Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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Extreme Rules Result: Team Sasha and Rich overcome Team Foxy and Dar

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Tonight on Extreme Rules, the team of Sasha Banks and Rich Swann were able to conquer 205’s power couple known as Alicia Fox and Noam Dar.

The women would start things off but Alicia was quick to make a tag to her partner after throwing Sasha down the mat by the hair. Noam and Rich would do begin to do battle but the women found themselves back in the action after Noam retreated back to Alicia after being sent flying from the turnbuckle from Swann.

Alicia and Sasha threw fists of fury to one another that would lead to Sasha trapping Alicia into the Bank Statement. Noam was quick to save his partner by maneuvering Alicia’s leg to the bottom rope when the referee’s back was turned.

Alicia took advantage and began to slow down Sasha with a big boot and back breaker combo. Alicia would send Sasha to a corner and go for another big boot but Sasha dodged out the way leading to a hot tag scenario.

As the Cruiserweight Superstars battled it out some more, a brawl broke out between Alicia and Sasha again that made its way to the outside ring. Noam tried to make the save for his beau but ended up taking a top rope double knee shot from Sasha.

From there, Rich was able to toss Noam back to the ring and hit the Phoenix Splash for the win.

What did you think of the match?

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