In Video: Stacy Keibler Talks Wrestling Career, “From Lingerie Matches to Dinner With Obama”

Stacy Keibler is finally opening up about her wrestling career.

It seemed that many in the entertainment industry had all but forgotten that the host of Supermarket Superstar was once a leggy WWE Diva–until Keibler appeared as a guest on The Sam Roberts Show this past Sunday.

In addition to promoting her upcoming show, Stacy was asked about being a former wrestler.

“I was a huge fan. That’s how I got into it,” Keibler said. “I just started getting involved and going to all of the events and holding the signs and got into it.”

Keibler, of course, won the Nitro Girls competition in 1999 to become a dancer for WCW. She explained how it all went down, saying, “The fans voted for me and I thought I was going to dance with the girls once a week and then a month later they asked me to be a character on the show and sent me to the wrestling school while I was being a character. I kind of had to learn as I was going…hence why I was being so terrible,” Keibler joked.

Stacy also played the role of one of Vince McMahon‘s many “assistants” during her time in the WWE. She revealed she was actually scheduled to make out with the Chairman!

“The day I was supposed to make out with Vince McMahon something happened with Steve Austin being accused of beating his wife, whatever it was, we x-ed our segment out,” Keibler said.

Stacy pretty much did it all in the WWE and faced her fair share of tough competitors. On who was the toughest, she said, “Lita was pretty tough. I got a lot of brusies. But we became good friends.”

Stacy also opens up about being “The Duchess of Dudleyville”, her table bump, her first physical activity in wrestling and whether or not George Clooney is a wrestling fan. Check out the interview below:

Would you like to see Stacy make a one night return to the WWE?

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  • art

    I wouldn’t mind her coming back for one night i mean she’s still popular….

  • shane

    I have a few things to say so I’m just going to bullet point them to make it cohesively better to understand.

    - I’ve never been a Stacy Keibler fan other than admiring how hot she is, but this interview has changed that.
    - The fact that she did a wrestling interview in 2013 after breaking up with George fucking Clooney shows how cool she is. She doesn’t need to be associated with wrestling in any way especially after breaking up with George fucking Clooney, but did a wrestling interview that pretty much summed up her wrestling career.
    - As I said I’m not a Stacy stan so take my word for this as I come with no biases – I think the WWE should throw whatever sum of money at her that she wants and resign her ASAP. She has mainstream buzz right now, she is still hot as shit, and she is probably the most mainstream female wrestling personality besides Chyna.
    - As for re-signing her, they should do a Brock Lesnar deal where they sign her for a year for just TV (no house shows, appearances) and either have her as a Diva that does promotional work (think Total Divas) or possibly as a wrestler but that’s not needed because Stacy isn’t a wrestler she’s a Diva.
    - For anyone that reads my comment and thinks “why would you want WWE to hire a Diva and not a wrestler” because trust me, like you, I love wrestling but Stacy Keibler is above being a wrestler and the WWE is above being a wrestling company. But Keibler can bring WWE what they love most and that’s attention. You can bring Kiebler back as head of the Diva’s division, or an interviewer, a host of one of their network shows, I don’t know but I know they should really strike while the iron is hot and sign her.
    - BTW I would love a Kiebler Diva’s Championship reign (again I am not a crazy Keibler fan, nor am I a fan of the usual Diva types #TeamPaige)
    - Something about this interview made me fall in love with her, possibly the Lingerie match to then talking about having dinner with Barack fucking Obama??? She’s great.

    Side notes:
    1. I remember reading on any of those wrestling dirt sheet sites about how Tara/Victoria has a great reputation because she’s a great person and that’s why you never read any gossip about her on those sites. I tried thinking of any Stacy wrestling gossip and couldn’t think of much and I’ve been a fan of wrestling for a while. The only thing note worthy would be her relationships with Test in WWE and David Flair in WCW right?

  • XavierSkyy

    I’d like to see her come back and be a ring announcer or some type of non-wrestling personality.

  • Timalee

    I can see her as a one time divas champion. Give her a big milestone in WWE. The Divas title was really made for divas like Torrie, Kelly, Stacey…divas that you wouldn’t think would get the Women’s title. But obviously now a days is an every diva title. The only diva title. I think the WWE needs to bring back the Women’s title. Have a raw title and Smack down title and go back to divas being on one or the other…this will give us more story lines.

  • Sarah Connor

    good interview, stacy really is a sweet and girly chick who is very down to earth and passionate about everything she does which i love and respect her for. it’s nice that she remembers her wrestling career so fondly and is grateful for how she got to where she is today because of it. i wish her the best of luck on her new show.

    its’s also cool that her are bubba are still good friends to date and how they looked out for her.

    i can totally understand why she wouldn’t want to commit to a full time contract with wwe she’s been there and done that and now is enjoying her career very close to home. i think for ladies like stacy should not stay in wrestling long term because i would hate for her to become like sunny or miss liz but i agree with shane that wwe should reach out to her to make special one-off appearances at wrestlemania because stacy has that diva look that can be marketed on the red carpet.

    i love her for professional respect for lita despite getting bruised and how they still remain friends which is nice. torrie and lita are still good friends and it’s good to know stacy and lita are still in touch too.

    • Sarah Connor

      oh and i can’t believe she has dined with michelle obama. :O i think barack is a smart and wonderful man but behind every great man, there stands a great woman. i love that quote.

      stacy has always had class and been presentable so i would love to have seen what she wore when she visited the white house.

      it’s a shame about the inevitable split with george because they looked made for each other when making public appearances and were fast becoming my 4th fave celeb couple. brangelina being first and wills & kate being second and obamas 3rd. :)