Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Lilian Garcia Addresses Accident at SmackDown Taping

WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia commented on her mishap during her entrance last night at a SmackDown taping in London where she tripped over lighting equipment.

Speaking to, Lilian laughed off the incident, saying: “You know, we’re in London and they say, ‘London Bridge is falling down’, actually it was me who was falling down.”

She continued: “I walked in and I was looking up at the crowd and I didn’t see that they had the pyro tubes right down on the bottom, and I just went right over it, tripped and fell.”

Addressing her past incident (Lilian’s shoe broke as she made her entrance last month) as well as this one, she adds: “I think I need to top it. Like, every time it gets better and better. That definitely topped the shoe breaking incident.”

Thoughts: Lilian was good humored about the situation — as well she should be. People trip all the time and it’s best to laugh it off. However, as I said yesterday, I find WWE’s treatment of Lilian’s recent mishaps to be tacky — it comes across as a laugh at her expense. We don’t see WWE releasing videos of other talents’ mishaps with Michael Cole guffawing, yet twice in a row, we’ve seen this with Lilian?

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