Monday, September 27, 2021

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Full Results: WSU Mutiny

Diva Dirt presents live coverage of Women Superstars Uncensored’s iPPV Mutiny, their half of today’s double-header with Combat Zone Wrestling.

The main event sees WSU World Champion Jessicka Havok face Alpha Female in a non-title International Dream Match.

Other matches include the WSU Spirit Champion Marti Belle defending her belt against Ezavel Suena in a Title vs Mask match, WSU Tag Team Champions Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie putting their titles on the line against Kimber Lee, and Athena and LuFisto facing off to decide the new number one contender to Havok’s WSU World Championship.

Mutiny takes place at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, New Jersey, and live on iPPV starting at 4pm ET. Click here to order the show.

Live updates will appear below.

Before the show, AIW announced on their Twitter that Allysin Kay has been hospitalised after receiving a concussion last night, meaning that the tag team title match is no longer on the card. Earlier, Veda Scott also announced on her Twitter that due to injury, her match with Jenny Rose has been scrapped. We send our best wishes to Allysin and Veda and hope they both make speedy recoveries.

We’ve been informed that the show is running late due to technical difficulties. WSU are currently working with RF Video for a solution, but in any case the show will be starting at 4:30pm Eastern (9:30pm GMT).

The show has started anyway, despite the problems with the stream not being resolved. Results for the time being are courtesy of Dave Muscarella on Twitter.

Kimber Lee and Annie Social defeated Sassy Stephie and Jessicka Havok to become the new WSU Tag Team Champions. Sassy Stephie came out and said she refused to defend the titles alone, in the wake of Allysin Kay’s injury last night. Jessicka Havok was entered into the match as Kay’s replacement, but turned on Stephie, allowing Kimber Lee to get the pinfall.

After the match, Kimber Lee issues an open challenge to the teams in the back for an immediate defense of the titles. Nevaeh and Cristina Von Eerie accept.

Kimber Lee and Annie Social defeated Nevaeh and Cristina Von Eerie to retain the WSU Tag Team Championships. Von Eerie and Nevaeh apparently argued with each other after the match.

Jenny Rose defeated Hania. Rose hit a flying crossbody and Hania kicked out at 2, but the referee counted 3 and Rose picked up the win in controversial fashion.

LuFisto defeated Athena to become the next number one contender for the WSU World Championship. LuFisto won the match after avoiding the O-Face and responding with a Burning Hammer. The match apparently received “this is awesome” chants and a standing ovation at the end.

Ezavel Suena defeated Marti Belle to become the new WSU Spirit Champion. After the match, Ezavel unmasked anyway, revealing herself to be Niya. She tries to make her way to the back but the rest of the roster take her down and drag her out of the front door.

Mickie Knuckles defeated Jewells Malone in an Uncensored Rules match. Knuckles got the win with a pumphandle slam through a doll’s house.

Shanna and Chris Dickinson defeated Candice LeRae and Joey Ryan to qualify for the Queen and King of the Ring tournament. Shanna picked up the win for her team by pinning LeRae with her feet on the ropes as leverage.

Jessicka Havok defeated Alpha Female to retain the WSU World Championship. Shortly before the show it was announced that the match was now for the title. Havok got the win with the Demon Drop.

DJ Hyde comes out after the match and announces that Havok will defend her title against LuFisto at Queen & King of the Ring. Stephie comes out and attacks Havok but Alpha makes the save. Havok and Alpha shake hands afterwards.

That’s all for tonight. Check back tomorrow (once I’ve actually seen the show…) for a full review!

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