Mia Yim vs. Ivelisse Announced for EVOLVE 22

As announced during the SHINE 10 broadcast, a match between Mia Yim and Ivelisse Velez has been added to the EVOLVE 22 card. The show will take place on on June 2nd at The Orpheum in Ybor City, FL.

Outside of SLAMMIN’ Ladies, this will be the first singles meeting between the two.

They previously met in action during a tag match between Valkyrie and Mia’s team that also included Amazing Kong, Angelina Love and Christina Von Eerie on SHINE 8.

The last female match on an EVOLVE show was between Christina Von Eerie and Marti Belle back on EVOLVE 17.

You can view the full card online here, or purchase tickets online here.

  • Raekon

    Can’t wait! :D
    The card was already awesome and adding the girls there is the icyng on the cake!

  • Rhawk

    What better people to help showcase Shine off to people who may not be so familiar with the product than Mia Yim and Ivelisse. This is sure to be a stellar match for sure.
    A bit OT but if TNA doesn’t pick her up soon, I hope Ivelisse appears on ROH sometime.

    • therightone

      I hope not, nobody booked her before Tough Enough, now everyone wants the so-called I-supposedly-got-wronged-the-WWE bump.
      Mia needs to be used or excused from ROH.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    Good Luck Mia be safe and ask for Xtra money because 100% that she will drop you on your head!!!

    I have NO plan in watching this match because IVE is bad. WWE cut her and she live up to that cut with her matches so far dropping people on there heads isn’t ok she need to be retrain find a wrestling school and learn it all over again get rid of the slop style of wrestling!!

    you have someone life in your hands respect that IVE!

    • Raekon

      I really don’t understand your Problem along with this stupid comment you Keep using over and over in every thread Ivelisse is involved.

      To me it Looks as if you dropped on your head sometime in the past cause your comment doesn’t make any sense and I have yet to see Ivelisse injuring anyone through her so called “slopyness” you promote the whole time.

      She had one of the best matches of the year and actually Mia is quite sloppy in comparison and had almost broke Ivelisses face/neck in SHINE when she botched her finisher.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    her style of wrestling is going to hurt someone she need to be trained!