Former Knockouts, Divas and Independent Talent Appear at TNA Knockouts PPV Taping

trinity-sojo-boltWith so much attention on who wouldn’t be part of the show, it was certainly curious to see who would actually appear at the TNA One Night Only: Knockout Knockdown pay per view taping in Orlando, Florida today.

Diva Dirt can confirm exclusively that joining the current Impact Wrestling stars are former TNA Knockouts Cheerleader Melissa (reprising her Alissa Flash gimmick), Trinity, Sojo Bolt and Jacqueline Moore.

Other names at the taping are TNA Gut Check winners Taeler Hendrix and Lei’D Tapa, Gut Check contestant and former WWE star Ivelisse Velez, and TNA British Boot Camp contestants, the Blossom Twins.

Interestingly, TNA is also utilizing the services of a former WWE Diva, Jillian Hall, who had a dark match with the company last year.

The company has also called on independent stars Mia Yim and Santana Garrett to appear on the show. Yim had a tryout with TNA in 2010 while Santana briefly had a valet role with Orlando Jordan on Impact.

As previously reported, a slew of former TNA women declined the company’s invitation to compete including Kharma, Angelina Love and Traci Brooks.

UPDATE: Former WWE star Serena is also competing at the taping in what would be one of her first matches in 18 months following a scary concussion injury.

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  • Matty

    Glad SoJo is returning, would like to see her return full-time, I enjoy watching her in the ring.

  • Mr. Asstastic

    Not a bad turn out. The only one who turned them down that I would wanna see anyway is Kharma. I’m kind of excited for Santana. I always wanted to see more of her and Cameron when they were valeting for Orlando Jordan.

    • shameronstar

      That actually would have been a very interesting storyline but most wrestling fans aren’t very progressive so it didn’t really get off the ground!

    • iLUVValets

      Yea I was disappointed when Santan and Orlando’s boyfriend just disappeared. Does anyone know what happened to them?

  • TCsinger09

    OMG So Happy!! Jacqueline Moore, Santana,Mia Yim




      I just jumped off my bed and fell on the floor, I hope it leads to a contract. I’ll try not to get my hopes up but PLEASEEEE.

      • JillianHallTNA


  • MELshocked

    Yay Jillian!

    But… no big stars came back. That’s pretty sad. Says so much about TNA.

    • JD Sensations


      • MELshocked

        She was a bigger star in WWE, ironically. Don’t consider her one of the big stars of TNA.

        • JD Sensations

          True, I thought you meant big stars overall, but yeah she’s not as big in TNA

    • theshadowranger

      It says nothing about TNA. At least not until we get the whole story on who isn’t there and why?

    • RR

      No big stars came back? Alissa Flash came back!

    • Getdownwithachola

      Alissa Flash, Serena and Trinity are big stars though.

      • Mikas

        Not in TNA though. Melissa was basicly a jobber, Serena only had a tryout match. And Trinity wasnt that long with them. This is a 1-time only ppv, so it would have been nice if they tried to get all the knockouts from the past on the show somehow. They could’ve but these ppvs are very low-budget so they probably werent willing to pay enough.

  • Spike7000

    So it looks to be a mix of the current girls, former roster members, and those who had tryouts in past and recent

    Here’s a few notes word going around

    Melissa faced Gail Kim
    Mia Yim faced Tara
    Brooke Tessmacher faced Santana Garrett
    Mickie James was rumored to have a match with Serena Deeb

    • JD Sensations

      It hasn’t been taped yet though.

      • redsandman99

        Spoilers are out so apparently it was. There was also a photo out on tumblr showing Mia and Tara facing off in the ring.

        @Spike7000 And yes, Mickie did face Serena.

        • JD Sensations

          Oh sorry I thought it was taped at night, didn’t realise they taped several PPVs throughout the day

    • Melissa

      Gail Kim vs Anderson??????????? Mickie vs Serena?????????


  • k2evecrew

    I bet this will still be a kick ass Ppv even without the big stars, it woulda been good to see Angelina & Kong though

  • bjorn448

    I love to see trinity again!!

  • Blac Chyna

    Alissa Flash and Sojo Bolt need to be back in TNA

  • Ed

    Can’t wait for Gail vs Melissa, but why on earth would they bring back SomeJobber Bolt? Did she not tank badly enough the last time she was there?

  • 3xplicit

    i could have sworn in a interview Sojo Bolt said she would never go back to tna….

    • MiPiMafia

      She is in TNA.. she is in OVW and has been for years now. OVW is the training camp for TNA.

      • shameronstar

        Why has she been in developmental so long?

        • Spike7000

          Before TNA signed Sojo, she already was in OVW and this was when WWE had them as a developmental territory. After she was released from TNA she went back to OVW so basically she’s like a trainer or just simply likes to work with OVW

    • JD Sensations

      she said she’d never go to WWE, maybe you got it from that?

  • LadyGoDiva

    I find it pretty amazing that Cheerleader Melissa,Sojo Bolt,Jacqueline will appear plus I’m surprised that TNA would actually let Ivelisse do the ppv after gutcheck.

  • Rhawk

    Not the best turn out, but its not a bad one either. Nice to see some old faces in Alissia, SoJo, Trinity & Jacqueline. Nice to see Taeler, Tapa & The Blossom being used. And odd to see the likes of Serena, Jillian, Mia Yim (big shock with her tbh) and Santana.
    I know this is a one night thing, but depending on how this show plays out, I wouldn’t mind seeing a few of the names listed being full members of TNA eventually, particularly Alissa though.

    • Rhawk

      My bad I forgot Ivelisse, she needs to be in TNA also.

  • shameronstar

    Actually most of these women are the ones I expected to see participate! Mia Yim and Santana were nice little surprises. Sojo, Jacqueline, and Alissa Flash were some good knockouts to use too. I never got the opportunity to see much of Trinity during her run as a wrestler but she’s really good from the little I’ve seen. Taeler Hendrix, Tei’D Tapa, Blossom Twins, and Ivelisse have the highest chance of become regulars after this since all but one have contracts and tna seem to might want to bring Ivelisse eventually! Jillian could be signed but Jillian might have also been contacted by wwe to return so that Inez’s up in the hair. All and all, tna rebounded pretty well!

  • Ryan

    Jackie Moore is back!! Alissa Flash and Serena fuck yes!!!!! :D

    And also Sojo Jillian and Trinity!! Allright!!!!!

    Also Tapa Ivy Blossom Twins!! It’s gonna be an awesome night!!

  • shameronstar

    So Serena is there too? Im glad she’s doing better because the last couple of years seemed pretty rough for her! Also, Serena is another one who could be in the same boat as Jillian!

  • Jamal

    Some cool names! Should be a good show

  • MiPiMafia

    I knew that TNA would be able to pull this off! Even though you have some of the women have not actually been apart of TNA, it’s good to see them showing up.

    You now have the following women for the PPV:

    TNA Knockouts:
    -Gail Kim
    -Lei’d Tapa
    -Madison Rayne
    -Mickie James
    -Miss Tessmacher
    -Taeler Hendrix
    -Velvet Sky

    One Night Only Women:
    -Cheerleader Melissa
    -Sojo Bolt
    -Jackie Moore
    -Ivelisse Velez
    -Jillian Hall
    -Mia Yim
    -Santana Garrett
    -Serena Deeb

    That’s a total of 18 Women competing on that night. Possible Taryn may be competing as well.

    + with the rumored matches that may be happening, i’m extremely happy with this and can’t wait to witness it.

    • MiPiMafia

      Also the Blossom Twins. That’s 20 women on this PPV. It may be a tournament.

  • RR

    A big LOL to all the people here and around the net that wanted this show to fail. Glad TNA reached out to a bunch of different women, the show sounds awesome and if you’re a fan a women’s wrestling it really sounds like something worth checking out considering the talent involved.

    Thank you TNA!

    Screw the negative people!

  • JillianHallTNA

    JILLIAN IS BACK BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • foxlive

    when and where can I watch this PPV?

    I’m soo excited for alissa flash, jillian and sojo

    • abwiz74

      The One Night Only shows will air on the first Friday of the months that TNA doesn’t have a monthly pay-per-view. So this one will air either July, August or September.

  • Kitten16x

    SO goddamn Glad Melissa signed on for this my heart has been much repaired.<3 Kind of expected them to ask Trinity too for some reason. Glad TNA has some good names up there,But my heart Is most excited to see Melissa. :))))

  • Rhawk

    One name I’m kind of sad isn’t there who never mentioned anything about being there… Leva Bates. The woman needs to be on TV already!

  • ILuvEve

    Imagine Karen Jarrer returns and claims her throne as Queen! Awesome!

  • Matt

    That honest to God sounds spectacular. It fully reminds me of what the Knockouts division used to be prior to Hogan & co. Too bad one night only is all they’ve got to spare.