Impact Write-Up (May 2nd, 2013): Taryn Eats Some Defeat, but There May Be Dissension in the Ranks


Hello, hello Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s write-up! It’s a lovely day here in merry old England and I’m in a great mood. But enough about me! Last night saw Mickie James and Taryn Terrell take on the devilicious duo, Gail Kim and Tara. After defeating both Gail and Tara in singles bouts over the past couple of weeks, Taryn went into this match looking pretty confident, and with Mickie by her side surely nothing could go wrong, right? Let’s have a look, shall we?

Our first glimpse of the Knockouts is backstage, where we find Gail and Tara complaining about the fact that since she was signed to the roster, Taryn has been the centre of attention. They’re fed up with it, Gail especially. She claims that the only person who should be in the spotlight is the ‘greatest female wrestler of all time'; her! Tara doesn’t look convinced, but Gail doesn’t notice. Determined to put Taryn in her place, Tara says that she’ll see Gail out in the ring. Once she’s gone, Gail says that she herself will be the one to score the victory. Hm. Is that some dissension I’m sensing back there?

A little while later, the Knockouts match is up. Out first is Gail, followed Tara who just oozes badass-ness (is that even a word?). They await the arrival of their opponents as we see that ODB is our referee once again. Taryn is out first, ever energetic. I still can’t stand her ring attire, but it is somewhat better than her outfits from WWE. Mickie follows her out. I love her hair. The Hardcore Country star laps up the audience’s applause as Tara and Gail have a slight disagreement over who will start the match with Taryn. ODB calls for the bell and we’re underway. Unable to agree, Tara and Gail both head for Taryn in a two-on-one attack. Mickie comes in to even things up, and after she and Taryn gain the upperhand, they send Tara and Gail into one another in a ‘meeting of the minds’. Ouch.

Tara and Gail head to the outside, disagreeing over something again, and Taryn takes the fight to them with a kick. They both go down hard, and Taryn flings Gail back into the ring. Taryn delivers a clothesline to the corner, then follows it up with a take down as Mickie blind tags herself in. She runs the ropes and hits Gail with a low drop kick. She goes in for a pin attempt but gets a two. Mickie locks in an armbreaker on Gail, trying to wear down her opponent before she can really get started in the match. Good tactics. Gail manages to get her foot on the ropes as Taryn and Tara shouts insults at each other across the ring.

Mickie and Gail go back and forth with some forearms to the face. It’s Gail who gets the upperhand this time around, and she sends Mickie to the mat with a low kick. She comes at Mickie again with more strikes to the face, but Mickie eventually fights her way out and hits an enziguri on Gail. Saaaaaaweet. I like an enziguri, Mickie tries another pin attempt but it’s not enough. She tries a Mick-A-Rana but Gail reverses before she can hit it. Tara tries to interfere but Mickie sees her off. She took her eyes off Gail though, and then she’s sent flying to the outside. Ouch.

Tara picks up the country music star and throws her back in to Gail, who delivers a big clothesline to her opponent. She tags in Tara, and they double-team Mickie in the corner. Oh my. Ouch. Tara has the advantage as she locks Mickie into a bridge. Taryn comes in, having had enough of the other two, and breaks the bridge. She’s sent back out by ODB and Gail is tagged in again. She takes control but Mickie comes back out of nowhere and nails a second Mick-A-Rana! But then they both go for a crossbody in the centre of the ring, and they’re both knocked right back down. Taryn gets the crowd behind Mickie and she makes the tag, just as Tara comes in after a tag from Gail!

Taryn and Tara go at it, with Taryn getting the upper hand as she’s fresher. She hits some nice clotheslines and a back elbow, then a suplex. Simple yet effective. She climbs the top rope. Last time she tried this on Tara she missed, but this time she hits her target! Taryn goes for the pin but Gail saves the match for her team. It all gets a bit chaotic then as Mickie comes in to even the odds. She knocks Gail down, Tara knocks Mickie down and then, out of nowhere, Taryn pulls Tara into a roll-up for the three count! Donezo!

But Gail and Tara are not going to settle for that. They attack again as Taryn and Mickie have their hands raised. Mickie and Tara fight all the way to the back, but Gail has Taryn in the ring and is beating on her pretty hard. She catches her with the Eat Defeat! If that wasn’t enough, she drags Taryn over to the corner and applies the figure four leg lock around the steel post! That has to hurt!

ODB sends Gail to the back and Taryn is tended to by some other referees. Nothing like a sore loser, ‘ey?

Thoughts: Not a bad match by any means, but it wasn’t my favourite. I’m not sure what, but something about it just didn’t sit right with me. I was pretty sure we’d get a Taryn/Mickie victory, so I’m glad we got Gail and Tara coming back for more afterwards. It’s nice to see that the Gail/Taryn feud isn’t totally done, but I have to ask where it’s going to go from here. We’ll just have to wait and see!

It was interesting to see Tara and Gail going a bit downhill, and hopefully that’ll continue too. I also want Mickie to turn heel really bad. But again, we’ll see!

That’s all for now, folks! Eleri out!

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  • fahkyooh

    I’m surprised at how bad this match was. And how bad Taryn is. She worked so well with Laycool and others on Smackdown. What happened?

    Tara, Mickie and Gail all looked very sloppy too.

    • Ryan

      It’s because Tara is lacking bad here
      Mickie tends to lag too and Gail she did ok but neither was really into it

      Michelle McCool was relentless and kept the energy going no matter what and Terryn had to work harder haha
      Love Terryn but she isn’t working as hard which is no big deal but would love to see something better from them :)

      The girls need a serious heel, like Victoria used to be in 2002 and 2003
      Michelle McCool was excellent to keeping matches alive as well never a full moment

      • DjayDay

        As big as a shit storm people cause about Michelle, very few women in the roster, even the vets, could keep a flow better then her. However, I just think Taryn is getting back into the game.

        • MickieJamesFan07

          I think you guys are forgetting that Tara, Taryn and Mickie had to do two separate matches in one night. Last week and this weeks matches were all taped in one night. That can take a toll on their bodies. Don’t know why Michelle is being brought in, but she didn’t have to do two long matches in one night.

        • art

          Tayrn hasn’t been wrestling that long so give her time..shes improved alot & this is an off match for all women involved it happens…

  • Ryan

    Terryn and Tara still have that wwe diva in them and need to let go, Tara is so used to jobbing he keeps doing it and Terryn well she is good and I like her just gets too diva haha
    More aggression Terryn u don’t have to play nice here ;)
    Mickie James and Tara look so damn hot
    Dat ass! :0
    Wasn’t their best math but it was good
    Maybe the management booking took play but come on ladies we all know u can do better ;)

  • Lita-Sault-666

    Taryn isn’t hitting it for me like she did in the WWE, not sure if it’s just being out of practice or working with different girls but I much preferred her matches against Michelle & Layla over in the E’.
    Tara, Mickie & Gail were as awesome as ever. So happy TNA picked up all these girls after WWE dropped the ball with them.

    • Nostalgia

      She was younger and leaner. She’s a bit chunky now

      • TCsinger09

        CHUNKY!! REALLY?!?!

  • k2evecrew

    The match was ok but this feud is starting to get boring , she’s beat both of them now . maybe they should have taryn steal Jessie from Tara to spice it up .
    I was hoping for Mickie to atleast comment on her match with velvet from last week but I guess they’re not gonna continue with her heel turn .

    • k2evecrew

      & Taryn needs new attire bad! She needs to bring back the skirts so gail and Tara can make fun of her

      • Ryan

        Um, Skirt Terryn??? :9

  • Rhawk

    Match along wityh pre & post match stuff was okay, its good that the Knockouts get this much time, something that the main TV shows of WWE need to look into doing more of (NXT is fine as it is).
    But, I dunno, I’m just tired of seeing the same faces all the time, at least without captivating enough storylines to go with these same faces at least. Either bring up more women from OVW or bring in Taeler, The Blossoms & Tapa to add flavour to the Knockouts, or I dunno, just do something interesting with the women.

  •!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

    Give the Tag belts to Gail and Tara !!

    • HeelEveRulez

      No one cares about the tag belts im sure they will be dropped soon.

    • ZPZA

      What tag titles? lol.

  • Gail-Trish-Brooke

    That figure four on the ring post was badass!

  • HeelEveRulez

    Ok K2 was using roll ups as her finisher, Layla just began an arm drag and Taryn started to use a schoolgirl when are we 80s? Seriously in her WWE times she was using diving cross body and i hate such basic moves as finishers her northern light suplex is much much better she used diving bulldog once in OVW im not a fan of that either but well much better than a roll up!

    • k2evecrew

      I think managment is afraid that having taryn beat Tara and Gail with a actual finisher will make them look weak. The roll ups are supposed to make it look like she got lucky . Either that or tayrn may be waiting until a big moment like a Ppv to debut a finisher.

  • MickieJamesFan07

    Not a very good match, but 3 of the 4 knockouts had two long matches taped in one night so I can understand them lagging in this match. There were a couple spots I loved; Mickie’s armbar submission, Tara’s muta lock, Gail’s ring post figure four leglock.

  • cofcman

    Taryn has nothing that I haven’t seen in Kelly Kelly or Torrie Wilson. Mickie’s role seems directionless, and both Tara & Gail are extremely boring. Additionally, having a Knockouts-specific referee takes away from the match, tbh. It makes it seem less legit – especially, when that referee is as random as ODB is. It’s like having a constant special referee for no reason. At least when Jackie had her refereeing stint in WWE, she looked the part.

    The Knockouts may get more time, but it’s not as though anything more interesting is happening with them in TNA.


    It’s funny because developmental divas has been better than Both knockout and divas this week. I cannot believe some people are saying on other site that it was a good match and that why the KO are better than the divas. Yes, they are but that match was not good. if we had that same match with the divas, tons of people will say that this match was bad and it’s true. Taryn was really bad as usual but tara was too which is surprising. Even when Taryn was not in action, it was sloppy, weak and slow. I don’t what happen to gail mickie and tara but they weren’t as great as usual. And Taryn, please, stop using those roll up, your not Kelly so stop acting like her, go back to OVW!
    awkward moment, When Mickie is standing in her corner like a stupid hoe while gail and tara are attacking The hot mess(debut of the match). By the way, the post match attack was really bad but i have to admit that Taryn sold that eat defeat surprisingly perfectly and it was the only good thing here with the figure 4 one the corner by Gail, It was amazing and really creative. This gail/Taryn feud need to stop, it’s really boring.

    • JamieKym

      Of course they gonna make her use
      to roll up because they don’t want Tara to look weak. Taryn is not bad at all and neither is Tara. Taryn is one of the best model turned wrestlers ever to step in the ring and that’s a fact.


        I didn’t say that Tara is a bad wrestler but in that she wasn’t good and you have to admit it. As for Taryn, since when is she one best model turned wrestles to ever step in a ring ? Trish, Michelle mccool, candice are three of the best but Taryn? HELL NO! When did you watch wrestling for the first time ? Last month ? last week ? I don’t you know anything about wrestling because She is not even a good wrestler, she may be aggressive but she is not good at all. She may have good matches in the past but it wasn’t because she was good but because the other wrestler had to carried her the whole match. She decent at BEST but she is close to bad. She is sloppy and weak, all she can do is check her body in her entrance. TNA is turning her into K2 2.0 but worst, she is screaming and doing the same move every time. She is boring. She has no experience and needs to be fire or send back to OVW.

  • aldo

    Now Taryn is officially boring to me. The exact same moves and the exact same roll up every time. This looks exactly like Kelly Kelly vs. DOD. taryn needs to turn heel. She can do that. With her aggression and her size, she can be a Michelle Mccool type of heel, since Tara and Gail are now the weak type of heels.
    If Taryn turns heel after winning all the time she can beat Velvet for the title and then Mickie can have it and then turn heel with new Knockouts as faces or ODB as the top face maybe because she is tired of been relegated all the time. Idk.
    As for ODB, I guess there are no longer the Tag Team Knockouts Title right?

    • Ryan

      Nobody can match Michelle McCool
      Terryn just needs to get more experience is all she’s doing good she’s taking hits and ouch at the figure 4 on the corner
      Patience, the knockouts will pull it together

      I do think however a gimmick match needs to happen but a good one!! I remember how two years ago Mickie James won the elimination tag match as well as the knockouts gauntlet and those two matches were action packed!! Then last year TNA placed the knockouts in very lame predictable matches that really didn’t generate much action but all is good
      Mickie Tara and Gail were kind of tired tonight I think not as intense :(

  • Looking Glass

    Horrible match, you can see Tara jump back ready to take the flying cross body while Mickie crawls around and leaps straight into action like nothing every happened to her at the end. I honestly don’t see why people rave about the KO’s, I’m not hating on Taryn, I love that she’s continued to pursue wrestling but it just seems Gail and Velvet are TNA’s priority and while they’ve building Taryn, the division is just Gail/Velvet and a guest star each week. Things need to change, it comes to something when only one girl on the their KO roster is yet to hold the belt, experience can be a good thing but they need to a new look division if they’re not going to replicate the success they once had with the veteran line-up.

  • PlasticAngelx

    7:20 “watch the weave” lol

  • VarsityBaseDude

    Is it me or is that Taryn Taryn… I mean, yeah, okay, umm… eh.

    Solution? Turn Taryn heel along with Velvet. Do a double turn… turn Gail face, and have her bring in somebody new to be her partner cause Mickie cannot be trusted… and Tara… well, if she has to be away then, well, not sure

  • jen07201

    This episode was taped last week so Tara, Taryn, and Mickie had already wrestled once. I wonder if Tara and Gail will try and turn Mickie against Taryn.

  • redsandman99

    I don’t understand how “Hot Mess” as a nickname is supposed to be a good thing. I can’t understand this logic. Beyond that I liked the match fine. The post match beatdown though was great. Nice to see a figure four on the ring post.

  • art

    The match was slow & sloppy but gail attacking taryn after was the best bit…the eat defeat & taryn selling it really well to gail just throwing taryn into the corner for the figure 4 was all bad ass….

  • TCsinger09

    WOW I think most of you on here are being way too critical. I think this was the better matches out of the women’s wrestling for this week. NXT was like what the heck the first 2-3 minutes is Paige bouncing Summer off the ropes. I like Taryn and I dont think she’s bad at all.

  • 09DHK

    The only good thing about this match is the fact that Mickie James’ body is on POINT! Other than that, I think the match went well with Taryn’s theme, a “hot mess.” Honestly, had the action after the match just been a Knockouts segment, I would’ve been far more content with that because Taryn sold “Eat Defeat” perfectly. Also, I’m gonna need Taryn to get her weaves sewn in tighter, because it really shouldn’t be falling out EVERY SINGLE MATCH. -_-

    • MickieJamesluvslave

      “Mickie James’ body is on POINT”

      This. She is smokin

  • divaindemise

    The only problem I have at the moment is that the division’s more interesting moments are outside of the title picture. And while I dislike the roll up finishes, I don’t think Taryn’s altogether that bad in the ring. The hot mess (read: psycho Barbie) gimmick is not doing it at all for me, though.

    I have to say that both Mickie and (especially) Tara are in impeccable physical condition.

    • divaindemise

      Oh and it’s worrying that some people think Taryn Terell is fat. Very worrying.

      • TCsinger09

        I agree…Taryn is no where near fat

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    I have always thought the Figure 4 on the ringpost was an incredible painful hold.
    Hate the rollup wins but it is somewhat fitting that is how a newbie would win their matches.

  • Lancerboi1986

    The good: Tara has never looked so good. Glad ODB got some screen time. Taryn has a beautiful body as well. Also nice to see all 4 WWE chicks in the ring.

    The bad: Taryn is the KO version of Kelly Kelly, need I say more? Also Gail and Mickie has so much potential in theory but it seems that every time they face each other it is a complete botch fest..they are both great but something in the chemistry just equals disaster. Sad to see ODB as a ref and Taryn with a match, reminds me of when Jackie was there just to be there…a lot of wasted talent with ODB, she is great. Also sad to see Tara as such a jobber, why have Mickie pawning her outside of the ring when she could’ve just as easily whooped on her. She is a heel and that is what heels are supposed to do…

    It seems to me by looking at this match that it exposed some flaws. I guess you can say the GOOD thing about the WWE is that their ladies would never wrestle 2x in a night and that they might be more physically prepared for a match. I still prefer the direction of TNA though. I am glad that they are trying to bring someone into the KO division and Taryn isn’t the worst out there but there are definitely more qualified ladies.

    Last but not least, get Jacqueline back on TNA TV permanently. That is all.

    • Sarah Connor

      jacqueline? ;) nah id rather see Jazz come and open a can of whoop ass on the current KOs.

  • jim462

    loved Gail fig 4 on the ringpost

  • Sarah Connor

    it was a decent match, nothing amazing but it wasnt below average either.

    mickie looked bangtidy.
    gail looked like a bad ass mofo.
    taryn needs a finisher.

    that fig4 leglock was a killer – seriously, gail needs more mic time….its great watching her as this bitch heel class herself as ‘the greatest wrestler that ever lived’ LMAO keep talkin gail.