Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Bea Priestley confirmed as Blair Davenport on NXT UK

NXT UK’s newest superstar Blair Davenport has arrived. The artist is formerly known as Bea Priestley is officially in the red and black brand.

A vignette aired last week showing a new mysterious figure Blair Davenport. This week it was revealed to be the former World of STARDOM Champion and AEW star, Bea Priestley.

The show also saw two women’s matches and a new challenger for NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura.

The first match was Isla Dawn taking on Emilia McKenzie. Dawn and McKenzie had a strong outing exchanging stiff strikes and blows. Dawn seemed to have the match won but the ‘White Witch’ was distracted by the spirits and attempted to possess her opponent.

McKenzie escaped the Dawn’s grasp before locking in an armbar followed by a German Suplex and running knee strike for the win.

Satomura made her way to the ring to talk about her championship win three weeks ago. But before she could finish Nina Samuels interrupted declaring herself as the next challenger for the title. However, Amale blindsided Samuels and threw her around ringside. The ‘French Hope’ entered the ring and got on the face of the ‘Final Boss’. Amale challenged Satomura who accepted by elbowing her in the face.

The second women’s match of the night saw Valkyrie return to face newcomer Mila Smidt.

Valkyrie and Smidt competed in decent back-and-forth grappling action with Smidt landing some really nice suplexes. But Valkyrie’s striking and experience prevailed. Jinny made an appearance in the entrance with eyes locked onto Valkyrie.

Valkyrie returned the favour before putting Smidt away with the Peripeteia for the victory.

Jinny vs Valkyrie seems to be coming soon.

What do you make all of the goings-on in NXT UK this week? Sound off in the comments below.

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