Kairi Sane gives Shaynza Baszler a taste of her own medicine


Tonight (Feb 14th), on the main event of NXT, Ember Moon defended the NXT Women’s Championship against Shayna Baszler.

Moon starts the match in quick fashion with a dropkick that takes Baszler down. Moon keeps the challenger grounded with a combination of forearm and kicks strikes.

Moon stuns Baszler with a knee strike to the face and takes Baszler back down with a stand-up Enziguri. The champion tries to end things early by going for the Ecliopse but Shayzler rolls out to the outside. Moon runs the ropes and hits a suicide dive but in doing so, takes some damage to her bad arm.

Just before a double count out can take place, the Superstars make their way back in the ring where Baszler immediately targets Moon’s arm, kicking, twisting and stomping over it. Baszler locks in an arm bar but Moon manages to break free by getting her foot to the bottom rope.

Moon surprises Baszler with a roll-up pin but Baszler and sends Moon shoulder first to the ring post, sending Moon to the outside. Baszler goes after her and continues to damage Moon’s left arm by driving it through a guardrail from the outside.

When Baszler tried to use the steel steps to inflict more damage to Moon, a returning Kairi Sane emerged and attacked Baszler, thus ending the match via disqualification.  Sane continued her attacks on Baszler, ultimately chasing her to the back after hitting a spear.

After an intense stare down with Baszler, Sane checks on Moon and helps Moon to the back.

What did you think of this week’s episode of NXT? Are you excited to see Kairi Sane back on NXT television? Where would you like to see the Women’s Title scene go next? Let us know in the comments below!