bad bites you in the ass? At least when the divas had the miss wrestlemania fuckery a lot of divas returned.

  • JD Sensations

    Roxxi just replied to Diva Dirt’s post saying she also turned them down!

    • redsandman99

      No surprise there either honestly.

  • JD Sensations

    LOLTNA are eventually gonna get so desperate that they’ll just ask any woman who ever appeared for them.

    Could you imagine at the PPV – Jackie Haas, Sirelda, Mercedes Steele and Toxxin

  • shameronstar

    Wow, tna need to think fast. I think Ivelisse could be lock. Taeler Hendrux and Lei’d Tapa will also most likely appear. They could also get some other women from indies or former wwe divas like Jillian, Melina, and Caylee Turner since she recently had a tryout. There’s also a few I’ve women they could use and if any former knockouts do return the only ones who ai know who haven’t turned down yet are Jacqueline, Toxxine and Moose! Also, tna should definitely contact the greatest knockout of ALL TIME! Jenna Morasca! I mean Morasca and Brooke Hogan could have a match more legendary than Morasca and Sharmell! But seriously though, I can really see Brooke Hogan having a physical segment will Tara or Madison though!

    • Getdownwithachola

      I agree with you about Janna Morasca that bitch was so talented, I can’t believe they made somebody like Kong bury her ugh WTF TNA I hate you for mistreating such a talent, and to think somebody like Kong and Gail won the title but yet Jenna didn’t it just makes me sick to my stomach.


      • GrrMonster

        Are you being real?

        • Getdownwithachola

          You decide :)

    • MELshocked

      I could see Jillian and Caylee taking part… but Melina has said that she has no interest in going to TNA, so I don’t think she’d even entertain the idea. But anything can happen.

      It’d be interesting to see Jillian take part though. But I think this thing was doomed from the beginning, tbh. Given the rumors of how badly the knockouts are treated backstage and the pay… giving them one little pay-per-view doesn’t make it better. It’s kind of a slap in the face. “Hey, I know we treated you bad and you didn’t leave on good terms with us, but can you come and take part in this one night only KO pay-per-view for us?” Yeah… I would turn them down too.

  • Ryan

    Haha I saw this tweet in the morning kong was like “NOPE! (Like Lana Kane) Respectfully declined.”
    I don’t blame her and I don’t blame Roxxi
    Traci she’s a cool chick but yeah don’t bother with TNA lol..
    I wonder if miss Jackie Moore, Gayda and maybe Rhaka khan or Daffney will show up

    • 09DHK

      Well seeing as how Daffney filed a worker’s comp. against TNA some time ago, I highly doubt she’ll be there.

  • theshadowranger

    Why am I not surprised. TNA does something that fans have been saying they would love to see for years and instead of supporting them, the fans take every opportunity to bash them.

    So a few people turned them down. Big deal. They can use the women they have and make the matches longer. It’s a tournament so you have at least 4 first round matches. 2 second round matches. Throw in a few losers bracket matches and you can easily fill 3 hours. Get the blossom twins for a tag match and you got a show.

    Give me 20 minutes and I could book this entire 3 hour show with just the current roster and a couple of OVW girls.

  • ajfan83

    So, much like the WrestleMania 25 battle royal, the names that don’t show up are much bigger than the ones that will.

  • Marcos Navarro

    What the? Why are all the former knockouts turning them down? What;s so bad about going back for one night? No Angelina Love? No Traci? No Kong? Maybe we’ll get Hamada, Daffney, Roxxi, or Sarita. One can dream.

    • redsandman99

      Kong wants back in WWE so I can see why she turned them down. Roxxi already said she turned it down (and indicated more had done the same though whether she was referring to the ones we already knew about or even more was unclear). Daffney definitely won’t because there’s the whole lawsuit thing with TNA. Hamada and Sarita could be possible.

  • soju81

    It’s disappointing but not surprising. However TNA can still have this PPV. If this is a tournament like the rumors say, then they only need 8 women. I think they already have more than 8… ODB, Taeler Hendrix, Mickie James, Miss Tessmacher, Velvet, Madison Rayne, Tara and Gail Kim.

    If they wanna bring back the KO tag titles then they have to try much harder to bring back the fired Knockouts…. Raisha Saeed (who could also compete as Alyssa Flash), Sarita, Rosita, Jackie Moore, Jackie Haas, Hamada, Winter, etc.
    If they get desperate they could even make Lei’d Tapa and Ivelisse a team.