NCW Femmes Fatales XI Results: Mercedes Martinez Wins Femmes Fatales Title

ffxiLast night NCW Femmes Fatales held their eleventh show at the Centre Saint-Barthelemy in Montreal, Quebec, where three major women’s wrestling championships from around the world were set to be defended.

See below for results of the show:

* Sweet Cherie def. Sassy Stephie (w/Madamoiselle Rachelle)
* Kira def. Jewells Malone. Post-match, Saraya Knight came to the ring and attacked Kira, before LuFisto (who faces Saraya later on in the show) came out to make the save on her student.
* Midianne (w/Desiree) def. Xandra Bale after inteference from Bettie Rage.
* Kellie Skater def. Angie Skye (w/Kath Von Goth)
* Cheerleader Melissa def. Allysin Kay (who was replacing the injured WSU Champion Jessicka Havok). Post-match, fellow Midwest Militia members Sassy Stephie and Rachelle came out to beat down Melissa.
* Cherry Bomb def. Mary Lee Rose by submission
* Bellatrix World Championship: Courtney Rush def. Allison Danger with the Skyward Suplex to become the new Bellatrix champion!
* SHIMMER Championship – No DQ, No Countout: Saraya Knight def. LuFisto to retain the title after Mercedes Martinez interfered, hitting LuFisto with a steel chair.
* NCW:FF International Championship: Mercedes Martinez def. Kalamity after a Fisherman Buster onto a chair to become the new NCW:FF Champion, ending Kalamity’s 538-day reign.

Were you at the show? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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  • Indyisbetterthanwwetna

    Anyone knows where the hell is Anna Minoushka at???

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    big up to Mercedes Martinez on becoming NCW:FF International Championship I know that your a fighting Champ and will take on everybody your matches with Melissa has been five star’s matches and always brought it. as a fan that all I can ask for and look forward to seeing you bring the pain to those Midwest geek’s!!!

  • Monkey Tennis

    Hoping Courtney’s Bellatrix victory means she’ll be taking a trip to the UK soon!

  • pumped up kicks

    Mercedes taking care of biz!

  • Indyisbetterthanwwetna

    Mercedes vs Melissa in the future I can’t wait :)

  • psykohurricane

    I actually was at the show last saturday and while i thought it wasn’T the best show they did, it was still a really good show considering all the last minute changes they had.

    Here a few notes from the show that i’ve pick up.

    1. The crowd really didn’t get going until the cheerleader melissa vs Allysin kay match since the first 4 matches were really nothing to talk about especially the kira vs Jewells MAlone and the medianne vs Xandra bale matchs.

    2. Pretty good opener between Sweet Cherry and Sassy Stephie but i’ve got to say that Stephie really need to start working out or wear a different outfit because she really did look fat compared to the last time she came to montreal.

    3. The Cherry Bomb vs Mary Lee Rose match would have been much better if they would have had the three way match with allysin kay like it was supposed to be because this was a really boring match to open up the second half of the show.

    4. The Allison Danger vs Courtney rush match was a really good technical match with a really funny beginning but i’m kind of seeing why Allison is doing mostly tag matches now. I think her best years are behind her and by the end of that match, she look like she might have injured herself and really look tired.

    5. The lufisto vs SAraya knight was the best match of the night and even through you knew in advance that Saraya would win ,(since she defending the belt next week against cheerleader melissa on IPPV) they found a way to make lufisto look strong in defeat and at the same time continue her feud with Mercedes.

    6. Awesome way to finish a show with a title change and in the end, having mercedes be NCW femmes fatales champion, even if it’s for less then a year will help the company grow. Great effort from Kalamity in this match and just like lufisto was made to look strong in defeat. Just one little thing that really did confuses me in that match. They really never announce that it was a No DQ match but in the end Both girls use chairs and the referee didn’T DQ them. It really didn’T make any sense at all

    So still a really good show even without Jessicka HAvoc and Portia Porez but it wasn’t their best show and i hope that their next show on july 7th is better then this one.

    On a side note, i really hope they find a way to finally finish the production of the femme fatales X double tapings because that show was awesome and now they have so many things as far as production on the table that it would be nice to at less get thoses DVD ready before the next show.