First Look: Another Potential Romance on ‘Total Divas’, First Full Cast Picture with Jo-Jo and Eva Marie


By now you know there will be plenty of romance in the air when E!’s new WWE-themed reality show, Total Divas, hit screens on July 28.

To recap, among the love connections we’ll see on the show include: Natalya‘s wedding to long time beau Tyson Kidd; Nikki Bella opening up about her  relationship with John Cena; Brie Bella‘s sickeningly (we mean that in a nice way) adorable romance with Daniel Bryan; Naomi‘s surprise engagement to Jimmy Uso; and more surprisingly given her short time in WWE, Jo-Jo‘s budding romance with Justin Gabriel. With us so far?

Adding another wrinkle to the show, we’ve now learned of another potential lurve match on the show… to put it bluntly, new Diva-in-training Eva Marie has apparently made a beeline for Fandango!

According to E!, the “budding bombshell makes her presence known to the male Superstars when she flirts relentlessly with fan favorite Fandago.”

Summer Rae, you better watch your man!

However, it seems one of our Total Divas is missing out on the Superstar loving action and that’s with good reason: Cameron will be seen navigating her own relationship with a non-WWE beau (shocking as it may seem!) and apparently her grueling WWE lifestyle will clash with her relationship.

We’re told: “[Cameron] is in a relationship with a man not in the WWE world – which presents a lot of obstacles of its own. As she is learning, not every Diva can have it all.”

If that hasn’t whet your appetite enough for Total Divas, maybe the new cast picture will!

The gorgeous new promo picture marks the first cast shot with all of the Divas — Eva Marie and Jo-Jo included!

Check it out below:

We. Can’t. Wait.

Total Divas premieres Sunday, July 28th at 10pm on E!

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  • 3xplicit

    I’m almost 100% sure jojo and Justin & Eva and fandango are scripted relationships just for the show.

  • xXxUniquelyiXxX

    I think the fact that this show is probably 99.9% scripted, ruins it for me. The divas are so open with their personal lives on social media that it ruins the show (not judging them as they have a choice to do so) but the show is going to fail. And Jo-Jo’s relationship with Justin is obviously fake considering just a couple of weeks ago on instagram she was with her real boyfriend. lol

  • wwestarlee

    Ok im confuesed donest Eva have a man and engaged???? I hope this is scripted & really isnt a hoe. Speaking of hoes i wonder how she feels about being protrayed as one. She a beautiful girl & yes this will bring ratings but this is the same reason why Kristal Marshall left b/c WWE protrayed her in a negative light
    And if WWE wanted a relationship why didnt they use Foxy&wade???

    • Ambrose-DivaFan

      I think the reason behind Kristal leaving is because she was offered the role of Vickie got with Edge, she did want to do that because she didn’t want to be portrayed as a “hoe”!

      • Matty Ryan

        No, Kristal was offered the role Alicia had.

      • wwestarlee

        lol i just said that ughhhh these damn typos

  • Gail-Trish-Brooke

    I have absolutely no interest in watching the “Bella Show”. No thanks!
    And how did this Jojo girl get signed? She is so basic looking.

    • Matty Ryan

      I don’t think it will be “The Bella Show”, just because they are featured in the little title promotion and first trailer doesn’t mean anything, I mean Kim is in the one for Keeping Up with the Kardahians, but isn’t the focal point.

    • BorisG

      @ Gail-Trish-Brooke: JoJo isn’t that average. She’s pretty. She looks like Layla version from 2006 with curly hair. Maybe with her straight hair, she can look hotter.

  • iLUVValets

    Ok yall, if you Follow Eva Marie on instagram, you will know that her storyline is going to be 100% faken it to make it. She is madly in love with a non wwe guy as well and I think she is engaged. Why put her in scripted bs? Why not just have her and Cameron bond with the fact they are both struggling to be on the road and maintain their relationships? And no tea no shade, but the black girl booty pose is very tired and making us look bad. Black woman, there is more to you than just ass ass ass

  • BarbieBlank

    I think I’m gonna enjoy Eva’s charecter the most . every reality show needs atleast one skank on the cast to shake things up

    • jtiera

      Well damn! Lol

    • JamieKym

      lol so fitting that you’re avatar is Joseline Hernandez. But I like her tho.

  • Matty Ryan

    Ooh I love Eva! Just cause she’s engaged doesn’t mean she can’t look and flirt. But I have a feeling everyone will hate her and call her a ho and home wrecker. But Cameron’s relationship will really intrigue me the most. Also I would love to see Eva as Fandango’s second/third dancer.

    • Matty Ryan

      Also would you even consider Eva & Fandango a relationship? I mean flirting isn’t a relationship.

    • charovnica

      Well,once you’re engaged it connotes that you are no longer interested in being with anybody else,that you’re ready to start a family with someone,so I’d consider flirting and toying around with others a pretty hoe move.

      • BorisG

        This can turn maybe into Summer vs Eva.
        I would like it like this. Summer comes and dances with Fandango. At one moment, she gets injured for about 2 weeks (fake injury. They interview Fandango and he says he’ll find her replacement for that time. than Eva comes and flirts with him. 2 weeks later Summer returns and says Fandango she’s ready to dance with him. Eva comes and asks Fandango to go, because he has match. Summer freaks out and asks her : “Who do you think you are! To take my man and my spot away from me!?” Then,they can have dance off contests, backstage segments, but not matches, since Eva is not ready…

        And Eve Torres also have her boyfriend. and was with him 7 years, while her storyline with Ryder and Cena started. It doesn’t mean it’s real relationship.

        • charovnica

          Um,not sure why you replied to me.I meant that storyline wise it does make Eva look like a whore,because they actually acknowledge the fact that she is engaged.

          • BorisG

            Not to you Matty Ryan

  • jtiera

    Really tho scripted relationships? I knew it because jojo was just on twitter talking about her boyfriend. Then the whole justin Gabriel thing came about and I was like damn she move fast. I guess Eva moving in on fandango is the reason she’s been taking dance lessons. This show I don’t know, I can’t ….

    • shameronstar

      Yea, if it’s “reality tv” it kind of make the new girls look like sluts! lol

  • charovnica

    Horrible choice of dresses by the Bellas considering the background.

  • Liam Holden

    Isn’t Eva engaged? And flirting with another man?!! Uh oh, all the dumbass noobs who don’t know that wrestling is scripted (Perez Hilton) will be all over that!

  • kewlkatz

    This all looks ridiculous from the outset… what kind of viewers are they trying to attract? And scripted relationships? No thanks.

  • DaDivaQueen

    Jojo is a basic looking hoe not to mention her hawt mess debut and the fact that she sucks in the ring( which doesn’t surprise me, these two talentless hoes are just looking for their 15 mins)

    • BarbieBlank

      I think jojo is more natural looking than the other girls not basic . Most of the divas start out wanting to be famous some fall in love with actual wrestling while some don’t

  • johnny

    Like I said I really hope this is scripted because JoJo is the only one that seems normal the others seem slutty or down right Insane like Naomi and Cameron! Naomi if your reading this and you need to chill before you end up joining the mug shot club lol.

  • AJFan95

    They all look amazing in that picture.

  • art

    I dont know why eva wants to be portrayed like that…i mean it’s gonna get to the point that her man thinks something might be happening….

    • johnny

      I’m saying the same thing lol.