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Australian in America Blog: Shazza McKenzie Checks in from America, Comments on American Debut

Australian wrestler Shazza McKenzie is currently in America, where she is set to debut for SHIMMER Women Athletes next week. Shazza will be sending us exclusive blogs and pictures from her trip. Check back for regular updates!


In case you’ve never heard of me, my name is Shazza McKenzie and I’m a female professional wrestler from Australia. I’ve spent the past 12 days over on the other side of the world in a little chilly place called Philadelphia. I was horribly disappointed to find out that it is not actually always sunny here. Fun fact about me, I enjoy horrible pun jokes… You know, the type your dad makes!

So what possible reason would I have to leave the warm beaches of Australia to travel on a plane for nearly 19 hours to this freezing cold place? Simple! Philadelphia is the mecca of independent professional wrestling! It is the home to some of the best wrestling schools in the entire world and I want to learn from the best in the world.

My first order of business when arriving in Philadelphia (after I got a cheese steak, obviously) was to check out CHIKARA’s double header weekend of wrestling held on February 25th and 26th. I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen an entire CHIKARA show from top to bottom before but I have seen quite a few different matches. These guys and girls did not disappoint one bit, both shows were highly entertaining and the wrestling was just phenomenal to see live. Lots of talent coming from the company and I only wish I could go to more of their shows!

The thing about being on the other side of the world is I no longer have my trusty Yaris to get me from point A to point B so now have to rely on public transport. I haven’t used public transport regularly since I was a kid and to try and figure it out in another country is very hard, especially considering most people can’t understand my accent! I somehow mastered the public transport system and got to the ROH training centre and had a very enjoyable and insightful first training session in America. I walked away feeling invigorated, with an open mind ready to take in any knowledge people were willing to bestow on me. You can imagine my disappointment when, the next day, I attempted to get to CHIKARA training and got stranded at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere waiting for an hour and a half for a bus that just did not come. Don’t worry, I have since gotten to the school with help of some kind people with cars!

Saturday, March 3rd I had my first match in the Staetes for the ECWA company, everyone there was very welcoming and I definitely felt right at home in the locker room. The crowd was very vocal and got behind me in my match against Kylie Pierce. I managed to pull out the victory by hitting my Shaztastic Stunner in a match that was presented by IndyGurlz. I was happy to see that the ritual of a post-show meal was not one foreign to the guys at ECWA, but while they went and got wings, I went to my new favourite place ever… Wawa. If Wawa existed back in Australia I’m pretty sure I would just set up camp inside one and never leave. I could eat their sandwiches for hours on end, but then I wouldn’t look nearly as good in my ring gear!

While winning my debut match on USA soil was a massive deal for me, the next day some news hit the internet that was even more exciting for me. It was announced that I would be making my SHIMMER debut at the tapings taking place March 17th and 18th. This is an opportunity that I am going to make the most of. The Australians that have wrestled in Shimmer have always been standouts and I hope to not disappoint. I look forward to seeing you all down at the Berwyn Eagles Club!

Til next time,

Be cool and stay in school!
Shaz Mac!

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