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Bound for Glory in Review: Tara Reigns Supreme with Both the Gold and the Love

Hello guys and gals clicking to read some good old fashioned Bound for Glory recapping. Last night brought forth TNA’s biggest show of the year, and also the culmination to one of the more personal Knockout rivalries we’ve seen in quite some time. Tara challenged her trainee… her former BFF, Miss Tessmacher for the Knockouts Championship in what is sure to be a heated battle between the two. And not only that, but Tara’s much discussed Hollywood boyfriend makes his grand debut as well! Since anything I type here will probably be overlooked, let’s just begin the reviewing… wait for it, NOW!

First up, we get a really awesome video package highlighting the “friend to foe” feud between Brooke and Tara. (It’s pretty much everything I wanted and more in terms of my obsessive love of video packages. Complete with the chilling music!) We then get the entrances of both women, as Brooke looks ready to go against her mentor. Following some awkward bell ringing that I think came too soon as the camera stared at this poor woman until she dinged it three times, Brooke and Tara engage in an intense stare off. They trade punches, as Tessmacher goes for a crucifix to no avail. Jackknife follows up for just a two count, as Tara matrixes back to avoid a shot! Brooke splats her down and begins to perform the Ass-tastic dance over her downed trainer! Tara puts a stop to it though, and rolls her up for a near fall.

Tessmacher flips the pin over for her own close call, and then flies off with a spinning headscissors! Tara rolls to the outside, as Brooke chases after her and ends up being blocked when Tara uses referee Taryn Terrell as a shield. Tessmacher is hit onto the ring apron, which brings Tara to dropkick her to the outside and slam her face first into said apron. They trade shots, before the challenger hoists Tessmacher up and drops her jaw first over the hardest part of the ring… youch. Tara rolls her in and continues the dominance of her former BFF, choking her in the air and dropping her in the corner. Some shots to the abdomen, as Tara lifts her up and Brooke rolls out the back with a sunset flip for a near fall. Unfortunately, that’s all Brooke was able to get, as Tara continues the control.

Tara sends Brooke into the corner, but Tessmacher hits a boot to the chest and then a nice headscissors into a DDT! They exchange punches and head slams, until Tessmacher gets the comeback with a few sharp chops! Tessmacher then nails some clotheslines and her flip reverse move that I still have no faith in even attempting describing. Brooke kips up and heads to the top rope, where she leaps off with a huge hurricanrana! NICE! She goes for the Tess-Shocker, but Tara hangs onto the ropes. The challenger puts Brooke on the top rope and looks to go for a superplex, but Brooke shoves her off. This sparks Tessmacher to go for the elbow drop… but Tara just rolls out of the way. From there, Tara picks her up and drops her with the Widow’s Peak for the victory!

Following the bout, Tara grabs onto her newly won title like it’s her baby… and speaking of babies, she gets the microphone and plugs her Hollywood boo! She tells the people that she didn’t win the title for any of those people, but instead, her boyfriend. “He’s kind of a big deal,” she gloats. And with that, Tara introduces Hollywood’s biggest star… Jessie from Big Brother. Jessie walks out to the sound of a pin dropping, as Tara tells him to come to mama and remove the shirt. (She is seriously the only person who could kill me with laughter and joy when Jessie is on screen… and yes, I’m a Big Brother fan so I am allowed to have a pre-dislike factor!) The two proceed to make out in the ring as a “Who are you?” chant breaks out… Amazing. Jessie straps the title around her waist as the two celebrate with some makeout sessions in the ring.

Thoughts: I absolutely loved this match. I say that a lot lately, but it’s always true so I don’t know what else to say. Tara and Tessmacher brought the intensity right away with the heated stare off, and having it follow a brilliantly put together video package was a great touch. Tessmacher shined tonight with some of the new moves she busted out. That hurricanrana out of the corner will probably stay etched in my brain for a while especially. I will say the one thing I didn’t overly love was the ending, just because it felt kind of slow to come in comparison to the fast action the entire match provided. I have no problem with the actual move that finished it, since Tara’s finisher is one of the better looking ones in wrestling. It was just sort of an “oh” moment and not a “WOW” if that makes sense. Commentary didn’t really react to it when it happened in the way most do when a finisher is hit, so I think it came off differently watching it on TV as it may have being there in the arena. But that’s just a little thing and it didn’t take away from my enjoyment at all.

Now… the boyfriend. I’m not a Jessie fan, and I love Big Brother so I can grasp a background on what he will probably be like in TNA since I always thought he was playing a character on that as well. He’s arrogant, cocky, but that’s what will make him do somewhat not atrociously as a heel because he is very dislike-able. In fact, I actually don’t mind him and Tara being together at all, even if I would have preferred some other selections for the role. When I think of how I felt about the other random male/female pairings we’ve gotten this year (ODB/Eric, Madison/Earl…), this one actually does the most for me. I still don’t like Jessie, but I’m happy for Tara being champion and getting any form of storylines going. The two of them should be able to play off one another pretty humorously as the weeks go on, and I really hope we start seeing some of the other Knockouts again. I’m all for keeping Tessmacher and Gail around, but that doesn’t mean everyone else has to be ignored. I would say that’s probably the one thing left I wish would change in the Knockouts division, and a lot of what I had previously not liked HAS been changing lately so big props to whoever is giving us storyline feuds and backstage segments/promos as I’m loving it. But back to the three/four select women thing though, it’s like we can’t have more than a cycle of the same 4 women at a time anymore and the rest just sit at home waiting for their turn to take someone’s spot in the cycle which is kind of irritating. I know Sarita‘s touring Japan and Mickie James is in the hospital I believe, but Rosita would make for some fresh matches!

Anyways, to sum this babbling up, congrats to Tara! And a great showing from Tessmacher makes the win seem even more important so kudos to the both of them.

Overall Match Rating: 4/5

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