BREAKING: Tara Released by TNA

TNA has revealed that they’ve released Tara from her contract.

They have just tweeted the following message:

The former Knockouts Champion, who joined TNA back in 2009, left the company for a few months in 2010 amidst contract negotiations. Since then, she’s a been a TNA regular.

No further details have been given for her release.

UPDATE: PWInsider is reporting that Tara’s release was a cost-cutting measure and that she wasn’t informed of her release until shortly before they publicly announced it.

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  • foxlive

    OMG, what is tna doing? :O

    • Flitzy

      Circling the drain? ;p

  • Chika

    I’m so surprised! She and Gail were excellent as a team. Wow, really shocked.

  • divaknockout0913

    Are they giving up on their knockout’s division all together? I mean I love Mickie and Gail, but they can’t make one division. You need depth to a roster. Perhaps this was Tara’s decision, but who knows.

  • jen07201

    So they have only 4 active KO’s Mickie, Gail, Velvet, Taryn

    • DTWP75

      4 Knockouts???
      What about Brooke Tessmacher???

      • BarbieBlank

        Brooke hasn’t been seen for a good ammount of time so we can’t really say she’s active

  • Looking Glass

    Wish she had a storyline to write her out, I know WWE randomly released Mickie but at least the Piggy James storyline kinda felt like it fed into her departure. Tara just disappeared and was made to look so weak in comparison to the woman she came in as.

    On the plus side, TNA might be able to focus on the entire KO division at this rate given how you can nearly count them on one hand. I hate to say it but when your top paid girl there is Christy Hemme, you get an idea of how much they value the talent. I know Christy has been there a while and has always been reported to be paid the most, but still it just feels stupid that O.D.B. is relegated to an official, Brooke is M.I.A., half the division is gone and the others are left to conveyor belt around the champion. Velvet was champion weeks ago and she’s been dropped again, I feel like it’s only a matter of time before Taryn vanishes until Mickie/Gail is over.

  • lucius

    I think it’s time Varon retired. Don’t get me wrong she always entertained me, I just think at her age which is old for an active female wrestler. I love Varon and respect her for awesome matches she put on. Definatley one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time.

  • Litaker61

    They need more girls. Constant rotation between 4 of them is already getting stale, any longer is just a joke.

  • Matty

    The only good news about this is the possibility if her returning to WWE, I have to say I sort of saw this coming after a tweet she sent out the other night about MITB… Got me thinking…

    ANYWAY, best of luck to Tara and like I say, hopefully the door has been left open for a WWE return.

    • DivaFan4Life

      i agree! I’d love to see her vs Aj! Maybe form an alliance too! Aj uses the Black Widow and Victoria uses the Widows Peak! <3

    • Jcott3

      A lot of people want to see Victoria vs. AJ (Psycho Woman vs. Crazy Girl), but due to the combination of her age (Victoria is 42, but still looks great) and her outspokenness in the past over what WWE has let the Divas division turn into, I don’t know if they’d bring her back. I know John-Boy Laurinaitis wouldn’t, but Triple H might.

      • 09DHK

        Her WWE Alumni page has been up for a while, so if she’s not retiring, I think a return could be possible.


      She’s 42. You know how superficial WWE is when it comes to their Divas.

  • DJ8946

    This is worst than when WWE released her. TNA, you have 4 fucking knockouts! 4! That is ridiculous. Use Brooke, who is probably next,bring up Tapa. Hell, get a fucking former Diva! Anything is better than this shit you guys have going on now!

    • Matty Ryan

      Well it’s not worse, at WWE she was treated as a joke, at least at TNA she still had credibility!

      • DJ8946

        No she didn’t. Her last match was a comedic joke. Her match with Michelle was serious & very good. She also got a proper retirement speech.

        • Matty Ryan

          That didn’t air on SD! Plus only her two last weeks were serious, the rest leading up to that she was comedic heel, coming out in flippers and snorkels, and wasn’t on TV.

        • 09DHK

          If her last WWE match was that serious, they would’ve at least let her go over Michelle (someone she could EASILY defeat) since they’d been jobbing her out for pretty much the second half of her career.

          • redsandman99

            The thing is though, very rarely does the person leaving go over anyone. That’s just wrestling tradition. And with Michelle being placed as Smackdown’s top heel alongside Maryse, of course she wasn’t winning that match.

          • Looking Glass

            People always say that Victoria got jobbed out in the end, fair enough they made her look an idiot but would you have preferred the anti-Diva of the time to have dressed up in bikinis? It was used as comedy but it established her character without having to go on the mic. Her move to SD made her relevant again if anything, given that before she was drafted she didn’t have a lot going on after losing her match to Mickie at New Year’s Revolution.

            The second half of her career, she got matches across all three brands and yeah they jobbed her to the Bellas, Torrie, Michelle, but she wasn’t a squash opponent she did her job to make them look good but still retained her own dominance. Victoria still picked up wins during the second half, I think people act like she came out and lost everything because she dressed up as a sumo. Her retirement speech was on and yeah that’s not TV but still, what other Divas have had an official exit bar Lita, Trish, The Bellas and Beth (and how crap was that!?)

  • lucius

    I think it was only a matter of time before Tara left. Don’t get me wrong she’s still entertaining to watch and damn good at what she did. But for her age, I think it’s the right decision for her. Maybe not for the KO division. It would have been nice to have Tara’s last match be next week with Mickie vs Tara loser leaves TNA or something. But hey, I’m just thankful that we got to see one last run for Tara this year. Thank you Tara!

  • Matty Ryan

    Well for Tara it’s ehh, but for TNA it’s bad. Sadly I see Brooke going soon, then maybe Taryn not long after, cause let’s face it TNA is not gonna let go of Val, Christy, Gail, Velvet, or Mickie unless they want to leave.

    Maybe we will see Victoria again. Perfect timing, with the WWE putting more focus on the Divas, and VicTara is getting up there in age, so why not end it where it started. Maybe we’ll see two spiders go at it?

    • 09DHK

      The original Black Widow vs the PG Black Widow. Victoria/Tara would destroy AJ Lee. XD

      • Matty Ryan

        The Psycho Bitch vs The Crazy Chick

        Actually, now that I think about it AJ is the new Victoria, but gets around more.

        • 09DHK

          I think in this PG era, they’d both be the “Crazy Chick” since I’m pretty sure the word “bitch” isn’t so PG lol. I actually peg AJ as kind of a hybrid of Mickie (gimmick wise; minus the whoring around the men’s locker room) and Gail (moveset wise).

  • Juan

    What is TNA doing? They should be hiring more Knockouts,not letting them go!! Seriously we only have 6 Knockouts left, one of which is being used as a referee and another that hasn’t been seen in months! I can honestly say that if TNA continues releasing talent, Tessmacher will be next on the chopping block.

    As talented as Mickie and Gail are, as much progress as Taryn is making, and as popular as Velvet is, these 4 women just aren’t enough to carry an entire division.

  • richies88

    whol fucking good. didn’t think they do that. mother of god.

  • wl75

    I had a feeling this was coming- seems like she’s working a lot more on her pizza place in Chicago the last few months. This is probably the end of the line for her at least as a major player- she’ll probably either retire or do some occasional indy work.

    • Kaledrina.

      going by twitter, her business looks to be booming. plus, she seems a clever one, she probably still has a shitload of WWE money still sitting in the bank LOL. so, financially i think she’ll do awesome, just a shame we may never again see her on TV =/.

  • BorisG

    OMG, I am shocked! TNA has like 4 Knockouts, yet, they release them. Tara wasn’t used as she should have been with this ridiculous gimmick. She was active more in her restaurant, than in the ring. Shame on you TNA. This might be because of budget cuts. I hope she returns to WWE and becomes only 2nd woman in history to win Women’s, Knockouts and Divas title.

  • Kaledrina.

    wow. didn’t see this coming. got to speak with tara for a huge length of time a month or so back and she seemed genuinely happy with tna, even saying she’d love to eventually work in a behind-the-scenes capacity. shame they let her go like this.

    over the last almost two years, tna have released, what, 11, 12 women? sad sad sad.

    i’m half expecting tessmacher to be released by the end of the week now.

    • Liam ‘

      I actually had forgotten Tessmacher was on the roster!

  • darkangels

    i see tara back with the wwe soon in a legends contract like trish the getting into the wwe Hall of Fame

  • 09DHK

    Uh, why the fuck would TNA release one of their BEST workers (male or female) on the entire roster?!?!?! If they needed to release a Knockout, they should’ve released Velvet. Hopefully like Madison Rayne, this will be temporary, because it’s kinda shocking that Tara wouldn’t inform her fans if this were a means of retirement. Again, hopefully it’s temporary since she’s still booked to be apart of Knockouts Knockdown (even though it was pre taped). The Knockouts Division is thin enough as it is.

    • Superstar77

      Why should Velvet be released?! That just proves how much of a hater you are. But what else can I expect from a Madison Rayne fan.

  • Liam Holden


  • DJ8946

    It’s not like she is missing money though. She probably makes more in tips than at TNA.

    • joegibson1


  • Dave Muscarella

    Maybe it was Tara’s decision to be let go?

    I am surprised people are shocked by this. She hasn’t been used in a while. She isn’t very important to the division at this point. And she has her restaurant to run full time which I am sure is more important to her than wrestling in TNA.

    Without TNA, she can now pick and chose where she wants to wrestle. Taeler said in an interview recently a LOT of people in TNA are unhappy, and its no secret they don’t pay most of their lower card people all that well.

    I wouldn’t feel bad for Tara at all. She doesn’t need TNA anymore.

  • DivaFan4Life

    I think it was probably Tara’s choice as TNA really hasnt been using the knockouts to there full potential! It’s TNA’s loss because Tara did bring great ratings especially when she had multiple matches with Gail!

    Maybe we might see Victoria make her return to wwe! <3

    • TheKellyKelly2011

      I think she will retire she said she wants to but Victoria back will be amazing

      • DivaFan4Life

        Yeah i mean she could return to wwe in different ways, maybe a trainer aligned with sara del rey for the divas division! But it would be great to see her win the divas title once before she would retire!

  • TheKellyKelly2011

    Wel with only 6 KO left Tna most:
    -Lei D’Tapa full time wrestler
    -Sign Ivelisse, LuFisto, Santana and Jillian
    -Probaly sign Serena or Athena
    -Make bigger storylines for the champioship

    • SweeneyTodd

      She is 42. I don’t think wwe want here anymore.

    • TheKellyKelly2011

      and the Blosson’s are wrestleres too soo bring them up too

    • J.D.C.D.

      I think TNA will have to make a lot more money to bring in all those ladies. Plus it stinks with Tara/Lisa Marie being gone. She could have put together some great matches for Ivelisse and Athena. Man a Serena Deeb vs Tara 20 min match would be awesome. Oh well Maybe Tara can head over to Shimmer for a bit.

  • BorisG

    Yet, SoCal Val is still there.

    • DivaFan4Life

      well i think val is also more of a backstage role like how christy hemme is. but i get your point! tara did a lot for tna but she is better than tna honestly plus she has a lot of business ventures she is doing so all power to her! I am sure we will get a diva dirt interview eventually

    • Kaledrina.

      socal val is definitely tna’s rosa mendes.. she must have some real juicy dirt on dixie or something LOL.

    • Matty Ryan

      SoCal isn’t going anywhere. She’s been with TNA for almost 10 years, I hate to say it but if it came down to her and Mickie having beef, they would think about letting Mickie go before Val,

  • WaitingForSundae

    I think it’s pretty obvious that Tara will announce sometime today, tomorrow at the latest that she requested this.

    I’d leave that sinking ship too. Then again when I work, I like to get pain on time and not have to worry about the checks bouncing.

    • DJ8946

      O.O, I’m dead!