Maria Kanellis wins the Knockouts Championship

[media-credit name=”Photo: Lee South” align=”alignnone” width=”620″]maria1[/media-credit]

Just a week after winning the Knockouts title, Allie‘s reign as Knockouts champion has come to an end.

On tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling, a championship celebration for Allie was held, courtesy of Maria Kanellis. During the ceremonial event, Allie thanked fans at the Impact Zone for cheering her on during last week’s Knockouts title match.

Maria and a raging former Knockouts Champion Sienna would join Allie but not share the same joy. Instead, Maria would give Sienna the night off, along with the other Knockouts, and belittle Allie, revealing that the champion ceremony was for her all along.

Maria ordered Allie to lay down in the middle of the ring, threatening to fire her if she didn’t obey. A referee would come out as Maria made the easy pin over Allie to become the Knockouts champion.

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