Four Diva Hopefuls to Head to NXT (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Ashley Sebera has denied contact with the WWE, saying her tweets were about her attending an NXT event as a spectator.

WWE has plenty of future Divas currently training in NXT, but as the classic idiom goes, “the more the merrier”, right?

Judging by numerous tweets, it can be assumed that WWE has brought on four new women for development tryouts: Ashley Sebera, Brittany Fetkin, CJ Perry and Erika Hammond.

Ashley Sebera (@IFBBPro_Ashley) is an IFBB professional bodybuilder, bikini and fitness model. Before she was a bodybuilder, Ashley was a gymnast and diver yet a broken nose, stress fractures in her back and broken ankles (the latter of which required emergency reconstructive surgery) caused her to change career paths – a path that seems to have changed yet again!

In response to a fan on Twitter, Ashley spoke of her excitement at joining WWE. She said:

Brittany Fetkin (@brittanyfetkin) whose Twitter bio says “Soon to be WWE DIVA! FLorida training here I come!!” stated on Twitter that she is to move to Florida to start training on June 29th. Brittany is from Los Angeles and has worked as a freelance reporter.

CJ Perry (@cjperrydances) is an actress, dancer and “official Red Bull spokesmodel” who had a minor role in the 2012 comedy movie Pitch Perfect. CJ took to Twitter to say that her and Erika Hammond were to commence training on July 8th.

The aforementioned Erika Hammond (@erikaannhammond), alongside CJ Perry, took part in WWE’s four weeks of diva training back in March. Two other familiar faces who took part were Jo-Jo Offerman and Eva Marie, who have ended up being cast in WWE’s upcoming E! reality series “Total Divas”.

Ashley, Brittany, CJ and Erika follow in the footsteps of three other women recently signed to the WWE. Last month, Diva Dirt announced the signings of two bodybuilding competitors, Christina Vargas and Lexi Kaufman. Also waiting to report to NXT is former SHIMMER star Rebecca Knox, who was signed by the WWE back in April.

What do you think of the four latest trainees and the NXT Diva landscape as a whole?

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  • DJ8946

    There’s another. An Arabian Diva has been signed.

    • jmoe87

      What’s her name?

    • shameronstar

      I thought that was some kind of troll joke?

  • Jillfan1

    whoa so many divas most likely some NXT divas will get called up in the summer and some will be let go

  • DJ8946

    & Good job on SRR Jack!

  • redsandman99

    The cast of women just keeps growing. Though of course, that doesn’t mean they’ll all even make it up to the main roster.

    • TNAknockoutJillianHall

      WWE is signing more model divas because Sara Del Rey will make a superstars out of them!

      • Satisfaction

        That is so true and makes me feel so much better.

  • divafandom

    DJ8946 Shes not real lol

  • Anthony

    Ahh no way!! Thats me! My twitter is @Antwants2know hahaha I tweeted about the new girls and CJ, Sarah, Ashley, and Christina started a twitter thread about when they are going to NXT and kept me on all of their tweets. I’m loving all of these new signings, Erika so far is my favorite, she seems hilarious and is beautiful.

    • DivaDestiny

      Erika is my fave as well. I’m not getting my hopes up on any of them though because I never seem to know what the hell WWE is thinking. :p

      Ashley is tweeting that she has not been signed or even offered anything from WWE. :/

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    first off, i dont know if they have all been offered contracts yet, bevause Ashley Sebera just twitter, that she is just training, she hasnt been offered a contract or anything , so maybe this is the case for all them as well

    but still WOW what a huge amount of new divas in the process of begin signed, make me excited, WWE must really like what Sara Del Rey has been doing with the NXT Divas, and feels confident in her, in training them

    NOW< for each girl

    -Ashley Sebera, just wow, she looks amazing, and has that diva look, and i am super excited for her to debut already, look at that picture, and i read her twitter and she seems really excited to debut

    CJ PErry, seems to be a very athletic confident girl , who seems like she will catch on to the wrestling, very quickly

    NOw the other two girls, dont really stand out to me, Erika or Brittany, but i hope they do well and seems like they have good backgrounds that will help them develop and grow !!!!!

  • ryais

    Well Ashley’s just tweeted that she’s not been signed or offered a contact so…

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    from what i can read, i kinda think they are all just going to WWE NXT for kinda like a 2 week training session and then WWE will decide if they wanna offer them a contract or not


  • Ambrose-DivaFan

    Ashley said she hasn’t been signed or offered anything, but the other three are starting in July!!!!

  • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

    I think wwe is looking to bring in all these divas so they can have them a separate group for each show like how they did back when they had the brand separation

  • Anthony

    Ashley has since deleted the comment about “@AntWants2Know Whoop whoop here we come !! #nxt baby :) Hott divas” to me

    • Erin

      Yep. It looks like she happened to attend an NXT event as a fan.

      • Anthony

        Have to admit, it was a strange tweet though, right?

  • shameronstar

    CJ looks like she would play a young hot soccer mom from one of those cliche Lifetime movies, Erika looks like she could be a news journalist/talk show host, and I think Brittany was the other unidentified women from the the diva search tryout!

  • Matty Ryan

    I think either Ashley or Lexi will be released soon cause they have a similar look. But wow, 4 girls huh? I think Ashley won’t be a wrestler since both her ankles are bad. Hopefully when CJ gets her moveset together she incorporates some dance (not Layla-like dancing though). Erika looks familiar but I can’t think of where I’ve seen her *goes to google* Oh! I know why….she looks like Morgan from BGC 5.

    Best of luck to them!

    • Matty Ryan

      LOL Disregard my first and third sentences!

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    its kinda sad that out of the four, as of right now, only Ashley hasnt been signed, because to me she has the best look and everything to become a diva, the other 3 three seem very boring, ashley stands out the most

    • ThePresident of Diva Dirt

      Now she’s signed lol

  • pumped up kicks

    Hopefully they can legit wrestle!

  • Spike7000

    I believe the second girl in the picture has been secretly signed for awhile since recently WWE had on their website photos of the Full Sail University along with Triple H giving a student a schalorship and the second girl was pictured

    It’s funny when girls with no previous experience gets signed people start clamoring for them and saying oh they are their new favorite Diva, calling them ”Queens” and other words like stans lol, or even starting fan sites and changing pics after them when you don’t even know anything yet from them then when a female pro wrestler gets signed there’s bickering how this person doesn’t have a ”look” and their physical look

    They had 14 girls in total recently after Audrey and Anya were released and now they have 17 in total. I noticed in the recent Total Divas footage that Sara Del Rey is featured on Eva and Joseann’s parts looking on in a ring corner. I knew somehow CJ Perry was signed and I think that was her in the recent Total Divas footage being clotheslined by Eva

  • We Are Veteran Army

    Looks like Sara Del Rey is going to have her hands full with all these signs. But I’m sure the Queen of Wrestling can do it.

  • charovnica

    I don’t mind at all.The division needs to be filled.When Paige & some of the other girls debut they need to fill NXT.

  • richies88

    what are wwe trying do find the next trish stratus?

    They are setting a bad example for the kids wwe are

    • shameronstar

      They’ve been trying to do that for years kind of like mad scientists trying to recreate something that was said to be perfect based on folklore! But Kelly and Maryse didn’t have the wrestling and Michelle didn’t have the charisma!

      • charovnica

        I don’t see why in every model that they hire being a fitness or other kind of model,you always see Trish.They were signing models even before and after Trish.Trish though proved that she takes wrestling seriously and ran with everything she was given.I think all the girls deserve the benefit of the doubt,because not every model is gonna be a Kelly Kelly,some have the skills to make it.
        Also WWE is hiring girls from indy backgrounds too,so if anything the future women’s division is gonna be full of different personalities…something we were missing for the past half of the decade.

  • wwestarlee

    lol im sorry but wwe keeps signing to reincarnate a new trish ummm its not going to happen and some of these new fitness models looks real hard in the face but lexi,eva and jo jo are cute. just hoping these girls learn to wrestle and not leave after a couple of months. i wish wwe would add at least one more girl to the broadcast team just my opinion

    • wwestarlee

      “signing fitness models” my bad lol

      • J.D.C.D.

        I mean who knows where these ladies will land in the WWE landscape. They might even be cut in a couple of years. I have faith in Sara Del Rey’s training. I kind of wish Fit Finlay was in the mix too but I’m sure SDR will work these ladies enough. Personally I would really like to see more of the Shimmer/Shine talent signed to the WWE developmental deals but what can you do. The WWE want to do it their way. I’d love to see a character like Christina Von Eerie or Mia Yim in the WWE. oh well.

  • learkyle

    WOW there’s going to be a ton of divas on the NXT roster. Sadly I see a few being realesed over the summer it is just what WWE does. But i can’t wait to see this women in ring!

  • wwestarlee

    lmaoooo is Jojo the new diva dating Justin Gabriel?

  • dsan

    Do good with them, Death Rey.

  • coleyjillianaksana

    WWE Needs To Bring Back Divas Who Never Got A Chance Cough JILLIAN Cough