Thursday, September 23, 2021

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FCW Watch: AJ Lee and Eve vs Naomi Night and Liviana

Welcome to FCW watch, where we take a look at our future Divas down in Florida Championship Wrestling. On the last edition of FCW Watch, we saw an impressive singles debut from former Orlando Magic dancer, Naomi Night. This week we get yet another debut from Abraham Washington’s better half, Liviana, as she teams up with Naomi Night to face AJ Lee and Raw Diva, Eve. Will Liviana impress us as much as her partner did in her match? Watch the match below and be the judge:

AJ Lee and Eve vs Naomi Night and Liviana

Naomi and Liviana make their way to the ring first, to the tune of a generic Gwen Stefani rip-off. Next out is future Queen of FCW candidate, AJ Lee who introduces her partner Eve.

Eve is set to start things off with Naomi, but Naomi wants a piece of AJ, perhaps to avenge her loss last week. The two lock up and show some of their basic wrestling skills until AJ gets the upper hand, laying Naomi out with a stiff dropkick. AJ Lee stays on the offense, throwing some forearms but Naomi takes control, tossing AJ into the middle rope.

Naomi uses her size advantage over AJ to choke her out using the ropes. When the referee reprimands her, Liviana takes the opportunity to inflict some more damage.  Naomi goes for a pin, but only gets a one. Frustrated, Naomi pulls AJ over to her corner and tags in her partner, Liviana.

Right out the gate Liviana goes for the pin with a nicely executed schoolboy pin. Liviana grabs AJ by the hair and pulls her up, but AJ strikes back with a few strange looking forearms. AJ tries to whip Liviana towards the ropes, but Liviana reverses it and pulls AJ down by the hair. After a two count and a shortlived Camel Clutch, Liviana tags in Naomi. Naomi takes the fight to AJ, but misses a splash in the corner, giving AJ the opportunity to tag in her fresh partner, Eve.

Eve immediately goes on a Kelly Kelly-esque flurry, hitting a clothesline followed by a one-legged dropkick. Eve goes for the quick finish, hitting a senton, but the pin is broken up by Liviana. AJ tries to take out Liviana, but Liviana is one step ahead and tosses her out the ring. Eve rushes to her partner rescue, attempting a corkscrew kick. Unfortunately, she misses her mark but covers the botch well. Eve takes Liviana out and hits a picture perfect moonsault on Naomi for the win.

I have to admit, this match wasn’t nearly as good as last week. Although Naomi is really good for a beginner, she seems to have trouble with ring positioning, leading to some awkward spots. That said, she has good charisma and seems to mesh well with AJ Lee. Hopefully we’ll see some more work between these two in the future.

Speaking of AJ Lee, it’s been obvious these past few weeks that AJ is next in line for Mia Mancini’s crown. With Mia becoming an integal part CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society, I expect AJ to take the crown at their next meeting and have a lengthy fued with Naomi Night. 

I never thought I’d see a match in which Eve was considered the veteran, but she definately had the egde when it came to experience in this match. Eve did well here, but as the more experienced competitor, I expected her to have a bigger role in the match. Her tendency to choose flash over substance also came back to bite her in the ass, when she missed that spin kick. At least it happened on FCW and not on live TV. That’d be embarrassing, huh? Which brings me to tonight’s debut, Liviana.

Like Eve, Liviana didn’t do much in this match, but managed to get through it with out any major botches. While not as impressive as Naomi, Liviana seems to have some potential and I’m interested to see how she develops from this point on.

All in all, not a bad match from our FCW divas this week, but definately not their best showing. However, with some more training, this new generation of Divas could be quite competent between the ropes. How did you guys like this week’s match? Leave your thought in the comments!

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