Backstage news on the women’s Royal Rumble


During the ending of the latest Monday Night RAW, Stephanie McMahon announced that the women of WWE would be a part of their very own Royal Rumble match.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the news of the announcement was kept as such a big secret, that even the Superstars on screen had no clue of it.

The women were kept in the dark until the moment it was announced, meaning that their on-screen reactions were most likely genuine.

Those backstage, including the production team, were also kept in the dark, as only a select amount of people were allowed to hear of the news until the moment of the announcement.

With the announcement of the women’s Royal Rumble, fans have been speculating about the potential outcome of the match.

Some believe that MMA fighter Ronda Rousey will make her WWE debut. Other rumors indicate that Nikki Bella and/or her twin sister Brie Bella will make their returns, as some pictures of training have been posted online. Although these are being discussed, they are just rumors as of now.

Every Royal Rumble event tends to have some surprise NXT call-ups and returns from former stars. So anything could happen.

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