SmackDown Redux – June 20, 2008

This week on SmackDown: Layla and Michelle McCool put on another great match before the crowd as Natalya watched on from the ramp.

Thoughts & Reactions
After a lackluster Raw, SmackDown was on fine form this week and I thoroughly enjoyed the match between Layla and Michelle McCool. The duo have had, I believe, three matches alone this year on SmackDown and each has been better than the last. This time the Divas got more ring time than their last encounter and thus, were afforded the chance to be more creative. It’s a rare to see the WWE Divas take the action outside of the ring, but we had a cool spot with Layla and Michelle doing just that, battling on the outside which added to the match. Michelle hitting the ring apron face first was nicely done too.

This match wasn’t the usual “job to Michelle”, in fact Layla controlled most of the match as the aggressor and looked confident in her role. Sure, she’s still got a long way to go but she is definitely on the right track. These two Divas seem to have great in-ring chemistry and are a lot of fun to watch… I hope one day we see a real one-on-one feud between them.

Layla really made Michelle work for her victory and the end spot was again, well done and the addition of Natalya added some emphasis to the new Divas Championship. I think it’s pretty obvious Michelle will be the other title contender and I, for one, am looking forward to the match. Unfortunately, there has been no mention of the Divas Championship being decided at Night of Champions – this has been pure speculation by us fans. This has me worried! Hopefully, the match will be announced on SmackDown next week or they could even announce it earlier in the week with Vickie Guerrero explaining her decision for Natalya’s challenger on

Individual Assessments
In this portion we will look at each of the Divas individually and the role they played, adding more thoughts yadda yadda:

Layla: Layla got her biggest break yet this week, as she led a match and did a pretty good job. She’s far more advanced than some of her Raw counterparts, though not perfect. I like what I’m seeing though.

Michelle McCool: I think we’re so used to seeing Michelle get easy victories, as she has done in recent months, that in this match she really worked for her victory. Is WWE foreshadowing a physical, gruelling match-up between Michelle and Natalya? If so, they did a good job showing Michelle having to work hard as no doubt, she has a tough challenge with the third generation Diva.

Natalya: There’s not much to say about Natalya’s SmackDown appearance, but it set up the eventual title match which is good.

Fashion Focus
The Good: Natalya looked hot this week, her dress was gorgeous.

The Bad: None.

The In-Between: Layla and Michelle.

Below, are digitals of the Divas match from SmackDown Copyright to World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Watch Layla vs Michelle below:

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  • kristen

    I think layla would make a good addition to smackdown.and I really wanna c victoria challenge natalya because she deserves another title run

  • Mike

    I didn’t care for this match TBH.
    Michelle didn’t do good IMO. She was okay, I personally think she needs to stop the dropkick, because it looks like shit. Her clotheslines were scary bad.
    Layla shined in this match though. Some of her offense was sloppy and it showed that there were two green workers in the match.
    The crowd was dead, but that should be no surprise seeing as how McCool worked the match.
    If we do get Michelle vs. Natalya at NOC, no way should McCool win yet. I hope they do with this like they did with Candice vs. Beth and never let McCool pin Natalya cleanly. Natalya must be the new champ at NOC, otherwise the title will be another meaningless title. Give someone like Natalya the belt, who has an impressive wrestling background. She’s get that belt far more over then McCool would. Hell Natalya has already outpopped McCool when she did the Sharpshooter and beat the livid crap out of Kelly.

  • Michelle

    Natalya only got the pop ‘cuz Bret Hart is still amazingly over even though it’s been years and she was using his signature move. ;)

    As for the match, I loved it. I’m a fan of both divas and it was nice to see them do something different.

  • christi

    i agree with Mike 100%

    theres nothing wrong with her getting a pop for the sharpshooter Michelle..the same thing happened when Trish did it and the same thing when HHH did the crossface….she did it and did it great and it could give her a shot to turn face later

  • Katie

    I was there when Natalya used the sharpshooter on Kelly. She received the huge ovation from a Canadian audience, which for one we love Canadian wrestlers and two, the sharpshooter was used by a famous Canadian wrestler. I even cheered her on for using it, but I’m not a huge fan of Natalya’s.

  • Luis

    layla is better than ashley and maria and possibly jillian but at the end she gave up way to fast

  • Kayla

    What happened to Layla’s arm?

  • Andreas

    great job by layla!

  • Brit Croft

    I agree with this sd reduw !
    This was more intresting to see Michelle having dificulties to win. Plus for once Layla really had the occasion to show her wrestling skills. I really hope to see Layla drafted on raw or at least on SD!

  • Doug

    I was pleasantly surprised by Layla this week. It impressed me when she threw Michelle out of the ring in the first minute. Other than that, it was so predictable. I knew Michell was going to win with the submission when it started. Not a bad match though.

    Natalya looked stunning! I couldn’t believe that that was her. Props to her.

  • xxQueenOfXtremexx

    I liked this match, and to be honest I’ve liked all three matches they’ve had this year.

    For some reason some people don’t want to admit that Michelle has improved ALOT.

    This match was good for what it was and for the amount of time they had.

    Both looked strong for certain periods of the match
    and they didn’t mess up any moves. Whilst also advancing the storyline for the title match.

  • Angel

    Layla was so ggooooood this week. SHes making me a fn of hers! She didnt mess up alot and she kept Michelle working fo the win! Hopefully she is moved to SD!
    Michelle is doing a good job with her matche..ehh…nothing much to say
    Natalyas appearence was golden. She was smoking, she looked way WAY better than in the photo shoot they had this week were she looked OLD but on Friday she was smoking!