‘Total Divas’ Watch Out! Kharma Set for Lifetime’s ‘Double Divas’


Divas, divas, everywhere!

While E! is celebrating the success of its hit new reality show Total Divas, former WWE star and TNA Knockout Kharma is set to become a Double Diva!

Kharma, real name Kia Stevens, is set to appear on an episode of Lifetime’s reality show Double Divas, which recently began airing its second season.

The show follows lingerie shop owners Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Richards as they run their LiviRae Lingerie store in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Kharma confirmed the news on Twitter writing:

We’ll keep you posted on when Kharma’s episode of Double Divas will air. If her tweets are to be believed, it will surely be worth a watch!

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  • LeaTHeartsWWE

    I’ve never watch Double Divas but I’ll tune in for this one episode to see Kharma. :/
    Let me go buy my food first

    • Matty Ryan

      And be sure to eat it WAAY after it’s digested cause some of those boobs are sickening.

      • LeaTHeartsWWE

        Thanks for the heads up. I tend to make mistakes like that. ;)

  • Kingbooman

    Go Kharma!!

  • I dig CrayJ

    Find the appropriate bra for Kharma?AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT!

  • SexualChocolate

    OMG, I love that show

  • King 412

    If she isn’t signed with Wwe why is she still using the name Kharma, doesn’t Wwe own that name

    • MafiaMM

      In her shoot interview with YouShoot she revealed that WWE wants her back but she needs to lose weight first. Maybe there’s some sort of written agreement rather then a contract?

      • http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ64PfPC9jDPp4pU6FxAPag Chelsii

        She’s lost plenty of weight… you don’t want Kharma to be thin, it destroys her character.

  • xUltimateBarbie

    Ummm, good for her I guess. lol I’ve seen the show a few times, but never really got into it. But, I’ll be watching this episode!

  • http://thebomb.com/ OH HELL NAWL!!

    This is the perfect time for the Aj vs Kharma storyline. Hint, hint wwe!

  • RatedR

    This epsiode was on sept.3 on her birthday