SHIMMER Volume 57 Taping Results

SHIMMER returns to the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, Illinois to film the next set of its DVD series.

Diva Dirt is on hand and presenting live coverage throughout the weekend.

SHIMMER Vol. 57:

* Santana Garrett def. Rhia O’Reilly via Shining Star Press.

* Melanie Cruise def. Xandra Bale via Delayed Spinebuster.

* Jessicka Havok def. Mia Yim.

* Christina Von Eerie, Veda Scott and Shazza McKenzie def. Made in Sin and Saraya Knight after Von Eerie hits Knight with a foreign object that Saraya introduced into the match.

* Thunderkitty def. Sassy Stephie after choking Stephie out with a Sleeper Hold.

* Athena def. Kimber Lee via Springboard O-Face.

* Jessie McKay def. Mercedes Martinez via Boyfriend Stealer.

* Kana def. Kalamity by submission.

* SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa and Ayako Hamada def. Regeneration X via submission. In the match, Melissa and Danger get into it. Post-match Melissa refuses to let go of the submission. When Hamada confronts Melissa she attacks her and Senior Official Bryce Remsberg reverses the decision. Regeneration X wins.

* Allison Danger gets on the mic and delivers a emotional speech explaining her retirement (more here). Very touching.

* Madison Eagles def. Courtney Rush via Hell Bound.

* 3G (Kellie Skater and Tomoka Nakagawa) def. The Canadian Ninjas to become the new SHIMMER Tag Team Champions.

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  • trish2

    Best wishes to Allison Danger as she continues to run the best women’s indy promotion out there. Remember, stroke is no joke!!

    • Melissa K Killer 2010

      Thank You Allison for the years in the ring Take care!!! Get Well.



  • ZPZA

    Cheerleader Melissa heel turn? Interesting…

  • Monkey Tennis

    Not sure how I feel about Melissa’s turn. It’s not really been built towards in any way prior to this set of tapings. And we’ve just come off the back of two lengthy heel reigns, with only Melissa’s first short title run seperating Madison and Saraya.

    I guess Shimmer felt that their current crop of faces offered more options in terms of title challenges/feuds than Melissa could have had with the other heels on the roster..

  • pumped up kicks

    Im not sure if I like this heel turn. I say that only because the matches with Knight have been so brutal and amazing and if she turns heel, we might not see them fight for awhile.

    • Monkey Tennis

      If Melissa had stayed a face, it’s unlikely she’d have been wrestling Saraya again for a while. That feud was done (for the forseeable future), even before Melissa’s turn today.

      • pumped up kicks

        I’m just a mark who can watch that matchup for days and days lol

  • Spanner82

    if it means Mellisa vs Hamada then yay, I could watch those 2 fight all day long

    • ZPZA

      Hamada next to feud with Melissa! Great idea, I think Hamada is overdue for a main event feud.

  • wl75

    A bit disappointed in the turn though- I was hoping they’d start the seeds for a Melissa/Havok singles match at the next set. Though can you imagine a tag team match between Melissa/Havok, and Hamada/Serena?

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    Nice they turn Melissa Now it time for her to Join the darkside NO More slapping the fans five or kiss baby NOW IT ALL ABOUT HER ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!!

  • Raekon

    Great stuff! :)
    I love how they combined Allisons retirement match with Melissas heel turn.

    To me, Melissa works much better as a heel anyway and through this she gets to feud with Hamada and other girls that are overdue for a main event spot as also have the potential and talent to carry a main events show.

    As much as I love Saraya, her feuding with Melissa lasted for years so it’s really time for someone else to feud with Melissa now and Hamada is an awesome choise! :)

    Also YAY for the new tag team champions! :)
    Love the 3G cause they are a awesome and exciting combo!

    Last but not least, a huge thanks to Alisson again and all the best for the future!
    Hope we will enjoy her on the commentary from time to time or have her in a cameo appearance as a manager maybe.

    Retiring from in ring competition doesn’t mean she has to totally dissappear after all. :)

  • Getdownwithachola

    Very shocked at Melissa’s heel turn, that is like WWE turning John Cena heel, the bad news we will never see her fight Havok in SHIMMER, but the good news is we are having the Hamada/Alissa Flash feud back hint the good ole mainstream days.

    But seriously where is Kong??? I would’ve died of happiness to see her get down with Havok, Cruise, or Eagles.

    • Monkey Tennis

      Melissa as a heel isn’t shocking in itself. Way back when Shimmer began, she started as a heel and in some ways, it’s a better fit for her. And in terms of her ring-work, heel Melissa isn’t that far away from face Melissa. Presuming she adopts an attitude akin to her earlier heel run, Melissa is a brutal heel (no surprise there!) but she wasn’t one to use usual ‘traditional’ heel tactic or shortcuts. Even as a heel, she tends to win clean.

      All that said, I do think this was a little premature. It’s been a long time since Shimmer’s had a long-term face champion, and it would have been nice to go with that dynamic for a little while longer.

  • Getdownwithachola

    Thank you Allison Danger for everything you are fucking awesome I’ll sure miss you in the ring :(


    Springboard O-face? o_O


    Best wishes!