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Lucha Underground Analysis (December 10th, 2014): Sexy Star Sends a Message

Good day everyone! And as always, welcome to this weeks Lucha Underground Analysis. We’ve got a pretty short week this week, and considering I just finished final exam craziness, that’s probably a good thing for everyone as I don’t have as much of a 50,000 word essay in me as usual haha.

This go around, Chavo Guerrero faces off with Fenix, but not only will Chavito have Pentagon Jr. in his corner, Fenix will have Sexy Star in his.

Let’s get into the action!

Chavo and Pentagon are out first, as they then see Chavo’s opponent, Fenix! Out he comes with Sexy Star in tail, rocking some pink gear with her mask. Fenix hops into the ring as we head to/return from a commercial and the action gets underway. For the purposes of the length, I’m going to skip out on a recap of the action this week and skip ahead to the ending.

Chavo has Fenix in the corner, as Sexy Star looks on concerned. Fenix then gets the upper hand with a sick springboard kick, as I’m not sure why, but Sexy Star is on the ring apron distracting the ref and Pentagon takes Fenix down from the top rope. From there, Chavo heads up top with the frog splash for the victory.

Sexy Star then slides in the ring to check on Fenix, as she has a microphone! Star states that she isn’t finished with him. Following a little spanish, she sends a warning to Chavo that “He’s” coming back… and “He’s” coming back for Chavo pendejo! Of course, this means Blue Demon Jr. is on his way back to the temple, and Sexy Star is quite happy to see it.

Thoughts: Not really anything to say this week, but like I said above, if we had to have a slow week, I’m very happy it’s this one. I don’t need a ton of stuff on each episode to be pleased as long as what we do get is fun and solid. This did what it needed to do, and I’m excited to see if we get Sexy vs. Pentagon next week!

Until then,

(P.S. – Wowza, shortest Redux for me ever. Who knew it was possible with all the novels I typically write??)

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