WWE Main Event Redux (March 20th, 2013): Aksana Screams, Alicia Speaks, Layla Skips & Natalya Snaps

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to a slightly belated WWE Main Event Redux! On Wednesday night, the Divas appeared for only their second Main Event match, with Aksana being the only girl to appear in both bouts – go Aksana (it’s the best thing she has going for her right now.. I jest!) The aforementioned Aksana teamed with the woman who has the strangest personality since Dr Jekyll – it’s the face to heel flip-flopper, Alicia Fox! Their opponents I hear you ask? Well, you’ve already the title so you know that Layla teamed up with Natalya! With Alicia and Natalya both back from combating malaria in Africa, who will successfully combat their opponents? Let’s find out!

P-P-P-PARTAY! I feel like I’m jiving in a club as Alicia Fox’s fantastic theme song bursts through my earphones. Out she struts in the sassy way that only she can, yet Alicia, aren’t you meant to be a heel this week? Stop touching the fans’ hands! Alicia is accompanied by the sultry Aksana, who I forever wish would bring back The Aksana Show. The girls pose in the ring as we cut to commercials, and we return to see a video package highlighting the amazing work that Alicia and Natalya did in Rwanda.

Back in the arena and Natalya and Layla make their entrance and both look amazing in pink and purple respectively. Before Nattie can climb the top rope and Layla can lay on top of the ropes, Alicia grabs a mic and tells them to wait one minute! Note to Alicia: avoid using the word ‘undefined’ and don’t mention hungry piranhas. Get it? Got it? Good. Alicia explains she that she felt that she got the most out of the charity campaign as all Nattie did was talk about how she missed the Great Khali’s big hands, big feet and big ego! Natalya was not happy and snapped, trying her best to get past the ref and right at Alicia!

The bell sounds and Aksana charges awkwardly at Natalya. Nattie then applies a headlock takeover and Aksana is already screaming – you’ve only been involved 5 seconds woman! The Lithuanian Lovely manages to get out of her predicament and temporarily locks Nattie in a headscissors, yet the Dungeon Divas nips up out of harms way in a flash! Aksana is visibly annoyed and shoves Natalya, yet she gets arm-dragged for her troubles.

Layla then enters the match and hits a clotheslines followed by a jackknife cover. She then kicks Aksana in the gut, reverses her irish whip and performs her patented twisting pin that I still have no idea how to describe – ideas welcomed! Aksana then crawls towards her corner and Layla pulls her back time after time, whilst making fun of her. Genuinely funny stuff as opposed to the cringe-worthy dancing – keep this kind of humor up Layla if you are not going to turn heel like I ask! Following a spank to the tush and butt bump to the face, Layla then tries to whip Aksana, yet something doesn’t seem quite right as the girls try and whip one-another like some form of unusual Irish dancing! Alicia gets involved however by kicking Layla in the back, creating an opening for her team.

Aksana goes for a cover following a clubbing blow to the back of Layla’s head, yet it’s to no avail. Aksana then crushes her elbow into Layla’s face before applying a headscissors, which she then transitions into a series of pelvic thrusts to the mat. The crowd were clapping to get Layla back into the match, yet Aksana seems to think the applause was for her, and she shouts thanks as she bangs her chest. So weird yet quite funny! Aksana then whips Layla into the corner before doing my ABSOLUTE PET HATE, her sexy slug crawl thingy-magiggy!

Alicia then tags into the action and rams Layla’s head repeatedly into the top turnbuckle. The Foxy Floridian snapmares Layla and then aims to squeeze the air from her British born opponent with a headlock. Layla tries to fight out of danger and she manages to eventually as she avoids a massive kick from Alicia. Nattie finally gets back into the match and she goes right after Alicia! Tal nails Foxy with a basement dropkick and an array of clotheslines. After her irish whip is reversed, Natalya kicks Alicia in the face before managing to successfully whip Alicia into the corner. Alicia then leapfrogs Natalya and rolls her up for a pin, yet Nattie isn’t having any of that – it’s sharpshooter time! Well, actually it’s not as Alicia nearly takes Natalya’s face off with a stiff kick. Natalya then levels Alicia with her Nattie-by-nature clothesline yet her pin attempt is broken up by Aksana. Layla then breaks Aksana’s brain with a Bombshell kick and Alicia chases Layla off. Alicia should have kept her eyes on the prize though as Natalya catches her off guard, trips her to the ground and makes her tap to the Sharpshooter – YEAH BABY!

Thoughts: Did WWE give a Divas match some backstory? Well I never! However, other than the story and Alicia’s promo time, I wasn’t too into this match unfortunately. The match seems worse in comparison to recent tag matches and there weren’t many memorable spots. I did enjoy Layla’s fresher attempt at comedy in the match although to be honest, nothing else really stood out. However, it is nice to see WWE give us at least one Divas match this week and as always, it’s great to see Natalya get a win. Hopefully though, this will lead to a singles match between Alicia and Nattie as they always have amazing chemistry! And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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  • bjorn448

    I love Layla in her Nina Williams outfit :)

  • i22

    Aside from the interactions with Alicia & Natalya I didn’t enjoy this match at all. Layla & Aksana were sloppy as hell and Layla seriously needs to quit it with the childish taunts and that ridiculous booty bump. The divas are already seen as a joke, no need to make it worse. I really hope a Layla heel turn is coming cause I can’t deal with her as a bubbly face anymore.

    • pumped up kicks

      I’m with you. I enjoyed Alicia and Natalya quite a bit. This should’ve been a singles match between them! Aksana needs to go back to Fcw or Nxt and get some training from Del Rey. Layla will prob turn heel though. That will be good cause it will freshen up her dull character.

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      Agree, the only good thing was alicia and natie and that all. I hate layla’s attire and hair. aksana was bad as usual. Layla need to turn heel ASP she looks so fake as face and her dancing thing, Erh… She is a natural heel. And just one thing, wwe let alicia a complete heel, just that and stop to act like a face in her entrance.

  • Melissa

    That was the stupidest backstory. Ever. I was so embarassed tbh.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/xFranciscoMvsx?feature=mhee Francisco

    Layla was really off her game in this match, she seemed like she just wasn’t there, she looked quite lazy and tired which worries me, cause this maybe indications that she’s losing her touch. i did love aksana though i LOL’ed at the Thank you very much part xD i loved alicia fox aswell and i think she along with sasha banks are the best sellers of the division!

    • velvelove

      i think you mean aksana

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        ^Exactly aksana is terriful…

        • charovnica

          LOL why are you jumping like that? The person didn’t say she was consistently terrible,but that this wasn’t her night.

    • Akie

      I agree! Seems like she’s not in the mood im this match.. i miss her energetic ang bouncy move in the ring.. hate to say this cos I don’t want her to turn heel but could this be an indication that she’s turning heel?Hope not. I love the face Layla, when she turns heel her moveset will be limited to slaps and hairpull and I hate seeing her do moves like that when she can showcase more of her flexibility in the ring.

  • Rhawk

    My God, so much negatively these days everywhere I see, and not just in wrestling, but EVERYTHING that’s online these days. Everyone is a darn critic, I’d love to see them do better…

    • Raekon

      True that, it starts to really annoy me how some people are always trying to find something negative, no matter how entertaining a match is.

      It’s ok to give some critic in a constructive way and I don’t mind it at all (I’m doing it myself after all) but some comments are really out of place and exaggerate a lot.

  • Wadsworth

    I’m glad WWE is atleast giving some time (no matter how short it is) to give some sort of backstory instead of the usual random tag teams with nothing behind it. It’s nice to see Nattie back in the ring – missed her so much.

    The match was short but sweet – loved how the crowd seemed into it as opposed to the normal dead silence we hear. I hope Layla turns heel, if it happens. Am I the only one who sees a resemblance between her and Kylie Minogue?

    By the way, I’m new here. First post! :)

    • AdrianRay

      Welcome to Diva Dirt! BTW, is your name really Wadsworth?

  • Lancerboi1986

    Work that mic Alicia!!

  • redsandman99

    I would honestly love to see a full on Alicia/Natalya feud. I don’t care if it was over the divas title or not. I just want to see a continued feud over something.

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    Screw u guys, Layla is awesome! I love her childish mannerisms! Sure it’s goofy but is funny!
    And her character is sooo not boring, fact she’s one of the best things the divas have. And forget her “character” her wrestling moves as the good guy are on point!!
    Idk what you people would consider NOT BORING, but I am glad it’s so not up to any of you complainers. Alicia and Natalya as usual rocked this match. The fact that aksana thought we were cheering for her was ridiculous lol
    Oh man… I gotta marry a chick like her lol

    Good match ladies great job :)

  • Raekon

    I loved the interaction between Layla and Aksana.

    Aksana saying “let me go” in a wrestling match only because her opponent keeps dragging her back to prevent her from tagging was hilarious as it was the “Thank you very much” after she did like one move to Layla.

    It keeps her character fresh and adds to it no matter if she is a face or a heel.
    Was nice to see the girls getting some mic time aswell cause its something that the Divas are getting VERY rarely anyway.

    Of course it was a stupid reason but it still got to showcase Alicia as a childish bitchy heel so it served its purpose.

    Hoped that Nattie and Alicia will do more but unfortunately it was the regular stuff we see in such matches so Layla and Aksana stood out for me and comedic or not, it was entertaining to see them keeping their web feud alive in the ring and their hilarious characters in takt. :)

  • charovnica

    The match was good tbh! Finally we’re able to see a more serious Nattie which I love.I’m not really a fan of Layla’s comedy stuff tbh,I think she overdo them at times,but maybe it just wasn’t her day.I really think Aksana is improving.And what to say about Foxy…she’s awesome!

  • KaitlynLover<3

    I don´t know what it is, but something felt really weird in this match, I was not very much into it :/

    Anyways, out off topic, I just saw Jumping Bomb Angels vs Glamour Girls for the WWF Women´s Tag Team Championship and I LOVED it, it was fucking awesome!!!

  • Lita-Sault-666

    I hardly ever dislike a match and always look for the positives, but something about this was just, meh! There were a lot of sloppy moments and it was as if they were all trying to do there own thing instead of working together to ake a match.
    Anyway, it was s**t :).

  • velvelove

    The only thing i didnt like is how boring alicia’s offense is when she’s heel.
    its always just hair pulling and submissions

    • KaitlynLover<3

      That´s true!

    • hado

      While that’s true, that how you work the WWE style my friend.

  • bxradimus

    Yay. Nattie won a match.

    I wish Aksana would stay out of the ring. She’s a good character from a comedic standpoint, but she just…shouldn’t be used as a wrestler.

  • DJ8946

    All the hate for Aksana! I didnt see anything sloppy from anybody. But I’ll agree with you on the match was meh. Layla should’ve tagged herself in & got the pin.n & Aksana in about a year or 2 will be very good I think. She has been using a lot of other moves recently.

  • theprincedann

    Nice to see Natalya get the win :)

    Layla needs to turn heel, we all know that’s where she is best. Aksana as a valet, maybe. As a wrestler, no. I can’t enjoy her, she is so so generic.

    And keep Alicia away from the microphone! Its always painful to watch.

    On a whole, the match was really predicatble, and nothing special.
    I’m just happy that Nattie got the win :)

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Layla doesn’t need to turn heel but better character development because no one has a reason to care for her or any diva right now besides aj…

    aksana was her sloppy self & the rest the norm so yeah lol…

  • Crazy_J

    I didn’t mind this, the match wasn’t exceptional, but it wasn’t bad. I found it cute Natalya and Layla both had camo type gear, it made them feel more like a team for me. I wish Aksana would wrestle like she did when she was blonde. She has a really good look about her. Alicia was fun as usual, I wish they would give her more credit.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Aksana did good, Layla was really not her usual self for some reason, and her as a face sucks her moves are boring and childish, when she was a heel, that’s when I liked her the most

  • DarkAngel760

    I liked everything about this…Why are people whinning?
    It was actually pretty descent…I Loved how Layla looked, her hair was goregous! :)

  • http://worldelitewrestle.proboards.com FOREVER FLAWLESS!

    I liked the match, I truly did, and I love that Queen Foxy got to speak, but like everyone else — something just seemed off to me. It’s like the girls weren’t communicating at all and everyone was moving in slowmo, including Nattie and Layla. It just seemed slow paced to me and they seemed like they weren’t even trying to run but more or less job/sprint lol….I know these ladies can do better, so maybe that’s why I was so confused

  • Sha95

    As far as the plot, goes it’s nothing really interesting to say I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next as far as a rivalry between Alicia Fox & Natalya are concerned, but anything to give the WWE Divas screentime & some type of story going on. This is actually great because now we have tension between Natalya & Alicia. Tension between the Bellas & The Funkadactyls (or however u spell it) & The somewhat tension between WWE Divas Champion! Kaitlyn & Layla. As far as the match, it was o.k for me. Nice to see Natalya win a match. I feel like for some reason in this match Layla wasn’t into it as she usually is & was a little slow that’s a little heartbreaking because that’s signs of her losing which could be warning signs of a departure :/ ..

  • JJ

    Match got better once Alicia was tagged in. I can’t see Aksana lasting to the end of 2013, unless she tortures Rosa for her secret to staying employed.

    I think it’s time for Layla to turn heel now more than ever.

    • Raekon

      Aksana doesnt have to torture anyone. -.-
      She has a lot more moves but she is not allowed to use them as a heel and because some of them might look too good that’s all.

      • JJ

        In the process of trying not to look “too good” she’s stunk up the ring since coming to the main roster….and on NXT…and house shows.

  • Getdownwithachola

    Layla came out to Natalya’s song so now we know Natalya is ahead of Layla in the peaking order.