Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Jinny & Stevie Turner pick up wins; Meiko Satomura looks for her next challenger on NXT UK

This week’s edition of NXT UK offered up two women’s matches and a champion looking for a challenger.

Before any action took place we see footage of the NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura in the women’s dressing room. The ‘Final Boss’ gathered together all of the talents and demanded to know who has what it takes to challenge her for the title.

In true wrestling fashion, this led to everyone arguing about who it should be as the champion smiled at the chaos she just caused.

The first women’s match was Aoife Valkyrie vs Jinny in a bit of a grudge match.

Credit: WWE

Jinny and Valkyrie have been on a collision course for weeks after they began eyeing each other during their respective matches.

Last week the ‘Fashionista’ called Valkyrie out in a scathing promo. Later on that night, she presented Jinny with a feather seemingly accepting the challenge.

The match started with Valkyrie in control but a distraction from Jinny’s partner Joseph Conners allowed the ‘Queen of NXT UK’ to strike. Conners continued to insert himself into the match stopping any momentum Valkyrie had.

This allowed Jinny to grind down her opponent with blows and submissions. Valkyrie made a comeback before Conners jumped to the ring apron, but this time she had enough and planted him with an elbow strike.

Despite getting her own back on Conners the distraction was a success and resulted in Jinny scoring the win over Valkyrie.

Something tells me this hasn’t settled things between them at all.

The next women’s match was Stevie Turner vs Aleah James.

This was Turner’s third match in NXT UK since signing for the company and she wasn’t messing around. After a decent back-and-forth, in which James showed some impressive athleticism, Turner owned the match. James taking the brunt of the offence starting with a boot to the head followed by a Final Cut in the corner.

James fired back but, Turner ended the punishment with a rope-assisted Flatliner for the win. After the match, she celebrated to the camera insinuating she wants to challenge the champ.

What did you make of NXT UK this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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