Kaitlyn Pokes Fun at Her Wardrobe Malfunction on Raw


Not only did former Divas Champion Kaitlyn almost lose her mind following recent mind games with rival AJ Lee, but she very nearly lost her top in the midst of a catfight with the new Divas Champ on Raw — but at least she can see the humor in the situation!

The Diva’s, er, ample assets momentarily said hello to the millions of viewers who watched Monday’s episode of the flagship WWE show, making for screencap- and GIF-worthy television for horny nerds male viewers the Internet over.

But yeah, the moment has passed, guys, and Kaitlyn wants you to stop talking about her damn boobs!

She tweeted:

It’s great to see Kaitlyn’s good-humored reaction to her little faux pas. Well played, Kaitlyn.

Got a wardrobe malfunction joke you’re just dying to get off your, er… chest? Tell us in the comments!

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  • https://twitter.com/Oliver_James611 OJ Von Erich

    Hahahaha good on her! :D

  • charovnica

    If only her real self gets to be shown more on TV…I mean exactly this got her to the finals of NXT.She has to get over that AJ thing and become the ultimate bubbly face.

  • redsandman99

    It happens. She’s not the first and definitely won’t be the last.

  • DaDivaQueen

    She should wear a bra next time. No doubt she all crying backstage n shit.

  • Ambrose-DivaFan

    People act like its the first time someone has seen a girls nipple. It happens sometimes, nothing you can do about it, I’d rather it be what happened to Kaitlyn than what happen to Maryse at Fatal Four Way!

    • charovnica

      What happened? Man…I never notice those things.

    • hado

      I can still from today not see what happened to Maryse in that match. People always talk about Maryse getting a wardrobe malfunction at the PPV and I still can’t see it. Let me watch the match again.

  • Rhawk

    *Drum Solo after reading her tweet*

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    Kaitlyns tits almost exploded out if that too haha
    Pretty hot and funny
    I wonder if this will lead into a classic Bra and Panties match that I haven’t seen done in 10 years!! Damn feminists and their whining lol..
    Right To Censor won .. -_-
    Anyone remember Dawn Marie was getting beasted on by Jackie and ripped her too right off and even Jackies huge boobs were about to explode out, or Dawn and Michelle McCool during a nasty catfight, Michelle ripped dawns bra lol

    Then Tori as usual would rip ivorys clothes off and vise versa puppies coming out!

    Last one of my favorite ones Kristal Marshall rips Jillian’s pantsuit and bra to where her massive boobs almost popped out for calling her a bimbo and during the match.. Twice as nice, Kristal strips for the male fans
    Man she was fun haha
    Or Candice!! Last one I swear.. Ashley rips her very little panties off just almost right off! o.0
    Or Melina peeling the towel off Candice who was nude haha knocking down that idiot cameraman!

    U guys need to nip it in the bud and stop being such boobs about this situation!
    U rock Kaitlyn! Don’t let those comments get to you! You’re the former Knockouts champion you can beat AJ!! You’re the breast

    • Peter

      *divas champion.

  • redsandman99

    Hell, Stephanie herself had her entire boob pop out when she was put into a pedigree position. So there have been much worse ones than what happened Monday.

  • jtiera

    This is why I love her lol

  • BarbieBlank

    She needs to tie those puppies down

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    She should wear a bra but its not like its never happened before LOL…

  • Nostalgia

    I remember when Kharma’s entire chest was exposed lol. Flapjack tits

    • jtiera

      Dead lol

    • hado

      OMFG yes, haha, I remember that, lol.