OVW filmed their monthly Saturday Night Special last night, featuring Women’s Champion Trina teaming up with Heidi Lovelace against Taeler Hendrix and Nikki St. John, as well as Epiphany squaring off against Lei’D Tapa.

The show will be distributed on DVD via OVWrestling.com. Spoilers below:

* Taeler Hendrix & Nikki St. John vs. [OVW Women’s Champion] Trina & Heidi Lovelace – Taeler & Nikki attack from behind to start the match. They both choke Heidi in the corner with their boots. They double team and hit Heidi while the ref is distracted with Trina. Nikki stomps Heidi and bangs her head against the mat. Taeler tags in and hits Heidi across the back. She locks in a sleeper, but Heidi tries to elbow out. Taeler grabs her by the head and pulls her down to the mat. She goes over and smacks Trina. Trina tries to get in and again Taeler & Nikki double team Heidi while the ref tries to keep Trina in her corner. Nikki hits Heidi and tags Taeler back in. Taeler slaps Heidi, and Heidi gets angry and slaps Taeler back. Taeler locks in a reverse headlock, but Heidi hits a chinbuster. Taeler hits Trina before Heidi can make a tag. Taeler goes to grab Heidi, but Heidi kicks her off and makes the tag to Trina. Trina comes in on fire. As she goes off the ropes, Heidi makes a blind tag. Trina fights with Nikki on the outside as Heidi goes up top and hits a flying body press on Taeler. Instead of going for the pin, she sets up in the corner and spears Taeler. Nikki gets back in and hits Heidi from behind. She charges after Heidi, but Heidi pulls down the top rope and Nikki flies to the outside. Heidi turns around and Taeler grabs her by the neck, but Heidi swats her hand away and grabs Taeler and plants a kiss of death on her. Heidi rolls her up and gets the 3. WINNERS: TRINA & HEIDI by pinfall.

* Lei’d Tapa vs. Epiphany – Eddie Diamond comes to the ring and says things have gotten a little out of control, but he still loves him some Epiphany, and then tells Tapa her lips might say no, but her eyes are telling him yes. Tapa hits and clotheslines Eddie, and Epiphany hits Tapa from behind. She butt bumps Tapa in the corner and checks on Eddie. Tapa hits Epiphany. Epiphany throws Tapa in the corner, hits her and throws her off the ropes. They collide, but neither woman goes down. They both go for hip tosses, but block each other’s attempts. Tapa catches Epiphany with a big boot for 2. Tapa chokes Epiphany and slams her head into the mat. Epiphany comes back and powerbombs Tapa! Tapa kicks out at 2. Tapa shoves Epiphany into the ropes and Eddie holds on to her leg. Epiphany turns around and asks what he is doing, calling him “stupid boy”, which got a “stupid boy” chant going. Epiphany turns around into Tapa’s spinning diamond cutter finisher for 3. WINNER: TAPA by pinfall.

* After the match, Eddie gets in the ring to check on Epiphany and help her up. Epiphany kicks him and powerbombs him! The crowd went crazy and started chanting “one more time”, and Epiphany obliged, powerbombing Eddie a second time! (Source)