Thursday, October 28, 2021

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Early Wrestling Footage of Recently Signed Diva

Some early match footage of new Diva, Naomi Night — real name Trinity McCray — has found it’s way onto YouTube. In the short clip below, Night is seen in the ring with the more experienced AJ Lee. Watch below:

Given that she’s just in the first few months of her career since reporting to FCW in August, she’s bound to be bad in the ring hence the flailing around, almost. That said, I think Naomi shows some promise, showing off her athleticism with that jump over Lee and she certainly carries herself confidently — you can see some fierceness and aggression at the start of the video. Though too soon to judge, not a terrible start and I’m curious to see how she progresses.

One thing I would pick up on is that maybe it’s time for a makeover, she looks more like a member of Kandy Rain than the part of a wrestler.

Thanks to Marc for the tip.

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