Mickie James to Train Divas at WWE Performance Center

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  • Mariah_Scarey

    As long as it’s not permanent there’s still a chance of her returning to the ring. Baby steps

  • wwepassion

    i’m hoping a return for mickie

  • https://twitter.com/_EricHolt_ Eric Holt

    Oh wow! That’s great : ) Based on Devin’s tweet, it looks like Mickie’s only going to be helping them out only for this week, which is great either way. Mickie is such a talented woman in wrestling, and it’s great that she’ll get to share her knowledge and skills with the NXT divas. It’d be too much like right if WWE could hire Mickie back as an active diva on the roster. Based on Diva Dirt’s recent interview with Mickie, she seems like she really wants to go back to WWE. I hope and pray that WWE will hire her back for at least one more run.

    • xTheeDarkHorse

      I know i would love to see her against Kaitlyn, AJ, Or even Tamina.

    • BorisG

      That would be good and AJ vs Mickie would be great.

      • https://twitter.com/_EricHolt_ Eric Holt

        Battle of the psycho divas: Psycho Mickie vs. Psycho AJ.

  • xTheeDarkHorse

    From Mickie’s Tweet she said they blew her away

  • Matty Marie

    Mickie is a trainer could only mean good things.
    With an already visible improvement with Sara Del Rey’s training, adding Mickie would make the divas even better.

  • redsandman99

    Glad to hear this. There’s a lot those girls can learn from her.

  • Kaitlyn.Lover<3

    This is so awesome :D

  • Alex Castaneda

    OMG Is This Real? somebody pinch me!

  • OJ Von Erich

    Probably just a fleeting visit like Eve Torres did recently, but this is fantastic no less!

  • Aaron Evans

    She’ll be back. The difference between her & Eve is that she wants to return, whereas right now, Eve is happy with her life.

  • jen07201

    Mickie James + Sara Del Rey as trainers = Amazing future

    • BorisG


  • Having a VISION..Oh Snap..

    OMG! im sooooooooooooooooooooo excited… this could be a sign ! unless you can just walk in and do whatever you want. i would think wwe would call you.

  • BorisG

    This is amazing! Love Mickie. She’s soo great and inspirational.

  • Having a VISION..Oh Snap..

    Mickie is such a idol… like really. she can inspire these young ladies to give their 110%!

  • Cj,Summer ellie,Lexie

    So is Sara del rey getting brought up lol

  • CJ2100

    Can Mickie just go straight on TV, Mick Kick the Bellas, Eva, Tamina, and AJ and take the divas championship please? Honestly I want her on my tv screen so bad.
    Screw Paige and Emma (for the moment) IT’S MICKIE BITCHES

  • Randi Parker

    Oh yay!!, does this mean something good for her!

  • ????? KING ?????

    A week? WWE why not just sign her and not as a trainer but as a performer to a short term contract maybe a year. She deserves a fairy tale ending

  • legiiiiir

    wasn’t sara del ray the official diva trainer? would be nice if mickie james join sara.

    • BorisG

      She is, Mickie just trains them this week.

  • Divas ChampAJ

    Bayley meets Mickie ????.Mickie returns to face AJ LEE at Survivor Series.NOW THATS WHATS BEST FOR BUSINESS.

    • BorisG

      I want it so badly.

      • Divas ChampAJ

        I would pay my money for this.


    WOOOOOOOOOO :D Can she please fucking return and beat AJ for the title?

    • Divas ChampAJ

      Yes! Her,Alicia or Natayla.



        • Divas ChampAJ

          She hasnt been in no matches..How can she return in 1 week and get a shot.

          • AWESOMENICK #BrieFTW

            It’ll take some time for sure lol

          • Divas ChampAJ

            But then again how can Mickie return in 1 week and get a shot :O.

          • AWESOMENICK #BrieFTW

            Because Mickie is AWESOME.

          • Divas ChampAJ


  • nismos69

    Mickie will return as The Wyatts bitch

    • Divas ChampAJ

      Audrey Marie or Mickie James or Both as Wyatts sisters.Another team to the Divas Tag Division.. I then would smell tag titles.
      AJ and Tamina
      Brie and Nikki
      Cameron and Naomi
      Alicia and Aksana
      Audrey and Mickie
      Thats a good bit of teams!
      Then you have single competitors like
      Summer Rae

      • KatyaMenelli

        Funny you say that because Audrey Marie was supposed to be in the Wyatt Family before she was released. She was in the Wyatt Family Vignettes before they debuted (She was the girl hanging form the tree).

      • KatyaMenelli

        AJ and Tamina
        Naomi and Cameron
        Layla and Aksana
        Rosa and Summer Rae (Dancing Tag Team)
        Eva Marie and JoJo
        Brie and Nikki
        Natalya and Kaitlyn

  • Tased .

    Mickie vs AJ is a must! the crazy vs crazy storyline!

  • Chedith


  • ImRightHere

    Something tells me Mickie will be back in the WWE in no time